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101 ideas for a decor of your house

in the Spring all of us want to update and refresh an interior. And for this purpose it is not obligatory to start repair at all, there is a mass of easy and available ways to turn the house into the house of the dream.

the Drawing room

  1. the Room in which you both work, and you have a rest, often seems too conspirational so try to manage only a necessary minimum of furniture, giving preference to cases and sofas of simple design.
  2. When you do not have
  3. space for a separate office or library, try to combine functions of rooms reasonably. For example, it is better to connect library to a drawing room as they are intended for general use, besides to hold books where sleep, very harmfully. And the home office can quite be equipped in a bedroom of parents if children still small also do not use the computer.
  4. That the multipurpose room looked harmoniously, use the uniting receptions. For example, fit working chairs the same fabric, as a sofa.
  5. If you work with
  6. in a drawing room, then from - for abundances of wires and office equipment it can look too “ofisno“. That it did not occur, add a situation with a case - a secretary in which completely are located the computer, the printer, all papers and CD - disks.
  7. Use sliding panels, partitions, curtains to separate a workplace from a recreation area.
  8. In very narrow rooms pay attention to floor drawing - better if it are cross strips which optically expand space.
  9. do not forget to emphasize the main destination of the room: the drawing room with office is first of all a drawing room so in it will become central a sofa, chairs, a coffee table - all that creates the atmosphere of slackness and a cosiness.
  10. Try to make home office cozier, use accessories for a stationery from natural materials - wattled wastepaper baskets, wooden glasses for handles, small vases for scissors and rulers.
  11. Rearrange furniture in a drawing room: develop a sofa and a coffee table along other wall or nominate them to the middle of the room.
  12. Use as much as possible various baskets - it is the best way to cope with a disorder and at the same time to decorate the house.
  13. Turn the tiny dark room in wardrobe - paste over it with wall-paper, put a bar with a coat hanger, hang up a small mirror.
  14. Beat boring doorways - paint platbands, make on them a border, using “napkin“ equipment, or paste old photos and beautiful pictures, and then varnish.
  15. Show
  16. to the children as you are proud of their progress, - make an appointment desk calendar of their drawings and hang up it on a foreground.
  17. Bouquets of fresh flowers on all house - the pleasure available to us in the spring and in the summer.
  18. to
  19. If to you likes an interior in light tones, but nevertheless you want “to paint“ a little it, try to use light, now in shops special multi-color systems of lighting are on sale - find option necessary to you.
  20. Create visibility of a collection - several most usual framed cards similar on subject (for example, photos of flowers or butterflies), group on one wall - looks very stylishly and elaborately.
  21. Give
  22. chic to an old wooden table or bureau - paint white luster with enamel paint - spray.
  23. by
  24. Make a drawing room more magnificently, having hung up folded curtains in all length of a wall. Lift eaves as it is possible above, and fabric slightly to a prisborta on a floor - it looks extremely effectively.
  25. Allocate to
  26. a doorway, having hung up over it a number of small pictures.
  27. Paint with
  28. a ceiling lavender or it is gentle - blue color. It will add air to the room and will visually increase it in height.
  29. to
  30. In the house where there lives the big family, always needs a lot of place for storage of things - correctly use a wall surface - buy high cases with mezzanines or hinged regiments.
  31. Creating a new image of the room, reflect as it will look in the evening. For example, the laconic minimalistic interior can look too cold and gloomy so add to it the “warming“ details: small bulbs, floor lamps with soft light or candles to make the room of more hospitable in evening light.
  32. Arrange to
  33. an original photo gallery: paint all framework with gold and silver spray. The finished decorative composition will turn out.
  34. In small multipurpose drawing rooms use furniture on castors - it will allow to change a look and mission of the room easily.
  35. of the Vase and a bowl from color glass, placed on the room, catch light and start up multi-colored spots of sunlight on all room.
  36. Council for owners of small-sized apartments: hang up big mirrors - they reflect light and do rooms is more spacious and are lighter.
  37. Visually can increase ceiling height by means of curtains and wall-paper in a vertical strip. Use high narrow cases and compact upholstered furniture. Try to hang up eaves at the greatest possible height.
  38. Often to us it is very difficult to li to pick up accessories - we doubt whether they will be combined with each other, whether will approach furniture, wall-paper. Simple decision: choose one leading color, for example claret, and pick up a set of decorative bagatelles in the same scale and when claret bothers, you pass to other color. Let`s tell, green.
  39. In small apartments use space over doors - there it is possible to make open regiments for decorative bagatelles or books.
  40. Dress pillows of a boring monophonic sofa in new covers from fabrics with the different invoice and drawing.
  41. If in the room the darkened places which are visually concealing space are hang up a big mirror which will reflect light in this dark corner.
  42. Replace with
  43. ordinary switches on dimmer (switches with current regulators) - it will allow to establish any degree of illumination of the room depending on mood.
  44. the Cozy drawing room does not do without good carpet. Our choice - a soft carpet with the low densely twisted pile from the checked producer. The main requirements - the carpet has to be beautiful, nice on the touch and easy in leaving.
  45. of the Book make impression of a cosiness in the room - do not hide them in deaf cases - hang up several open shelves, and those books which you read now in a drawing room, it is possible not to clean from a coffee table.
  46. In big rooms try not to use a lot of small jewelry - they are lost and make impression of a disorder. Two - three large subjects of original design - the sculpture, a vase, a picture - look more advantageously and emphasize space volume.
  47. Certainly, nobody will update a floor every season. But, if it wants to you changes, rugs and paths will help. It is very fashionable way to refresh the room or to divide it into zones.
  48. the Pale color scale visually increases a drawing room. Besides, by means of bright details it is possible to allocate certain parts of the room, taking away attention from those zones which it would be desirable to hide.
  49. If you want to draw with
  50. attention to some work of art, on - an example of a sculpture or a floor vase, establish for it individual lighting.
  51. by
  52. Choosing a picture for decoration of the room, do not go in cycles in its art value. Much more important form and color. The main objective of painting in an interior - to bring together and to harmonize all design of the room.
  53. Interesting option of game with color - paint with
  54. only one wall in the certain color, and all room - walls, furniture, a stream - different shades of this color.
  55. by
  56. Gentle natural tone will make an interior cozier and house - they do not become outdated as quickly as actual bright colors or the shouting fashionable design, and an eye not so is tired of them.
  57. If you the happy owner of a beautiful view from the window - frame with
  58. it as a work of art. Hang up simple, smooth curtains which will not draw on themselves attention, distracting a look from a landscape behind a window.
  59. Beautiful candlesticks look better when stand small groups.
  60. you Want to recover the room of neutral design a little? Make a colourful island, for example around a sofa. Bright pillows, a few color accessories, pots with green plants - this contrast will not tire eyes, but very much will recover and will make expressive all around.
  61. Nonconventional design: paint three walls, and on one paste wall-paper - she will play and will be the soloist in the room.
  62. the easiest way to change
  63. an interior - to recolour walls, but for this purpose once it is necessary to strain and to well prepare a surface under the first painting. It is not so simple, but then you will be able to change appearance of the room as often as you will wish.
  64. Change the relation to artificial flowers - they in fashion again. Bring together them in a dense bouquet and place in a vase, having completely hidden stalks.
  65. the Best days of your sofa behind? Cover it with a beautiful cover or sew a cover - it will hide possible attritions and damages and will add new paints to a drawing room.
  66. Express
  67. yourself: decorate a wall fragment with the favourite poetic quote - by means of a thin brush or a special alphabetic cliche.
  68. If you are forced to sleep in a drawing room, hide the TV in a case that at night the room turned into a bedroom.
  69. House plants recover an interior, take care of beautiful pots for them. It is an excellent element of a decor.
  70. to Lay in a drawing room a bright carpet for you too considerably? Then buy a small rug or a path.
  71. In a new way comprehend a wall decor - decorate it with the open shelf and place on it unusual accessories and photos within.
  72. If you decided to decorate a drawing room with a mirror, hang up it rather low that the furniture was reflected in it almost completely - then there will be no impression of the “killed“ space.
  73. Hide computer wires on all room - buy a special cover (for example, in IKEA) in which it is possible to clean up to six cords at the same time.
  74. Buy
  75. books on design - there you will find even more useful and simple ideas.
  76. Excellent idea of an eco-friendly decor: on a coffee table or the wide shelf put a big wooden bowl with green apples. Beautifully, naturally, fragrantly.
  77. the Bedroom
  78. do not forget

    that a desk lamp - not only a functional element for lighting and reading, but also the magnificent subject of a decor decorating a bedroom in daylight of day.

  79. the High headboard of a bed - an excellent way to deceive our eyes. It does a ceiling above and in addition allocates a bed.
  80. In a bedroom try to combine raznofakturny fabrics - silk and velveteen, glossy and opaque. It has the impressive effect which is expanding and visually sating space.
  81. Add romanticism - hang up over a bed a canopy from a white mosquito grid on a round framework.
  82. by
  83. Make a bedroom of more womanly - use in a decor as much as possible ribbons, laces, bows and flowers.
  84. Bathing

  85. Despite the developed opinion, a wooden floor in a bathroom it is quite pertinent. It should be covered with a special varnish - it is quite expensive, but is durable and is rather smart.
  86. Mixing old and new objects in an interior, you will create eclecticism, and here having added one new detail to old or, on the contrary, one old to new, you will make the interior rather smart. For example, hang up an antiquarian mirror over a sink in a modern bathroom.
  87. Perceive a bathroom as the full-fledged room - begin with ornament. On a free wall hang up a picture or the big photo. The main thing - it should be framed very reliably that evaporations did not get under glass.
  88. Turn a bathroom into Spa. Hang up fluffy towels, buy natural soap, wooden accessories and wattled baskets.
  89. If in your bathroom the window is - best of all to decorate it with metal blinds. They are well combined with brilliant chrome of cranes and accessories.
  90. by
  91. Make in a bathroom several light sources - one for bright lighting, another for intimate light around a mirror.
  92. Pay attention to color of a bathroom - it is desirable that a curtain, the rug and towels were combined with each other on color and design.
  93. Replace with
  94. the crane in a bathroom with more modern model - it is simple and not really expensive, but effect of updating huge.
  95. Allow children to stay designers and to paste on monophonic tiles special applications for bathrooms.
  96. the Bathroom - the excellent place for fresh flowers, only try to choose those plants which need very damp air.
  97. If you keep under a sink laundry detergents and bottles with washing and cleaners, buy a plastic box with a dense cover and clean all jars and bottles there. And gigiyenichny, and more accurately.
  98. Give
  99. to a refinement bathroom: buy small glass small bottles in decorating salons or antique shops and pour in them all tonics, lotions and gels. Your shelf under a mirror will look as a boudoir from the Hollywood movies 50 - x years.
  100. Kitchen to
  101. Good lighting is obligatory for

    for any kitchen, but do not concentrate only on a working zone. Allocate with soft light a dining table - it will give a cosiness to an evening meal.

  102. a large number of the reflecting surfaces - glass, glossy enamels, metal will help to Compensate to
  103. the small size of kitchen.
  104. In small kitchen the utensils with the bent edges are better to use
  105. . They force our eye to move on a difficult trajectory, and we psychologically perceive space as more extended and deep.
  106. Create a new image of kitchen - sew covers on chairs. Look at books on a decor and among a set of models of covers find that which will meet all your requirements.
  107. the Best way to protect a dining table - plastic linings under plates, they again in fashion and on sale so it is always possible to find something for your interior.
  108. have some retro - do not buy full-fledged set. Equip kitchen with open regiments and cases without doors, and close them curtains from dense matter. Stylishly and very conveniently.
  109. Take out beautiful big plates from cases and hang out on a wall. Nothing will prevent to remove at the right time them with nailing and to use for designated purpose.
  110. Children`s Several children`s drawings frame

  111. in good baguettes and hang out on one wall - you are surprised how worthy and finished works works of children can look.
  112. by
  113. Make graffiti - a zone - paint a wall site with special opaque paint for blackboards. Let children draw.
  114. Turn curtains into a treasury - sew multi-colored pockets in which kids will be able to clean any necessary trifle on fabric.
  115. Present to children an adventure: buy a carpet or a carpet from a special series: lined as a race circuit or with the plan of the mysterious lock.
  116. Paint with
  117. a ceiling in the nursery blue color and draw the sun and cloudlets, and it is even better - attach them on threads, having cut out from dense paper and having painted.
  118. the Hall

  119. the Close corridor divide

    into actually entrance and inhabited zones. Lay out 1 - 2 meter at a threshold ceramic a tile. Entering will accurately see border for which it is not necessary to come in street footwear, besides it is easier to look after a tile, than a parquet or a laminate.

  120. buy
  121. To arrival of spring a new entrance rug - with original drawing, bright and cheerful.
  122. In the small apartment change an oar door to the room on sliding - you will take away several centimeterov at a corridor, but present to the room nearly 1,5 meters of an empty seat.
  123. If you in a corridor have old built-in cases, change all doors for doors - blinds. It both is beautiful, and is functional - fresh air constantly gets to mezzanines and closets.
  124. we Save

  125. Is black - white photos, not very well, yours or movie stars of the last century, - an excellent way to make stylish any interior. Frame them different in a form and hang out along a wall - the impression is made that it is a family collection which was collected for years.
  126. Being going to recolour something in the house, buy paint - the basis suitable for all surfaces: suddenly therein you will want to update something else, then it is necessary to spend only for the necessary color and additional brushes.
  127. you dream of a new bed, but it too expensive. Economical council - buy a second-hand metal headboard in commission shop and restore it or ask the husband to make a plywood framework, and then fit it magnificent fabric: silk, velvet or artificial suede.
  128. it is cheap and effective: update walls in the nursery, having bought a bright border with large drawings and having pasted it directly on old wall-paper entirely or having cut out separate motives.
  129. Instead of spending money for purchase of new facades of the bothered kitchen, turn them by means of quite available self-adhesive film or paint on plasticity.
  130. Throw pillows - an excellent element of a decor. It is not obligatory for them to approach on color a sofa at all - better to recover the room and to change clothes of them for cheerful multi-colored covers.
  131. do not throw out old wooden chairs - now it is very fashionable detail of an interior. It is only necessary to oshkurit them, and then to paint bright juicy colors or by means of white paint and a sponge to achieve effect of aging.
  132. the Successful decision for a bathroom - all it to trim
  133. with the simplest white tile and to avoid impression of sterility, to dilute a whiteness with accessories of warm shades.
  134. Present to the old refrigerator the second youth - recolour it in fresh cheerful color by means of special paint which is on sale in good hardware stores. It is necessary to shkurit or grind nothing - you degrease a surface and you apply paint. Very quickly and simply.
  135. Decorate with
  136. a curtain in a bathroom - buy multi-colored tapes and attach them on rings from the outer side.
  137. Draw with
  138. attention to windows - buy new original tips for eaves.