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Frost and sun, day wonderful...
(with the baby on the sledge)

In such day very much wants to walk. And to walk not only near the house, but also in a forest park and on a hill. But, having in the house of the baby 8 - mi months, it is necessary to be prepared for such walk. Campaigns of babies in the winter on the nature, me seemed are similar to severe preparation for winter quarters where - nibud behind a polar circle. But it turned out that everything is not so terrible, and the child 8 - mi from a sort can derive months pleasure from winter too.

In a carriage can walk not everywhere and cloyed a little. We will go in few months, and on the nature there is a wish already now. In a kengurushka it is already rather heavy, long you will not take a walk. The sledge seemed us an optimal variant. To them it is possible to go by the father or mother even on snowdrifts (if the father passes).

Having gone on the Kolomna market and having glanced in a couple of the relevant shops, were convinced that the situation with the sledge is approximately similar. In assortment there was classical sledge of the Soviet era in is red - a yellow strip, their modification from bent pipes, superfashionable sledge from a natural beech and snowmobiles.

Distinctive feature of the sledge for babies, in my opinion, a snowmobile of course it is good, but rather early. The model from bent pipes contained a back which cannot be removed then, and was rejected as the model which did not pass tests “for growth“. The cost of beechen sledge, as well as a snowmobile, appeared about 1000 rubles while other two models cost 300 - 400 rubles. Therefore, having come to thought that through a two-three of years the snowmobile should be bought, stopped the choice on classical now it is yellow - the red model for 300 rubles

Needed to consider equipment, and at way.

First that was providently bought in addition to the sledge - a soft porolonovy seat (80 rubles) remarkably becoming attached that did not depart. Amateur mothers can independently make to save.

Second that occurred - mittens, is desirable waterproof, and however if only not strongly fluffy, and that as a result all the same will appear in a mouth. It is possible to add an envelope to a seat. All the rest regularly - and we are ready.

the First exit to the nature took place practically right after acquisition of the sledge, and after 3 - x minutes of intensive driving on the father, our miracle began to smile and quickly - quickly waved hands, means it is pleasant. In total - winter - it is healthy!