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``By the way, it I give birth, but not Malinin!``

Having read several stories on your website, I decided to tell the. All women with pleasure tell about how they gave birth. Most likely because to men, strong - that to a floor, there is nothing to tell on the matter. Well function of a child-bearing is not put in them! As in the cheap mobile phone many functions in comparison with fancy are not put...

Only do not think that I hate men. Though I had feeling of hatred to one of them at the time of delivery. Moreover, it was not the mere mortal, and... singer Alexander Malinin.

So, February, 1989, maternity hospital No. 5 of of N. I lie, exhausted with fights, in prenatal chamber. The body is covered with a perspiration, the right hand is not mobile - in a vein a needle from a dropper. The left hand convulsively squeezes a sheet. Sil is enough only for quietly to groan.

the Door of chamber is open for

, and in a corridor someone`s female voice greedily tells about a concert of A. Malinin very popular at that time who made happy with the performance our city.

- Malinin speaks... And Malinin so looked... Malinin turned... Malinin started singing, - enthusiastic words reach me, merging in my obscured consciousness in some infinite and deafeningly loud chirping: “Ma - whether - Ning! Ma - whether - Ning! Ma - whether - Ning!“

I want to close ears or to close a door, but I cannot make either that, or another. It is necessary only to hate the innocent singer quietly.

At last the doctor - the pleasant young woman enters. I meet her by hardly audible, indignant monologue:

- all of you forgot about me... You threw me one here... You speak only about Malinin... By the way, it I give birth, but not Malinin!

the Doctor laughs and says that nobody threw me, all under control, everything goes according to the plan.

By the way, then it came to me quite often, sat down on a bed, calmed me and even tenderly ironed my hand, sentencing:

- Suffer

, my good... Everything will be normal!

It is valid, childbirth took place successfully. However, the daughter whom now 17 years, A. Malinina, and at the same time and his son Nikita hates. It is not necessary to blame her. It at it congenital:-).