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Fitness - cosmetics of

How to combine trainings and esthetic procedures? What cosmetics should be taken with itself in club?

the cosmetologist Olga Petrova and the massage therapist Elena Prokhorova from the improving center Moscow Advise

fitness - Zvezda club.

For many women a main objective of fitness classes - desire to grow thin, shape up. And it is valid, physical exercises in combination with a reasonable diet work real miracles. But if there is a wish to gain more expressed or faster effect, then to this formula it should be added also cosmetic leaving.

It is also about professional procedures, and about use of special cosmetics. If competently to build algorithm of personal care, it is possible to avoid also problems with skin, and “uneven“ weight loss. Besides, you keep face skin smooth and pure even if you train very intensively.

Today many sports clubs offer

programs from the Fitness plus Cosmetology series. Besides trainings, you can choose specialized programs for the person and body.

the Concentrated weight loss we Will begin


with the most popular - programs of weight loss. If you train two - three times a week, you can accelerate transformation of the figure, having added to the schedule one visit of the cosmetologist or the massage therapist a week. Depending on a problem it is possible to do anti-cellulite, lymphatic drainage or lifting procedures.

Happens that the person regularly trains, weight leaves, and volumes almost do not change. The body in such cases looks as though friable, drooped. The professional lymphatic drainage will help to solve this problem. These procedures literally distil excess water, and your body, at last, finds elasticity.

the Best lymphatic drainage effect special technicians of manual massage possess. The expert the hands feels problems of the patient and adapts to his features. It favourably distinguishes manual technicians from equipment rooms. Though the last are rather effective too, especially in combination with manual influence.

one more, very easy and effective way of fight against problem zones Is. Use active preparations directly before training. Such means many famous producers - for example release, Janssen, Decleor and others.


the scheme from two steps Best of all works. At first you apply thermogel which warms skin on problem areas. And over it - the concentrated preparation for weight loss. Then you put on a sports suit - and forward, training. While you are engaged, preparations work, modeling your body.

Fitness - lifting

Happens that volumes, on the contrary, leave too quickly. Then there can be a problem with a skin obvisaniye. In this case the course of the tightening procedures will be the best exit. It most often combination of a peeling of all body to massage and wrappings.

considerably to tighten and strengthen skin, 10 - 15 procedures with an interval of week are enough to make

. Then it is possible to hold periodically supporting sessions. And it is still important to adjust competent home care and to daily apply the tightening cream or serum on skin.

By the way, two-phase systems with effect of lifting - same, as for reduction of volumes exist. At first you apply on skin thermogel, and over it - the tightening concentrate. Then the effect will increase every day, and skin very quickly will become again elastic.

One more important problem connected with quality of skin is an emergence of extensions. If you know that your skin is not really elastic, begin prevention directly with the first training. It is very good to conduct a course of chemical peelings which increase elasticity of skin and correct extensions.

Vivifying heat

the Campaign in a sauna after training is a remarkable means to get rid of fatigue and to urge on processes of restoration of muscles. And still the sauna is irreplaceable for those who want to grow thin. it is very important to p to remember

sense of proportion Here. Do not think that the longer you stay in a steam room, the stronger you will grow thin. The sauna brings benefit, only if to use it is dosed. Ideally time of stay in a steam room the doctor has to define fitness - club.

On average after training three calling a sauna are good to make

. For the first time just sit in a steam room several minutes, depending on individual shipping. Before the second calling apply on a body coarse sea salt or a ready srub on its basis. Then again sit in a steam room several minutes.

At this time the body will actively get rid of toxins and excess liquid. Then wash away a srub and at desire make one more calling. Then - a cool shower, moistening or food depending on skin type. After such procedure you will feel literally given rise anew. And muscles will not ache next day.

Fitness - a make-up

In spite of the fact that in sports club we work on beauty of a body, the person demands our care too. During training we sweat, we undertake the person dirty hands moreover skin can adjoin to a rug. All this quite often provokes inflammations, especially at ladies with problem skin.

Therefore before training the make-up is the best of all to remove

and to put on the cleaned face the moisturizing cream or an emulsion for your type of skin. Not to carry with itself excess jars and bottles, try to pick up the clearing napkins. Now the set of their versions all-type skin is issued.

If you normally transfer tap water, try the foaming napkins. Before use they need to be wetted, and they will turn into a certain similarity of foamy “sponge“. They well clear skin and leave pleasant feeling of freshness.


A at sensitive skin will suit usual wet towel wipes more. If on them there is a mark “two - in - one“, it most often means that they are suitable also for removal of cosmetics for about a century.

If after use of napkins face skin does not pull together

and to you it is comfortable, cream can be not applied. If there was a feeling of dryness, it is better to moisten skin in addition.

Now a couple of words directly about a make-up. Many ladies cannot leave it even in the training hall. In this case I advise to use the most resistant cosmetics for eyes - ink or an eyeliner. It is better to refuse friable shadows, they can be showered and hammer a time.

we Collect by

a cosmetics bag

Ideal option for the gym - means in pass - packings, so-called road sets. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to get such set in usual shops. But if you often travel, come into Duty Free shop where these sets are usually presented in wide assortment.

If a road set did not manage to be found

, we will try to manage traditional means. First of all lay in a sports cosmetics bag packing of napkins for clarification of skin. Also you need the moisturizing cream. It is quite good to take with itself several wadded disks and sticks. They will be useful if there is a need to correct a make-up. Add a set of decorative cosmetics necessary for you to this set.

we complete with

a cosmetics bag for a body Now. Here you surely need a deodorant - an antiperspirant. It is good if its smell is neutral. Too sharp aromas in the conditions of the enclosed space can create discomfort to people around.


Also to you need shower gel if only it is not provided by club. If you train in the mornings, choose gels with the toning citrus or flower aroma. And those who prefers to be engaged in the evenings will suit means with the gentle weakening smell more.

It is also quite good to take with itself a bast or a rigid mitten made of cloth. They will help you every time, taking a shower, to carry out an easy peeling of all body.

Surely take with yourself a milk or body cream. It will soften and will moisten skin. Do not forget also about separate cream or leg talc. It is good if it has disinfecting effect. In the conditions of the general shower it is difficult to protect for 100% skin of feet from infections.