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In total in your hands or Self-massage for persons interested to grow thin

After an exit of the first part of the article “Suit or how to Grow Thin to the Feeding Mother“ I began to receive by e-mail of the letter to share a technique of carrying out self-massage with a request. Several months I honestly responded to letters, and, at last, decided to tell about this equipment to all and at once.

I Will begin

with the fact that this technique was described in the Rabotnitsa magazine in 1991. My mother tested her in due time, and was very happy with result. Mother`s girlfriends, having inspired with the seen result, followed its example. But they were comprehended by disappointment - being engaged from time to time, without system and half-heartedly, it is difficult to achieve whatever that was effect. From here the main rule follows - it is regularly necessary to be engaged, it is desirable, twice a day, lasting not less than 10 minutes in a row.

at the beginning of 90 - x anti-cellulite creams on sale were not, massage became “nasukhy“. My personal experience showed that by means of anti-cellulite massage cream the effect can be strengthened. Only the suitable consistence needs to choose cream, rather dense and fat, absorbed not at once. I liked cream of firms Kliven, Faberlik. In turn to strengthen effect of cream, it is necessary once a day, for example, before an evening session of self-massage to use a body scrub. As a srub the natural coffee thick perfectly approaches. Or sea salt which can be used 1 - 2 time a week. Salt (large, it is desirable, without dye and fragrance) mixes up with olive oil or just gets divorced water. The received mix is pounded by roundabouts and washed away.

a self-massage performance Technique

Massage is carried out by

standing. Muscles of a press have to be strained as only fatty tissue, but not internals is massed.

  1. Stroking. To stroke a stomach clockwise two hands, one brush on another. Then also to stroke a waist from sides and a hip. To execute 10 - 12 times.
  2. Razminaniye`s
  3. of fatty tissue on a stomach. To delay slightly fatty fold fingers of both hands on the right under edges. To Proshchipat it from right to left and back, rather strongly. To advance fingers small steps. To do on a stomach of 5 rows from top to bottom. Then it is easy to stroke a stomach.
  4. Grinding of fatty tissue down. Slightly to squeeze brushes in fists and to put them nearby on a stomach bones to a stomach. Bones to pound a stomach the strong movements up down as on a washing board, gradually advancing from right to left and back. To pass 5 times. To stroke.
  5. Grinding of fatty tumors on edges under a breast across. To connect hands under a breast. Bones to pound fatty tumors, moving horizontally 10 - 20 times. Then to transfer hands to a back and to pound fatty tumors on a back. To stroke.
  6. Grinding of area of a basin and hips. To carry out grinding by fists roundabouts. Then the movements to promassirovat hips only up. On 20 - 30 times. To stroke.
  7. Knocking down of fatty tissue on a stomach. To squeeze brushes in a fist and to put nearby on the right. Bones of both hands at the same time to force down a fatty fold. In one point to strike 5 times, advancing brushes vertically down. To make 4 - 5 passes down - up. To stroke.
  8. Pokolachivaniye`s
  9. of all otmassirovanny areas of a body the hands which are slightly squeezed in a fist.
  10. Razminaniye`s
  11. of all otmassirovanny parts within a minute. Then to stroke.
offers to execute

After massage several exercises on an extension.

  1. Inclinations back. Standing, resting hands against a waist, pruzhinno rocking, to be curved back. To detain most long situation. Then to be curved forward. To be late. To repeat 5 times.
  2. Inclinations aside. To rise, legs together, hands over the head in the lock. To bend aside, to be late as far as possible. The same in other party. To execute 5 times.
  3. Costing
  4. , hands to link behind the back. To bend forward to feeling of stretching of a back surface of a hip. To be late. 5 times.
  5. to Rise a back to a wall at distance of a small step, a leg at shoulder length, hands before a breast palms forward. With turn it is dense to palm to drive into the corner at the level of shoulders to the right, without tearing off heels from a floor. To hold stretching. The same in other party. To execute 5 times.

my mother observed all instructions exactly - in - exactly. I replaced the offered gymnastics with exercises from a kallanetika. Kallanetika is based on “streyching“ (the same extensions) and static exercises which cause activity of deeply located muscular groups. It is considered that 1 school hours kallanetiky give to an organism the loading equal to 7 hours of shaping or 24 - m to hours of aerobics. I decided to be limited for 10 minutes a day as, in - the first, simple arithmetics inspires optimism - 4 hours of aerobics a day are something! And in - the second, excessive loadings can bother very quickly, and all undertakings risk to be ruined on a root.

of All in a kallanetika about 30 main exercises exist. Here some of them:

  1. Become straight and place legs (not more widely, than on 35 cm). Raise hands up and you hold so highly as soon as perhaps. Pull in a stomach. Bend legs in knees and extend hands forward as though you want to get something. Bend down forward and hold on minute in such situation. To make 5 times.
  2. Exercise for a waist. Legs are slightly placed. The right hand is extended up, left - on outer side of the left leg (not on a hip!) . With the maximum force of which you are only capable extend the right side of a body and a hand up. Buttocks are strained. Be late in this position and only in a minute incline the left shoulder, as far as possible, to the left side. Execute 100 times inclinations with an amplitude in several centimeters (on 50 to the left and to the right).
  3. Strengthening of a humeral belt. Having become straight, raise hands in the parties to shoulder height and turn palms up. Without effort take away hands back, as if wishing to connect shovels. Smoothly move shoulders, without bending elbows. Do this exercise of 100 times.
  4. Exercise for a neck. Get up in situation “legs at shoulder length“, having relaxed shoulders. The stomach is pulled in, buttocks are strained, a chin on a breast. From this position very slowly and softly translate the head to the right, extending at the same time a chin up. Hold on in this position, having counted to five then smoothly return to an intermediate position and slowly translate the head to the left. Execute on 5 times in both directions.
  5. Lay down on a floor. Legs are bent in knees and slightly placed. With a force “press“ a back into a floor. Grasp with palms inside of hips. Raise the head forward, tearing off shoulders from a floor. At the same time you watch that the part of a backbone - from shovels down - densely adjoined to a floor. In this situation transfer an upper body back to 10 - 15 cm. The movements have to be free and slow. The head is directed up all the time. Execute three times and have a rest in a position lying. Repeat several times.

I will make a reservation At once that this fitness - the technique will demand many efforts. Not without reason, Americans nicknamed her “gymnastics of inconvenient poses“.

A however, it is unimportant whether you will choose the line of least resistance or decide to train the will power. The main thing, begin to do something already today, and the result will not keep itself waiting long. Good luck!