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Dedication in tourists
the Cheerful holiday outdoors for children and parents of

At one of school PTA meetings of mother and the father was discussed by the next problems of relationship with the growing-up children. Sighed that supposedly not just with them, thirteen-year-old. Complained about roughness, obstinacy, disobedience... Discussed, argued, looked for ways of rapprochement with children. Also decided to go all class to a small one-day campaign in the wood. What both children, and parents, and porridge on a fire, and joint games... And in order that action was even more interesting and more cheerful, decided to arrange for children dedication in tourists. This story - the guide to action, some kind of scenario for a holiday outdoors which can be carried out with children. It can become a basis and for carrying out children`s birthday outdoors, and for family picnic in the wood.

At way!

our Campaign turned out not such as reflected initially, but he all the same was successful wonderfully well. By the stipulated Sunday most of parents was busy with some important and urgent matters. As a result the form-master Irina Mikhaelovna, the father - the enthusiast from among skilled tourists and three active parents among whom there are I and my husband went to the wood from adults. Collecting near school in 9 - 00, all necessary products purchased, weather pleases with a clear sky and the bright sun. We start on foot, the benefit to the next a scaffold of 40 minutes to the course.

... Having chosen a nice clearing among young pines, we set up our simple camp. Children spread covers, throw bags and backpacks and right there run away: boys to play soccer, little girls - “to support“ them. We do not disturb them so far, we give the chance to run about a little. Then we order the general collecting. Children is indignant. They very adult and wise, they want that they were left alone, they do not need our games... It is necessary to show rigidity and to select for a while a soccerball. In total on collecting firewood! At first trudge unwillingly, then quicken a little. Drag dry branches, cut them for firewood, flaunt before each other and before girls. Little girls actively participate and too try to wave the axe. We cast lots and we choose two persons on duty on kitchen. They go to peel potatoes. The others help to make fire. The ball is forgotten... After a while persons on duty have several volunteer assistants from number... boys. We stealthily observe and we laugh as ineptly, but with what passion they torment unfortunate potato, trying to clean it. Take away each other knives and, seemingly, take great pleasure from cleaning... Mothers, well why your little men for the first time peel potatoes in 13 years?

When all economic works are finished with

, we pass to the cultural program. Warm-up

For a start to all children it was offered to p to share

on two teams and to think up the name for the team. Shared long therefore it was necessary to resort to a lot again - to drag the whole and broken matches. Then long argued on names and, at last, gave out:“ Fragmentary sneakers“ and “Obtuse angles“. N - yes.

as warm-up suggested children to compete who knows words on tourist subject more. Each team calls words in turn until someone has more nothing to tell. Words remembered much. Then, remembering that the real tourist has to be clever and bright, each team was given a tourist problem. On the decision - 3 minutes. So, tasks:

“Gathering in a difficult campaign, the tourist put in the backpack a lot of stuff

  • a sleeping bag, a rug, clothes, etc. personal equipment of 12 kg;
  • of grain, crackers, canned food, etc. products of 13,5 kg;
  • tent, axe, etc. public equipment of 8,5 kg.
How many the tourist`s backpack when it ended a campaign weighed if it is known that all products were eaten, the axe weighing 2 kg is lost, and at the bottom of a backpack there was an electric iron weighing 4 kg which to the tourist was put by the careful younger little sister that his trousers and laces in a campaign were always smoothed out?“

“At training the skilled tourist dresses one ski in 20 seconds, and removes in 10 seconds. What is the time the skilled tourist at 30 will spend - multiple performance of exercise on removal and clothing of couple of skis? How many steam of skis will put on the skilled tourist in 10 minutes?“

Following. It was offered to teams to represent tent. Parents acted as jury. They asked to show what will be with tent if the rain goes or will fly wind. The second task was to represent cream of wheat. Children showed remarkable acting skills, we have a draw, and was cheerful everything.

First aid

After the small preface that in campaigns sometimes there are injuries and needs to be able to give first aid to the victim, we arrange cheerful medical relay. Each team chooses the easiest participant. They have a fate to be “victims“. Teams are built in two columns. Two persons standing the first fasten hands with “stool“, “victim“ takes seat. On command “March!“ players carry “victims“ to in advance stipulated tree, run all over around it and come back to the team, replacing “victim“ to following “stretcher“. Whose team coped with a task quicker, that also won. If the children have a desire still to run about, offer them one more relay. For it it is required on football and to a volleyball for each team. On a signal, the first players begin to run to the designated tree, conducting legs a soccerball and throwing volleyball. Obbezhav around a tree, they come back to team and pass balls to the following player. If some of balls it is rolled away aside or will fall, it is necessary to lift and continue it relay. This game difficult, but very much - very cheerful.

After relay of our “tourists“ was waited by one more test. Each team received on a roll of toilet paper. Now unfortunate “victims“ who have already really been through a lot, repeatedly falling from “stretcher“, it was necessary also “to tie up“ properly - to wind from legs to the head with paper. Teams were accepted for good reason. And soon at them two nice, accurate “mummies“ turned out. Having much admired and having photographed, “victims“ are decided to be regretted and unwound, at last. And scraps of paper to collect and send to a fire not to break purity of the surrounding nature...

Main is a masking!

I do not know

why tourists need to be able to mask, but all agreed that is necessary also a point! Very much the task was to the taste to all. So, each team had to go to depth of the wood and in 10 minutes to disguise one of the fellows. And the parental jury examined masking and estimated. Teams approached a task creatively. As a result, we unsuccessfully looked for several minutes one of disguised, winding among young pines. It turned out that he was put in a sandy hole and completely filled up with pine branches. Here so masking! The second team solved a problem differently. Their player was completely dressed in “dress“ from branches. And even in a mouth at it the cone stuck out. Well, how you will allocate some one team here? Of course, again we have a draw!

the Next event according to the scenario. But, from - for the fact that most of alleged actors stayed at home the scenario had to be changed on the run. Having brought together all children, we declared it that around our camp the forest evil spirits were noticed: wood goblin, mermaids, frights. They obviously plan something, and we have to prevent them. And it is for this purpose very important to observe “oboznatushka“: to dress up in “also ashes swelled“. What here began! Children with squeal and a laughter changed footwear and t-shirts, changed clothes of sneakers from the left leg on right, turned out clothes on a wrong side, reeled up on the jacket head, were decorated with fir-tree branches and soot. Especially effectively boys who risked to exchange clothes with girls looked. While the children reincarnated, we prepared for the main event of day - to ritual of dedication in tourists...

Lesnoy an elixir

On the clearing hidden by bushes preparations were well under way: “made up“ Irina Mikhaelovna and prepared “a fiery elixir of the tourist“ (a Pepsi bottle - Coca, a floor of a pack of salt and a package of ketchup). According to the recipe it was necessary to add there still “a little road dust“, but decided everything - to take pity on children. When all our “oboznatushka“ were assembled, we declared an exit of “the forest fairy“. Under a general laughter Irina Mikhaelovna wrapped in a cover with fir-tree branches and “a fighting coloring“ marched along a system and delivered the following speech:“ I, the empress 8 - B of a class, the hostess of the first office, the tamer of “obtuse angles“ and “fragmentary sneakers“ this significant day rule: to enjoy this fiery forest elixir of the tourist what life in a campaign would not seem sweet. To be amicable, accurate tourists in nature. To begin ritual of dedication!“ After that each “devoted“ received on a spoon of “fiery drink“. Yes, not sweet, it appeared, to be a tourist...

At a fire

A here and marching porridge appeared in time. We therefore porridge was cooked in a bucket did not manage to find a big copper. But in due form: millet, with stewed meat, eggs and the real smoke of a fire. The got hungry tourists, rattling bowls, queued. The first portion was “ground“ in only a few seconds. The additive was eaten already slowly, having seated around a fire and exchanging impressions. And we entertained children baizes from a camp life and made laugh with tourist phrases it seems “the average microbe reaches the bread falling to the ground in 7 seconds“. And then began to play in a danetka. This amusing game not only cheerful entertainment. It makes active creative thinking. So, the leader tells some situation. For example, such:“ One person lived on 10 - m the floor. Every time, coming back home, it rose on the elevator to 8 - go the floor, and walked further. Why?“ Now players try to find out missing information and to guess a situation. For this purpose they ask questions to the leader which that can answer only:“ Yes“, “No“, “Does not matter“ or “An incorrect question“ (if it is impossible to answer a question yes, is not present). Game continues until someone from players does not clear a situation. And the answer is extremely simple. This person of very low growth (options: the dwarf, the child) also does not reach the button of the tenth floor.

If you want to try to play

this cheerful game, here to you to start several “children`s“ situations too - riddles.

... And then time to gather in a way back came, but children elicited at us an hour more to play some game which is thought up by them, like “Summer lightning“ from our pioneer past. Each team hid the card in the secluded place, leaving in different places of a note - hints. While the children drove on the wood in search of cards, we discussed a possibility of the real multi-day campaign with all class. Dedication in tourists has to have the logical continuation...