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Stylist: harmony in everything! Even in the superficial analysis of labor market it is simple to notice

that creative specialties became one of the most paid and demanded today: stylist, designer, fashion designer, architect. However graceful “stylist“ - a profession which symbiosis are concepts of style, taste and beautiful life most loudly sounds.

People fairly were tired of uniformity of buildings, clothes, hairdresses. As a result identity, originality began to be in serious demand. Many try to create own image by own efforts, long and laboriously investigating glossy fashion magazines, a trial and error method selecting what allows to achieve harmony between internal state, appearance and a way of life in general. At some it turns out, style is set of taste and abilities to correctly pick up the hairdress, a make-up, clothes emphasizing advantages and smoothing shortcomings. But it is often difficult to orient in what is dictated by transient fashion, to observe sense of proportion, colors.

to Become

identity, but not part of motley crowd that whose profession is called the word “stylist“ fashionable nowadays will help. As a rule, the person addressing such expert already comes with ideas about the future shape. The master needs to correct them, to prompt, advise that approaches and what it is better to refuse. It can be both creation of a daily image, and preparation for some special cases. For example, many girls ask for the help the stylist on the eve of a wedding to look good in so important day especially. Whether to follow all advice or to adopt only some of them - a personal record of everyone, but, you see, opinion of the professional anyway useful.

I in stylists would go...

this profession is much more senior than the definition. Artists of theater and cinema, for example, too create completely all image of the character - from a make-up to a suit - and are capable to re-embody the actor from one personality in another by means of three main components: clothes, hairdress and make-up. According to the same three whales of beauty allocate also today three specializations of a profession of the stylist which can exist and as absolutely independent kinds of activity:

In many educational institutions already the course “Stylist“ or “Stylist - the Image Maker“ is available. A similar education is got or in a complex, in all three directions of a profession, or step by step, in detail on each of them. As this specialty at us rather new, developing, it is difficult to tell unambiguously in what way it is better to go towards the planned aim so far. Specifics of this activity - in the huge volume of knowledge, abilities, skill which change constantly, improved owing to emergence of new technologies and visual decisions today. It is necessary to try to follow all novelties. In many respects therefore entrants often decide to get an education step by step on each of three main directions of a profession.

the Makeup artist - the stylist - the specialty which came from the world of theater and cinema and urged to carry out correction of image of the client means of cosmetology that is competently to hide shortcomings and to emphasize his face advantages. The salary of the beginning master makes 200 - 400 dollars

the Hair stylist differs from the ordinary hairdresser in what is capable to create the exclusive hairdress answering to recent trends of fashion, relying on broad knowledge in the field of equipment of a hairstyle, coloring and laying. He will not begin to torture the client what exactly to make with his head of hear. Skills in the field of diagnostics of structure of hair, appearance of the person allow the master to propose the individual stylistic solutions underlining the direction of fashion and the general style of the client: a manner to put on, behave in society, specifics of his position and many other things. A salary of the beginning hair stylist of 300 - 450 dollars, at experience and client base - from 800 dollars

the Fashion designer - the profession including three directions: sewing, knitting and needlework. This specialty gives an idea necessary for the stylist of types of a figure, knowledge of suit history, fashionable tendencies in clothes models, fabrics, accessories. Profession of the fashion designer, or as still speak, the artist of clothes it becomes frequent at the beginning stylist of the first. The beginner can find to himself work with a salary about 500 dollars

Where I will be taught?

Training, professional development of the stylist - process constant. For a start it is better to graduate from higher education institution, for example the Moscow institute of design and technology, National institute of fashion, or college, school which allow to receive one of professions of the industry of fashion. And then it is possible to begin rise on a career ladder. Study on numerous profile courses - parallel or after obtaining the main diploma when the graduate accumulates practical experience will become good addition to basic education. However, there are also other options. For example, nothing disturbs the person with education of the economist over time to change a kind of activity, having finished courses of this or that specialty of the industry of fashion.

However anyway should remember

that the essence of work of the stylist consists in a professional combination of cosmetics, a hairdress, clothes. So, it is necessary to have knowledge of bases of all three specialties. And the more in baggage of the master of knowledge and experience, the more its chance to reach tops in the world of fashion and beauty. And the part of this world will possible to become by all means if to choose hard, but very interesting creative profession of the stylist.

the Corresponding courses offer

as the public educational institutions, for example training centers at Academy of professional management and at Institute of design and new technologies, and commercial, for example school of stylists at image - Person Lab laboratories, school - GREKOFF studio. For transfer the certificate about secondary education and interest in receiving new knowledge suffices. At training centers carry out also the master - classes. Further participation in various competitions, professional trainings including which are taking place abroad can be quite good help.

the Approximate cost of a course on one of specializations makes

from 6,5 thousand rubles to 1,6 thousand c.u. Individual training will cost at least 1 thousand c.u. Besides, periodically there take place free trainings, advanced training courses. Usually they are carried out in the advertizing purposes by the known cosmetic brands or educational institutions - for those who were already trained in one or several directions. At the conclusion of the contract for development of several courses practically everywhere it is possible to count on discounts.

the Basic program of training includes fundamentals of visual stylistics, fundamental bases of style and by all means - stylistic aspects of image making that will allow future expert to decide what specifics of work are closer to it. Conditionally there is a division on “Salon“, “Podium“, “Cinema“, “Photo“, “Theatre“, however also emergence of new specializations is not excluded further: their development directly depends on need for stylists of representatives of other fields of activity.

the Master has to master special computer programs which will help further with development of style, to be able to understand all leading cosmetic lines. And still he has to become a little a psychologist to catch internal state of the client and to work according to it. Such contact is simply necessary: he allows to receive the constant clients. Besides actually creation of an image the stylist helps the person to get used to it, to get used. The true professional quite often manages to create image of the client up to gestures, speech manners. It is often used during the work with entertainment stars.

and on condition of successful passing a test or examination to the entrant appropriate to

Upon termination of any passable course qualification and grant the certificate of the state sample. Existence of diplomas, certificates of the Russian and western schools, and also experience, recommendations, personal qualities (organization, creativity, ability to interest, etc. ) about 1,5 thousand c.u. will provide to the expert prospect of receiving interesting, creative, prestigious work with a salary

With solid knowledge base can teach, take part and win various competitions, to have own business, to be engaged in development of the new stylistic directions.

of Ugly people does not happen - just so far few stylists capable to disclose identity of each of us. It is necessary to study, to improve own skills and skill, and then it will be possible to prove justice of a popular expression fully: “The world will be saved by beauty“.