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To me it is sad, I lie the patient...

Practically any, even the strongest and healthy kid, are ill from time to time. There is nothing good and pleasant here. But, it is as if strange did not sound, diseases are necessary for the child. They train immune system, do it stronger and are more hardy. And, like chicken pox and a rubella, and at all it is better to have some widespread infections in the childhood. They can cause the adult a set of serious troubles whereas the kid, most likely, has easily and without any consequences. And if children`s diseases - piece inevitable, let`s try to treat them philosophically. And we will give to the kid the chance to be ill with comfort and it is not boring. Positive spirit during an illness - a half of a way to recovery.

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Children`s diseases - difficult test not only for the kid, and and for his relatives. Any mother will confirm that ten times most are better to ache, than to see sufferings of the little man. But, the soul as if did not support the child, it is extremely necessary not to “become limp“. The kid very thinly feels any your state of mind. If you are lost, excessively are nervous or, it is worse than that, panic, it will by all means be transferred to the son or the daughter. And how to be adjusted here on fast recovery when even strong, all-knowing, always self-assured mother suddenly behaves in this way? Therefore, as if it was not heavy at you at heart, try to get it together. Your strong belief that everything will be good will help the baby with fight against an illness.

the Ill child becomes whimsical and irritable. Any trifle can enrage him. You treat it indulgently, be softer and more tolerant. Perfectly I know that it is not always easy. Mother - too the person. Both the fatigue, and a sleep debt, and a nervous tension affects. But, remember on a sekundochka of during an illness, the state as there was no wish - che - go as irritated everything. Also present how you will regret in a minute after you slap raskapriznichavshegosya the baby or you will shout at it. And the irritation will settle, having replaced by acute sense of love and compassion...

By the way, about compassion. It is necessary to feel compassion and sympathy for the kid, but not pity. Pity does not help, and does the person weak and helpless. Sympathy consoles, but at the same time and inspires self-confidence. “My poor hare, as I feel sorry for you!“ From such words and most there is a wish to start howling. “The head hurts mine a zayushka. As I understand you. I very much - very much love you! We will surely cope with this opposite illness. You will recover soon, will be cheerful and healthy!“ Here it is so much better.

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to the kid at most of attention, to spend together with it all free time. Be not afraid that during an illness the baby razbalutsya, and will terrorize then you excessive requirements and impracticable whims. If somewhat it also occurs, then after recovery will gradually come to naught. If to an illness you never had good confidential relations with the baby, then the increased manifestation of love and care them will spoil. As it was already told by

to p above, it is important to support good mood of the ill kid. Tell the baby about how he will recover. Dream together, than then you will be engaged where you descend. Perhaps you will go to a winter forest, either to a skating rink, or to ski walk? Perhaps the father promised to help to construct snow fortress long ago? And, perhaps, you were not in circus or theater long ago? Such colourful dreams will stimulate desire of the kid to recover somewhat quicker, and, so also protective forces of an organism will increase. Whether it is worth saying that promises will need to be kept?.

do not fill up the ill kid with new toys and various gifts. The desire of mother, father and grandmothers with grandfathers is quite clear to please darling the baby. It is possible to make it and it is necessary, but knowing when to stop. New toys too excite the child, and to him it to anything now. It is far better to take to itself in a bed of old kind friends - a favourite bear, hare or a duckling. With them and it is somehow easier to be ill, they endured a set of children`s sorrows and absorbed not one children`s teardrop in the soft fur coat. And if the baby had a cherished dream if very much - there was a strong wish any concrete toy (this doggie on the shelf of a supermarket or “the machine, as at Dani“), then now it is a high time for this dream to be carried out. This will be valid pleasure!

What is with me?

Uncertainty - the bad ally in fight against an illness. Easier to transfer unpleasant symptoms, to be reconciled with need to observe the mode, to drink drugs, to do various procedures, the kid has to understand what happens to it. Tell the baby about why he got sick (only, please, without notations and morals about dirty hands). The story can look approximately so:“ And you know why you lifted temperature, cold and cough developed? Microbes - tiny living beings are guilty of it. They are such small that it is possible to see them only in a microscope. Microbes get to your organism, eat there and grow. They become more and more. They begin to you harms. If microbes lodged in a nose, you have a cold if in a throat - quinsy if in a stomach - the stomach can ache. Your organism tries to win microbes. This fight is also an illness. By means of cough and cold the organism tries “to expel“ harmful microbes. High temperature - too your assistant. Microbes do not love a heat and at high temperature quickly perish, and you recover“. There is a remarkable old animated film “Mitya and Microbeads“. If you manage to find it, it will be good help in an explanation to the kid and the reasons of many diseases, and importance of treatment in fight against them.

If the kid refuses to drink drugs or does not agree to any procedures, do not do it violently. Almost always it is possible to convince the baby to undergo treatment voluntarily. For example, when I give to Masha necessary drugs, I tell her as microbes, having been frightened, run carelessly and jump out of a window. And, though this history the four-year-old daughter heard already incalculable number of times, she always laughs loudly, develops a subject and dreams as microbes are screamed with fear and climb in a window leaf, pushing away each other. For the sake of such concerning moment it is worth both drinking medicine, and to rinse a throat, and to steam legs. She even sometimes draws this improbable picture. By the way, drawing of the won illness, the prostrate microbes and other adversaries offending the kid is not only remarkable creative work, and and the important psychological point helping the baby to win really against terrible enemies.

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Game - the remarkable weapon for fight against an illness. It is known that to be ill - it is sad and boring. And if you manage to lighten the kid mood, to amuse, carry away interesting occupation, then and process of recovery will go much quicker.

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of the Sick kid need the whole day to keep in a bed if, of course, it was not offered the doctor. Really, there are certain diseases when a high bed rest - a guarantee of an absolute recovery of the baby. But, in most cases, such serious measures are not necessary. The child himself will define when to him to have a rest and when to run. Here the kid with high temperature is on the back on a bed and just heart is broken off with pity to it. And slightly temperature fell, and it already jumps, indifferently. Children transfer temperature somehow easier, than we, adults, and it is worth listening to their intuition and not to insist on lying in a bed without special need.

during an illness the kid can be engaged in the usual things. It is necessary to make small correction only. In - the first, limit noisy, outdoor games. Strengths of the little man are exhausted by an illness. Even quiet games can cause exhaustion, tearfulness, whims. So you watch closely the kid, and give preference to silent occupations. In - the second, big, bright, noisy, musical toys it is better to clean for a while from eyes down with. Sharp sounds and bright colors will irritate in addition the baby. In - the third, postpone the clever games demanding concentration of attention, tension of cogitative functions, concentration for time: puzzles, puzzles, difficult designers. Do not perceive the illness period as an opportunity to work intensively with the kid, “to porazvivat“ it. Right now all forces of a children`s organism are thrown on fight against the enemy - an illness, and here the level of mental development decreases a little. Then, when the baby will recover, everything will return on the places for now let`s the little clever man have a rest and be engaged in less intellectual games. In the fourth, do not abuse the TV. Of course, it is not forbidden to watch favourite animated films or the good children`s movie. But do not turn all leisure of the kid into one continuous film session. It is easy for mother, but it is unreasonably heavy for the kid weakened by an illness. Put audiofairy tales, children`s songs or the calming nature sounds on disks or cartridges better. And, even better, lie down together with the baby and read interesting books. Perhaps, this most optimum occupation. It is difficult even to count what number of books was re-read by us with children during diseases...


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cannot Miss during an illness to us in any way. Even if the kid is compelled the most part of time to carry out to beds, interesting occupations can be thought up and here. Various magnetic boards on which it is possible to collect patterns from geometrical figures will be useful to you or to make words of letters. In a bed it is possible to play various games - hodilka with counters and a cube. I know from own experience that kids are ready to play similar games infinitely. If the baby is not able to play checkers yet - it is a high time to teach him. Four-year-old Masha mastered checkers for one evening and now beats even elder sister. The lotto and dominoes will be useful for fascinating fights too.

Reclining in a bed it is possible to draw. If just drawing already cloyed, this process can be diversified. For example, draw an engine on a sheet of paper. And here it is not important at all as far as it will be similar to real. Even our very modest art data steadily delight kids. For the baby mother - the best, and, so also draws she best of all! Let`s add to an engine cars now, and in windows in turn with the kid to represent passengers. Perhaps all your family (and do not forget about a cat, a hamster or a popugaychik) will go there, and can heroes of favourite fairy tales or animated films, either furious dinosaurs, or nice smesharik. The main thing what to all of them it would be cheerful, and around, on green meadows, bright flowers blossomed and multi-colored butterflies flitted. It is possible to sing a song also: “It is good on light! The sun, shine! Wish us, wind, a kind way...“

during an illness can be engaged in various creativity: to mold, cut out from paper of a snowflake and just any figures, to do applications of paper, cotton wool, threads, grain, to glue the pictures which are cut out from old magazines or a sticker in an album. If you are familiar with equipment of origami, make together amusing figures of paper. For example, cheerful frogs. With their help it is possible even to arrange competition: whose frog will jump further or will quicker hop to the finish. And still it is possible to draw with a felt-tip pen on fingers cheerful mugs and to play the whole fairy tale.

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A to us the doctor? Illness time as well as possible approaches for this purpose. Such role-playing game has a mass of the positive moments. Giving help to toy hares and dolls, the kid himself also will agree to drink medicine more willingly or to rinse a throat. Always quieter the nobility that in the trouble you are not lonely. At first we will treat animals, and then and we will undergo treatment. Besides, the baby feels like the real doctor, realizes all importance of the humane mission that, in turn, helps it to concern more quietly and to the real person in a white dressing gown. During game tell the kid about doctors, about how they help sick people as important to trust the doctor. In detail and intelligibly explain why it is necessary to show to the doctor a neck why the doctor puts a special tubule to a breast and a back for what do inoculations. If the kid begins to wail at only one mention of the doctor, lose this situation with toys. You should not explain to whom the bear cub who shouts is similar: “I will not go to the doctor! I do not want! I am afraid, afraid, afraid!.“ The kid himself also will draw the corresponding conclusions. It is possible to compose a tale about a little kitten who was afraid of doctors, but then ached, and the kind doctor cured him. And to show to the doctor the neck appeared absolutely not terribly and not painfully.

is never Very important, under no circumstances to frighten the child by doctors and hospitals. Do not do it and do not allow others. One teacher regularly promised to take away in an office to the nurse of those peanuts who refused to eat at dinner. Whether it is worth saying what “warm“ attitude towards physicians will be developed at some of them? It can turn out as in Nosov`s story is “Militiaman“. The boy was so intimidated by militia that, having lost, he in any did not want to tell the name and the address to very kind and sympathizing representative of an order.

It is possible, I was just lucky with children, but both daughters never tested fear neither of doctors, nor of necessary treatment. Though both various diseases, and injuries, and operations fell to their lot. But since the early childhood I always inspired in them that everything that is done by the doctor, is necessary for their health to banish an illness, microbes what the broken leg or the broken knee would heal quicker. I always provided them exhaustive information, intelligibly explained why this or that procedure or medicine are necessary. And I never deceived them. On such strong base it is possible to build unapproachable fortress for fight even with the most severe and serious illness. Good health to you and your kids!