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Etiquette of the modern woman of

Today very few people conform to the strict rules of classical etiquette. In the woman naturalness, than faultless manners is more appreciated. But it does not mean that it is possible to forget about rules of etiquette absolutely.

your clothes

In the 21st century the main requirement to clothes are a convenience. Whether to go to office in tops with open shoulders, and to receptions in jeans? By and large, the decision depends on you. But, choosing clothes which are pleasant to you, do not forget about relevance of a dress. Yes, your convenience first of all. But you should not shock surrounding with the appearance too.

If you were invited on a visit

If you invite guests

politeness Signs

If women are engaged in strength sports today, operate corporations and are a part of the government, it does not mean that traditional man`s signs / attention need to be abolished. If the man helps you to put on a coat, I it says not that he considers you insufficiently strong and bright, and that it is brought well up. And here the active feminist who begins to be indignant loudly if the man opened before her a door, looks just ridiculously.

the Short guide for those who are adjusted to kiss

Tradition to kiss at a meeting with friends and acquaintances came to us from Europe recently. Before it was accepted to kiss only the closest - the family and friends. Now strangers try to kiss you on a cheek absolutely. How to behave?

It is absolutely inadmissible:


If you walk with a dog in the place which is not intended for this purpose specially, take with yourself a small package and select waste products. Every day and without any exception!

Family etiquette

the House is a place where we feel most freely, and would be silly to submit to outdated conventions, but nevertheless and there are rules which you should not ignore.

do not read to

In cafe and restaurants

We even more often celebrate holidays in cafe and restaurants together with children and friends.

If you eat

Divorces and partings

More than a half got married break up, it is the statistical fact. But rules of decency, certainly, extend also to the former spouses.

Several answers to tactless questions
  • of B. How many you earn?
    O. is Enough.
  • Why you do not drink
  • B.? Because if I will drink
    O. too much, then I begin to ask people tactless questions. And then to me happens it is a shame.
  • Why you are still not married
  • B.?
    O. Because still did not meet the man who me would be worthy. you have no
  • B. Why children?
    O. I would prefer not to discuss the organism at a table!
  • B. Perhaps it is not necessary to eat so much?
    O. Of course, costs.