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And good mood...

Tatyana, 24, nurse of dental clinic:

- my mood obviously needs support. All the time something not that... And of problems it is full recently: session soon, the husband has serious problems at work, and the sister is going to get divorced. Well, how in such conditions to feel happy future mother? At me already sleeplessness begins, and in the afternoon any trifle enrages. And what to do to me? Only, please, do not advise more to walk and not to worry - for such council I shouted at the girlfriend. Now here and with it quarreled.


- Mood - a sensitive barometer of as far as we are satisfied with the life. Also it depends on many factors: health and physiological state, relations with people around, achievements in the professional sphere and in private life. Not least the mood depends on type of character of the person. To people of rather absolutely insignificant occasion impressionable by nature, that the mood deteriorated. It is known also that women endure violations of mood more often, than men. The hormonal fluctuations influencing emotions and throughout all life are peculiar to them. It is proved that the premenstrual period, pregnancy and the postnatal period often are followed by frustration of mood. There are still so-called seasonal depressions - decrease of the general background of mood in the oseena - the winter period when there is not enough sunlight. They can arise both at women, and at men, and even at children. So problems of mood meet quite often in practice of doctors and psychologists. But all this does not mean at all that it is necessary to reconcile and stay in is oppressed - gloomy mood, spoiling life to itself and people around.

Bad mood, for whatever reason it arose, is subject to correction. And it is the law. The factors influencing mood, quite a lot. Present the person who caught a cold on the eve of a holiday and forced to lie with a temperature in a bed instead of going with friends to restaurant. His mood, to put it mildly, not at height. But if friends guess not to pay attention to words of the sufferer:“ You have fun without me, to me it is so bad that I and to you will spoil a holiday“ - and will come - having armed with gauze bandages to arrange it a surprise, at once it will become better for the patient. Also the mood (already from consciousness that there are people ready to help at a difficult moment), and health will improve. The second law says: mood exerts strong impact on the general condition of the person. Both psychological researches, and just a knowledge of life convince us of it.

the Third law too to doubt is not subject to

: needs to take active actions . Otherwise the vicious circle is formed: from - for bad moods you clash with people around - then feel depression and communicate less - then the mood worsens even more.

I fourth (but not on value) the law: you have to undertake measures for reduction of the emotions in norm . Nobody is better than you does not know what feelings you have therefore people around even if you want, cannot precisely know that it is necessary for you. Besides, they can incorrectly interpret your irritability and anger in general.

What specifically should be undertaken?

  1. of Analyse the state. whether you Had such periods earlier? In what situations? Whether always it was connected with real troubles? There were cases (and how it is frequent) what the bad mood arose in itself, without the visible reasons? What did you test (the bad mood - it can be both depression, and alarm, and offense, and rage, and feeling of helplessness)? May you tell that now, during pregnancy, such periods became a thicket? What, in your opinion, is necessary that it changed? What directly depends on you?
  2. Build the relations with people around. you Strike up new acquaintances and actively support old. Be not afraid to take the first step to reconciliation in the conflict and be more tolerant to others. If, of course, proud loneliness - not your choice.
  3. As if you wished to change
  4. a situation, often it is impossible. the Exit one - to change the perception of these situations. First of all - to learn to see in everyone them them something good and to perceive all changes in life as improvement. Of course, in life there are big problems, but it is much less of them, than people are inclined to perceive.
  5. the Movement is, as we know, life. Sport, dances, outdoor games very much improve mood as promote production of endorphins - pleasure hormones. And it is not obligatory to exhaust itself with physical culture - it is possible to build snowmen or to fly a kite is activity too. And too improves mood.
  6. Try to find
  7. right now new hobby (in sense - fascinating occupation, but not the new partner). You do not want to decorate the room of the child with own pictures of butterflies, flowers or snowflakes? Or to try out as the model, having addressed professionals? Or to be engaged in a list on silk and to present all friends with exclusive cloths? Or to try to grow up house plants, having bought tiny shoots and different seeds? Or to be engaged in interior design? Or... generally, the choice is almost not limited. The main thing - that it was pleasant to you.
  8. Finish with all unpleasant trifles on the way - they are capable to complicate seriously life, especially too when collect. with what we stakivatsya constantly, has to be pleasant, convenient and bring joy. When you go to work, choose such route where you like to look, for example, at the beautiful ancient house. Bring order to a case so that it was not necessary to look for a handkerchief and tights every morning. Buy the most beautiful cups for morning coffee, a new terry dressing gown, shower gel with a pleasant smell and be convinced that all these trifles - at all not trifles.

Of course, everyone will have an own recipe of good mood, each person is individual, but the fact that at desire it is achievable, - is undoubted.


- Of course, the bad mood was at me earlier - in my opinion, it is normal... Sometimes I even liked to pogrustit, looking, for example, at heavy rain after a window. And, above all - it was always clear what is bad... Let`s tell if the dress which was pleasant, was too expensive - clear mood falls until, you will not find worthy to it replacement yet. Or at work declared that holiday in November. Or Sergey`s mother came. Without the prevention. And Sergey persistently suggests it to remain to spend the night. And it (horror!) remains, having suddenly understood that “oh, and the truth - so late“. What there can be a mood here? And now the mood happens bad without the special reasons. Badly everything, even what, in general, is good. The husband in restaurant invited. Remarkably! But... everything that I tried on, either did not agree on a waist or was not clasped on a breast. It was necessary to put on a loose overall in which I looked is about ten years more senior (I under hypnosis, perhaps, bought it?) moreover and a brooch to chop off. The husband patiently listened to my plaintive groans, calmed as could, and suddenly dawned on me: and what he in general so tries? The restaurant unexpectedly, tender such, still prepared some surprise... Hundred percent - at it are the mistress, here and invited. Wants to make amends. And you still ask what feelings at me? Yes all most awful - in turn, together. And itself I understand that it in vain, and there is no occasion (at restaurant where I gloomy looked out of the loose overall, it became clear that today - day of our acquaintance), but I can do nothing with myself. And therefore I will execute any your councils if only to learn to operate at last this process.

For a start should reconcile with Masha. I also already thought of it. Especially - I have to someone tell about experiment.“ Long ago it is time, - Masha told on all this, - and that you become socially dangerous, it is terrible to you to tell the word - or will take offense or will be upset“. And then behind a cup of special tea for pregnant women (the girlfriend, careful nevertheless at me) we together tried to find something good in the most unpleasant situations. And at Masha it turned out much better... And on my question: “What can be good divorced my sister?“ - she answered almost without reflecting: “How it that? Yes all of you only also do that you investigate their conflicts and calm! At last she will cease to cry and resort to you in the middle of the night, will become quieter, will be engaged twist life and, of course, not at once, but will meet the suitable person“. Well, in general, it is right: divorce in their situation is the smaller evil, than further family life.

A as the husband, is more faithful than it work? Here precisely any pluses... Masha found also here what to tell:“ And unless not you said that work too heavy and ungrateful? And Sergey regretted that he did not graduate from the university. And so it is also given an opportunity all this to change. By the way, men in extreme situations are capable of big achievements“. Well it is necessary... Why it did not come to my mind? The only option which was presented to me included consistently shortage of money, shutdown of electricity, water and phone, sale of property and reckoning in a couple of years to socially unsuccessful segments of the population. What I am a gloomy pessimist... And though during pregnancy I all - found session pluses (teachers will not be too strict to the student in such situation and for certain will not send to a practical training to the organization on other end of the city), me still to study and study a positive spirit.

A here sports activities - a proven means. I both did swimming, and firing, and a gym visited years three. I do not know what there was developed in an organism, but after hour training to long not that there was no wish - forces were not. (From my personal experience: if you are angry, then the best means, than to podubasit a punching bag, just does not exist. After that all around, including the chief dissatisfied with your work, the neighbors dissatisfied with your doggie, and even the mother-in-law dissatisfied with everything, become just as the family.) But... a problem - that just that now physical activities are not recommended to me. So only walking - two types remains an available sport for me: ordinary and magazinnooriyentirovanny (and nothing, too good sport, especially if is enough apparatuses - in sense, good shops and money). Besides it is possible to distract, try on on himself a new image and quietly to reflect on everything. For example, about of what to me to be fond of it. A list on silk? Well, of course, but expensively. Flowers? No, I love them when they already grow and blossom, and the earth, all these jars, fertilizers... Generally, disappears. Photo? It is more interesting. It is possible, but the camera was given to friends for a while... It is necessary to wait. And here a photoshoot for - my long dream. Literally since the childhood. But I was always a realist and as to Cindi Crawford`s appearance to me it is obviously far (actually, to appearance of any model to me it is far), the dream remained just dream. And here now I have a justification - the psychologist advised. Even the husband did not object. And... I made it!

Well and interior design I could be engaged in

. In - the first, something to change, to rearrange - my weakness; in - the second, the apartment which got from the grandmother waits for a long time that somebody was engaged in it; well and, in - the third, in the house most of all those irritating trifles which bothered me with order. Of course, confused me that I practically know nothing about design, but, having come into bookstore, I understood that it just and not a problem: two racks from a floor to a ceiling are filled with books “Art of an Interior“, “Interior of Your House“, “Your House and Your Life“ and all in such spirit. Even on the stand of the most sold novelties there was a book “Interior - Science, Art and Philosophy“. Moreover, it turned out that Masha even has a familiar designer who at a meeting was both the good interlocutor, and just lovely young man.

Of course, I did not become a professional, and photos of our modest dwelling were not published in The Best Apartments magazine, but which - I managed that. In - the first, I cleaned a one-and-a-half-meter palm tree from a bedroom in a hall (such big plants can interrupt a sleep); in - the second, I bought a vase of red color (it is considered that red - color energetically very strong - helps to struggle with bad mood and a breakdown). Besides, I called the plumber to repair all leaking cranes - and in the evening of the same day understood how remarkably to fill up without silent, slowly dementing “a cap - a cap“. I sewed curtains (sewed - it is loudly told, I just bought fabric and hung up on eaves, but it turned out fine!). And, at last, put on a regiment the enlarged photo from our wedding. We there such cheerful and happy one `there is enough look that the mood improved.

... So, there passed three weeks since that moment as I with the slogan “Our Mood - in Our Hands“ started resolute actions. And, at all my scepticism and mistrust to psychology, has to tell that I feel much more (much more!) it is better. What it was pleasant to me most of all? Probably, the fact that I got acquainted with new interesting people, communication with whom does not allow to miss. Though, probably, is not present - best of all the fact that I have a hobby taking all the time which earlier I spent for melancholy and considering of the offenses (and besides gives the chance to communicate with different people).

... And today I received photos and even understood not at once that it I. My God, I such beautiful, at me am such wonderful tummy... Details will not be - I just have no words! And I advise you - even that (more true, especially that) who, as well as I, am dissatisfied with the appearance. With the good photographer the self-assessment when you look at fruits of joint creativity very much raises.

And now unless something can be bad

at me? Yes at me everything is simply remarkable!