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Completeness is an advantage of

Certainly, any stout woman wants to look more slender, undersized - to seem higher. And still there is a wish to put on himself something superfashionable, even despite of that, there is to you this thing or not. How to coordinate together fashion and features of a figure? We asked such question the member of the Union of designers fashion designer Olga MOISEENKO. At the recent exhibition “Buy the Russian“ at the All-Russia Exhibition Centre Olga was awarded by the medal “Gold Sirin“ of the I degree.

Me is often asked: “How the fashion and style are combined?“ Style is broader concept, than fashion. Style - not just design of clothes, is first of all harmony with itself. Both the manner of behavior, and a way of life enter concept of style. Style is more intuition, than following to certain canons.

Someone from the famous couturiers told

so:“ The big woman can look elegantly only when does not try all means to show that she is thin“. Completeness is not a shortcoming. On the contrary, ladies with curvy shapes often have the mass of advantages: they have a sweet soft temper, beautiful expressive eyes, fine velvety skin... It is much more important, than a slim figure.

Earlier the opinion that to look more harmonous, it is necessary to carry black existed, it is dark - blue or brown clothes. And all stout women put on equally. Actually absolutely to anything “to plunge into a gloom“. On the contrary, put on something from light light chiffon, and you will become similar to the weightless flying butterfly. In the next several years bright colors will not get out of fashion.

the Fashion on a product form, a silhouette, large women has to concern

a little. Pay attention to popular fabrics, accessories, details better. Today, for example, cuffs, scarves, collars are fashionable. For large women they have to be large too.

be not afraid to use bright details: ruches, jabot. Now accessories from fur are very actual. We in the last collection used this material not only it is traditional for finishing of a bottom, a collar, but sewed from fur even ties. The dress with fur finishing creates effect of high cost, chic.

the Full figure can be hidden only under free clothes. It is desirable that it (clothes) was multilayered.

the Bottom of a suit can be any: the fitting brilliant trousers, a knitted skirt or a flared skirt... The main thing that area of a waist and hip were covered with a jacket.

of the Woman is had very much complex for some reason concerning the small growth. And men of such love. However, if all of you - are persistent in desire to seem higher, wear shoes on a platform, long dresses, clothes in a vertical strip. Only keep in mind if you cannot brag of a slender waist and you will put on at the same time a striped dress in covering, then you will look as a water-melon.

to Low ladies it is better for p to wear monophonic clothes. Suits with contrast top and a bottom as if break a figure in two, from it growth seems even less.

, here, grant

As for legs, better than the heroine Leah Akhedzhakova from the movie “Office romance“ you will not tell:“ Ugly legs need to be hidden“. And it is unimportant under what: under a long skirt or under trousers.

the Thin long neck can be surrounded closely with the collar adjoining to it. Short - on the contrary, a collar which is a little removed from it at the same time it is better if the blouse or a jacket are not buttoned on couple of top buttons. The massive neck more others suits a semi-rack with speakers sharp corners forward.

The more mysteriously the woman puts on, the more it is pleasant to an opposite sex. Uncertainty attracts men. Not without reason to them happens very difficult to describe appearance of the lady if that fascinated them. Most often in a similar situation they cannot even remember color of clothes in which it was.