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Impressions from kurortno - the improving Russia complex and Yalta of

an opportunity to go to a seminar to Yalta for 4 days was presented to my darling. The chief could not go for a number of reasons therefore gave a green light to the husband. Having fast taken advantage of the opportunity, we found the partner in business who could go too there, but did not want as there was an invitation for one person from firm, and it only - only arrived from Egypt. Generally, on the quiet and efforts of the husband I went.

I Will tell

about a seminar only that it was rather informative, there was a lot of new and useful. It was pleasant not only me, but also the husband who much better me understands the matter. Especially as representatives of many cities of our country gathered on it.

We reached

to Simferopol, further us organizers in the COOK “Russia“ in Yalta brought. Placed us in one - and double rooms. With the husband, matter of course, double got to us;-). I will tell honestly, I did not have enough so far (but only so far) I was pleasant to visit many resort complexes, nevertheless, this number: pure, cozy, a bathroom, a bathroom in number, the refrigerator, the TV, the conditioner, phone in number, irons and ironing tables on the first floor in a laundry. A balcony with a wonderful view of the sea, in number it is cozy, the furniture has enough. Tableware on three persons in table department.

On the first floor. Generally, the most necessary was near at hand and worked. By the way, the local pool quite normal, but water seemed to me too chlorinated and slightly cool while it was pleasant to the husband.

District, certainly, magnificent. Places fantastic on beauty at least because it is mountains, the sea, the woods and “sea“ vegetation of the southern coast. Coniferous, cypresses with bronze cones, palm trees, oaks, prickly pears, flowers and there is a lot of - a lot of other green beautiful vegetation of different colors and shades. In general, God did not deprive Yalta of natural beauty.

Service was double. The maid cleaned in our absence, was pure and cozy. For its work would be a sin to complain. Food is normal, as for resorts, but on the fan. And here waitresses left much to be desired. If in the first day they still though somehow fussed, tried to be imperceptible and brought everything in time, then, since second day, some strangenesses began. Already after a lunch we had to wait for them and nearly by hands to stop and ask when bring us food as we wait already for some time (not only we - till 10 minutes marked expectation). It considering that parts of seminarny trainings dragged on, respectively, we were late to the dining room while new lectures not especially waited for us.

more Further. To us began to be rude in response to modest requests to bring to coffee, but not tea if it is possible (as on part of tables there was only either a coffee, or tea, and on others the different number of bags of tea and coffee - little tables on 4 persons). At the end of our stay we “the presence prevented waiters to perform the work and to serve clients“.

of Evening at us was sated with programs: beer “tea drinking“ under maintenance of a trio of classical music, a “wine“ round table, gala - a dinner with presence of the Crimean national team of KVN, band “Tants 7“ (it seems, so is called, but I can be mistaken) and participants of “Chance“ - the singer Nadezhda Dashkova. And here on these evenings simply service “killed“ us: if in the first day beer “imperceptibly disappeared“ in the unknown direction accompanied by waitresses, in the second day us rough tone asked to leave as we disturb, and they finish change, then on gala - a dinner we were exposed simply for doors after 23 - 00, in literal sense pulling out plates and glasses from hands. Generally, once again allowed to be convinced that “in Yalta the rich people tired of cultural service abroad and with nostalgia sufferers that as at “scoop“, they were obkhamit for their money have a rest“.

Well and about rest. We not only were trained, but also went to Massandra on wine tasting, visited also the Massandrovsky castle, walked on plant, that is excursion was full and left pleasant memories, including the “souvenirs“ of local flood which were purchased later tastings;-). Besides in entertaining part there was also a trip to a zoo which is really worthy attention and cannot but just be pleasant to kids. It is a lot of birds, predators, monkeys and other “exhibits“.

At the entrance I got acquainted with a male a swan - shipuny which I did not leave indifferent, and he strenuously tried to nibble me for legs:-). In one of open-air cages with lions the king of beasts decided to show all how tsars of the nature look after, and sneezed with a prisvist on surrounding gawks, lovingly purring something one of Gyulchitay.

By the way, was pleased by a sign which was near the bridge from which it was possible to watch from above lions. On it there was a request to husbands, wives, mothers-in-law and mothers-in-law who are in a condition of quarrels, not to ascend to this bridge.

one brown bear selflessly danced

From animals for apples and candies, asking still; raccoon-like doggies faithfully looked in eyes for the sake of ham; ponies fell in love with me for apples. And in the open-air cage with dwarfish Vietnamese pigs, nanny-goats and a pony were very glad to me and posed very long besides from - for those apples. And here I steered clear of lamas and camels (saw even 10 - day “kid“) - painfully they askanced at me suspiciously. Generally, there is a lot of animals and the zoo still develops. So the child still in me is living.

With the husband we wandered about the beach, went by the elevator in the rock. The elevator belongs to a complex and has height approximately to 12 floors. Of course, there were also those evenings on which there were not only pleasant and useful libations;-), but also not less necessary developing partnership. On the same gala - a dinner it was not necessary to miss. Children of KVN - chic honestly worked the program and really ridiculously joked, held harmless and ridiculous competitions. The dancing group also perfectly acted. And when Nadia sang, not only I watched her: we just did not believe in the beginning that she sang WITHOUT soundtrack. Generally, it really has a voice which she, perhaps, and with flaws, but very surely owns, and to it is what to brag in the repertoire. So I can tell with full consciousness that all children and girls just good fellows.

our kids were at home

with the grandfather, it slightly irritated me, and every day I called up to them. Nevertheless, we perfectly spent time with the husband: saturated and pleasantly. Once again estimated beauty of Yalta and in were convinced of the opinion to have a rest in other place (at own expense), and to Yalta to go by excursion … but this our personal perception. And in general, very much it is even excellent in the Crimea, despite of what in 2 of 4 days was cloudy, and there was a small rain.

went through Simferopol again Back. Estimated beauty of park, adjacent to the railway station, wandered on the avenue of health, but reached only the middle, were photographed including with a little squirrel, and happy arrived home. It is possible to tell with confidence that we had not only business negotiations and training, but also “the second honeymoon“ on a “copper“ wedding anniversary;-).