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The Milky Way of

the Kid was already born, and milk will come only in several days. In the first days after the delivery at the woman from nipples colostrum is emitted. It yet not milk, but already the most important product in the newborn`s life. Many women concerned by the fact that they will have not enough milk make a widespread mistake - from the very first days begin to drink too much. It is wrong: they can have too sharp inflow of milk that will lead to a laktostaz (stagnation of milk).

By rules of many maternity hospitals mother has no opportunity to be together with the child constantly. Also there can be such situation: at night the kid is in children`s chamber, and in the evening at mother milk inflow begins. The woman is ready for the fact that in the morning the child will get a full-fledged portion of food, and goes to bed.

But all really happens in a different way. Mammary glands remind the orange segments connected by narrow channels on which milk comes to a nipple. If milk is produced too intensively, or channels badly pass it, milk as if overflows segments and stands in them. Begins laktostaz. The breast bulks up, becomes painful, and in mammary glands consolidations appear. Rise in temperature is possible. In such cases - when separation from the child at several o`clock is necessary to mother - doctors recommend to the woman full decantation. At first it is necessary to be decanted to a last straw and after each feeding.

Danger of mastitis

In itself laktostaz is not a disease, but stagnant milk - the salutary environment for development of microbes. If the infection incidentally gets to the crowded segments through cracks on nipples, the inflammation - mastitis can begin. And this already dangerous disease which demands urgent intervention of the doctor.

not to allow emergence of mastitis, it is necessary to watch hygiene of a breast. For prevention of cracks it is enough to decant several drops of milk after feeding and to allow it to dry up on nipples. If cracks already appeared, it is regularly necessary to process them special preparations and more often to change linen.


It is separated from a breast

Now there is a set of the techniques assuming various terms of feeding by a breast. It is the best of all to choose the doctor to whom you trust and to adhere to his technique, listening, of course, to own opinion. Sometimes the woman on medical indications should stop breastfeeding sharply. In that case it needs to be decanted completely from both mammary glands and to draw a breast. It will lead to violation of a blood-groove, and process of inflow of milk will stop.

the Doctor can advise

to the woman and a different way of a stop of inflow of milk. One more option when urgently it is necessary to finish breastfeeding - the child himself refuses a breast.

of the Cause of failure of the child from a breast

  1. Incorrect technology of feeding. Try to change situation when feeding, for example, to feed the child lying on one side and to watch that the child correctly took an areola and a nipple.
  2. the Flat or pulled-in nipples. You feed the child through special protective slips or use the proofreader of a shape of a nipple.
  3. Hard breast or excess amount of milk. It is heavy to take such breast, besides, the office of milk is complicated. Decantation will help with this situation - use a milk pump, decant a small amount of milk and offer a breast to the kid.
  4. of the Crack on nipples. For feeding use protective slips, and for care of nipples - cream on the basis of lanolin.
  5. Change of a smell of milk. The feeding mothers should not eat many onions, garlic and spices.