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Excommunication from a breast: as it was

there was less than a month to the second anniversary of our sonny. After I managed to adjust a lactation, I planned to nurse the kid till one and a half years. But it was only the theory. In practice it turned out that at this age we are not ready to an excommunication. Even not so much it, how many I. All my organism as if opposed it. I could not “leave“ the child, just physically could not. But more and more questions and comments of well-wishers, type began to irritate me: “You still nurse?! Disgrace!“, “Now to school you will feed, huh?“ etc. I decided to neglect a situation, being guided by the principle - if you cannot solve a problem, postpone it for later. Began to answer questions of the interested with an expressive smile.

there Passed nearly half a year. The spring, together with avitaminosis and chronic fatigue came. I felt, squeezed out as a lemon - the kid pulled from me the last juice. And the intuition told: time! It is time to mature, it is time to move to a new level of communication.

I tried to approach

process of an excommunication thoroughly: gradually day after day to reduce the number of applyings, in increasing frequency to distract the kid etc. But in practice it turned out that only we should minimize quantity of day sosaniye as there is some swagger - a major. That the sonny will be unwell, will refuse food and again hangs on Tit. Something will upset him, will frighten. Generally, no sequence turned out.

Usually consultants for breastfeeding advise

to mother less often to be at home, but this council is not always applicable in life. I am with the child nearly 24 hours a day as in a garden to us still early and for health reasons it is undesirable, and grandmothers at us still are young and active.

generally, I decided to use an old antiquated way: to smear a breast with garlick sauce. Of course, I awfully was afraid of a severe psychological injury which is predicted by opponents of this way. But I was encouraged by experience of my acquaintance who quite easily disaccustomed the son to a breast thus, without any shouts and hysterics. And her sonny, it is necessary to tell, it was put to a breast everyone minutes fifteen, a baby`s dummy, unlike ours, did not suck, and was not able to fill up without tita.

So, I, having smeared a breast with sauce, left to the son and I speak:“ Temochka, mother has tit - that deteriorated, represent? Go, smell as in a disgusting way smell“. The sonny looks suspiciously, approaches. Bends to a breast and screams: “Faugh!“. The moral trauma happened at me. I ask: “You will try?“ The child vigorously winds the head: “Is not present!“ It was hour in three days.

there Comes night: for me the most terrible time as we sleep together, and the kid often wakes up to be supported at night. We keep within, Artemka for the night specifies: “Titia Kaka?“ “Yes, - I say, - deteriorated“.“ The fairy tale“ - then is demanded by the kid. I tell minutes fifteen, then he falls asleep. For the night laid up a juice bag of a tubule. Hour in three nights wakes up. Begins to complain. I awake him. I remind that tit deteriorated, I offer juice. He drinks a half of a box and falls asleep till the morning.

I feel

in the Morning that the breast bulked up. I put on a rigid bra and I feel as a pornstar with football spheres on the place former, small, in general, titechek. During the day for fixing I smear a breast with sauce once again. The child already from far away shouts: “Faugh!“ By the evening approximately I represent how it - to insert implants and to wake up after an anesthesia. I am decanted in a bathroom to simplification.

the Next days and nights pass

quietly. The child almost does not remember, the breast gradually decreases.

Only, I all for some reason miss the son. Here it, nearby. And I, silly, lack it. So there is a wish to press it to a breast, to watch how he sucks, to iron on volosika. It is so difficult for me to realize that it is already absolutely big. Almost in a month to it two years “will knock“.

P. S. It will be made a fresh start soon. Since morning the test, to my big amazement, showed two strips. My God, I am pregnant again. So far I stay in full shock.