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Bififormula of healthy digestion of

20 years ago the main problem of each Soviet person it was brave to stand in all queues got by it and in that that began to find scarce goods. Today the main scarce product among the Russian population by right is considered... time which, unfortunately, you will not buy in a supermarket and you will not find in the catalog of fashionable novelties of a season. Of course, many find free minute, saving on the solution of some pressing problems, but there are affairs, being urgent. And, first of all, it is measures for strengthening of health - yours and your family.

you, probably, are surprised to

, having learned that someone saves time and means and on it. But the facts and statistics say that they to 70% of the population of the globe suffer from dysbacteriosis - the main certificate of an inattention to problems of own health. The improper and unbalanced feeding, intestinal infections and, strangely enough, medicinal therapy - but such are the main reasons for dysbacteriosis that with ease it is possible to call it “anti-treatment“: irrational and unreasonable application of antibiotics, preparations of poor quality or too big dosages.

to what dysbacteriosis can give

K, it is simple to guess: it work violations zheludochno - an intestinal path, fast fatigue, frequent headaches, colds, troubles from urinogenital system … Consequences of violation of a ratio between quantity of normal and pathogenic bacteria in intestines are that.

How not to fall a victim of dysbacteriosis, and especially its consequences? You watch closely the daily diet and a diet of members of your family: dairy and fermented milk products, fresh fruit and greens have to enter it. Always you remember that uncontrollable reception of antibiotic preparations can harmful affect yours health.

Begin with

application of the pro-biotic preparation “Bifiform“ ®, developed by the Danish druggists. It will eliminate dysbacteriosis and its unpleasant manifestations. Efficiency of this preparation consists that live bacteria - a probiotics on the basis of which “Bifiform“ ® is created, getting into intestines, are densely attached to its walls, thereby without leaving the place to harmful bacteria.

It is well-known that prevention and treatment of dysbacteriosis at children require more careful attention. Therefore provident Danes considered features of a children`s organism and created the special preparation “Bifiform Malysh“ ® which contains bacteria - a probiotics of LGG and BB - 12 and vitamins of group B. The tasty “Bifiform Malysh“ who is issued in the form of chewable tablets and powders ® for certain will be pleasant to your child. And what can be better than connection “useful“ and “pleasant“?

Needed only to add

that the spring which is solemnly striding nowadays worldwide is, first of all, a signal that now it is especially important to protect and strengthen health of all family, without shelving it.