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Diving for children in the pool ``Olympic``. Interview with the trainer.

Morning of Monday - it is heavy... Even if for you this morning begins with sport, but not with the computer monitor at office. Adult uncles and aunts are engaged in sport, including, and in hopping section of the pool “Olympic“. Having collected the will power which weakened for days off in a fist, they go along long corridors and ladders who in a gym who on aerobics who to the pool... And suddenly, you hear as on booming ladder flights gets closer to you something comes nearer absolutely other - some small hurricane. Shouts, squeals, a topotok of small legs - and here, the multi-colored flock of kids of kindergarten age following somewhere out of limits of your poor topographical knowledge about sport center “Olympic“ by rushes. These children are little jumpers... Jumpers, in sense, in water, but not just jumping children. Though, of course, too you will not take away it from them. Several minutes later you can see also the trainer, often leading the small or the most scared or, simply, the brand new athlete on occupations... For those adults who have children, probably, there will be interestingly following interview with the coach of School of the Olympic reserve on MGFSO water sports - Gerasimov Evgeny Dmitriyevich.


, please, Evgeny Dmitriyevich from what age children can come to your school?

At first have some

about school. Classes in a diving take place on the basis of “Olympic village“ and sport center “Olympic“. In “Olympic village“ the leading diving coach is Vladimir Rulev who brought up a number of world champions and Olympic champions. In “Olympic“ such talented trainers as Shorin, Shorina, the senior trainer Kashtanov who managed to organize perfectly training process, both in the pool, and in the trampoline hall work. In the hall we go in for acrobatics, preparatory exercises on “a dry springboard“ and a trampoline, and, then, in the second part of training, we come to water. Here it is necessary to return back a little and to tell that, of course, if children are not able to float, then we train them, first of all, in swimming. When we are sure that children surely swim, we pass to educational and sports jumps on a springboard:“ tell-tales“ having bent forward, back, and, further, various “recessions“. These are “recessions“ forward sitting, standing having bent and so on. The same is back. All this is for children 2000 - 2001 year of birth.


That is it turns out 5 - 6 years?

Yes, of 6 years. The most small children. Officially we accept children from 6 years because trainings take place in the pool of 6 meters in depth and we bear full responsibility for safety of children. But, considering that our sport means early specialization, by way of exception, we accept also from earlier age. For this purpose it is necessary to write the application addressed to management for a consent of parents.

What parents have to do? To bring and take away? Who watches how children put on - undress, behind that they dried hair as it is necessary?

First of all, of course, occupations in the first year of training are directed to

to strengthening of health of children. It the pool - children sometimes are ill therefore all technique, all occupations in the first year of training are directed to strengthening health of children and to impart love to this sport. Therefore the first year - the most difficult year of training. Including for the trainer: children it is necessary to track as they put on as they undress, especially absolutely small... Children are children - they leave the pool, emotions are so splashed out from them that they forget about everything - are ready to jump out in one swimming trunks... And here it is necessary to track that also the head was dried, and behaved normally - around a tile, metal designs - that there was no traumatism! The safety measures here in the forefront have to be! Cases happen that children fall and suffer serious injuries and therefore all our efforts are directed to safety measures both on water, and on the land.

With girls it is slightly more difficult than

- I cannot come into a female locker room. We ask parents, mothers that they helped. They buy subscriptions and help at our request.

about how many years at you children are engaged in

A? There are schools where children are “conducted“ till 11 - 12 years and all... Further as you want.

Is not present

, at us not so. Here I to you give an example: Vera Ilyina began to be engaged with six-year age and up to 30 years. And for this period she two times won the Olympic Games, the World Cup, the European championship. Here present its evolution since the moment when it came to the pool and could not float and it taught to float, strengthened health and till the moment when she grew up in the magnificent sportswoman. And such there is a lot of.

, How many days in a week of training at small and at adults?

U small - three times in a week of training. In the morning with 9 to 11. These are 45 minutes - hour in the hall and the rest on water. Besides - catarrhal diseases. Therefore, we, of course, try to send more often them to a splash pool to get warm and limit stay wet on air because - a difference of temperatures.

Adult - depending on preparation level.“ Collections“ (entering the national team of Moscow) and, in general, all children of the first category above, are engaged daily. Before competitions - two times trainings optimum to prepare children. Here now at us there passed the championship of Moscow and our school acted very successfully: actually we took the first, second, third places. At the Russian competitions in synchronous jumps we won gold medals. There are silver, bronze medals. But it is children already 92 - 93 year of birth.

How many it is necessary to pay for training? Whether there are free groups for the “advanced“ children?

Those children who come to the level of sports group pay

purely symbolical sum - about 50 rubles a month. This money goes on prizes and medals for internal competitions; toys, chocolates as an incentive prize for the smallest. In general, all children pay from 100 rubles to 50 in a month. That is - it is not enough.


Is at reception selection on medical indications, according to physical data?

Yes, of course. Now, in general, it is very difficult to select children, full-fledged on physical development. It is a lot of weak children in sense of health. And very many parents bring children only with one purpose - to strengthen health and to teach to float. Here in what complexity! You work, year fulfilled - the child floats, ceases to be ill and... vanishes. Goes to karate, some other sports. And then appears through two - three years: “Oh, Evgeny Dmitriyevich! As we are glad you to see! We again to you...“ . And time - that is missed! We have an early specialization and if we do not achieve any results till 9 years, then... Here, for example, on the championship of Moscow now the child of the 97th year has to show result of the second, will approach the first category. It has to execute certain jumps at the good sports level. Therefore to children who lagged behind groups to make up for lost time already very much - very hard.

, How many now in Moscow of schools on a diving?

Three: Our school - MGSFO, CSKA school and Labor unions. But now everything will be reorganized! We close school, and then we clutch at the head. With pools the same situation. Here in Luzhniki there was a beautiful pool, there the tower was cleaned in general. In “Seagull“ - the outdoor pool - too now difficulties. The rent besides grew...


In what competitions children participate and whether is some summer camp, base?

Is, is, it is obligatory to eat. Well, here, across Moscow, different competitions are held: Timoshenina`s memories, championship of Moscow, championship of Moscow. We will see off and superiority of our school in the end of the year. On their results the assessment of our activity is made.

we Have a magnificent base in Chekhov. Permits literally cost kopeks: we paid something about 1000 rubles in 21 or 24 days. The grant goes from our school. Four times food, and it what is not present in one other camp - at very high level!

the Last question - concerning traumatism. Injuries are how frequent?

Oh! It is a sore point! We watch children, but, unfortunately, injuries happen.

They are during a jump or more likely because what it is small children?

Is not present

, it is rather from the fact that small children: turn, spin, run... You understand, we cannot “growl“ on children all the time. We explain: “It is impossible to run, climb only steps, around it is slippery and it is possible to slip...“ . Of course, the strict attitude towards children is required from the teacher.

A during a jump?

Happens, happens... But, it is errors in equipment. Happens, and hit against a springboard. But it not only children! Here, at the Olympic Games in Lugano. Olympic champion! American. During a jump fights the head about a springboard! Sixteen seams imposed, but he won the Olympic Games - became the champion. Nobody is insured. Even on the street children and adults fall. Of course, we watch it, we try to avoid.

A happens what the child ceases to be engaged just because is afraid? Is afraid of height?


Well, all children pass through this stage - fear. Here it is necessary to be also the psychologist a little bit. In relation to the child. One it is possible - so - the strong-willed decision to put on a springboard, and he will jump, and another it is necessary gingerbread... Because many children - house. Here - the grandmother costs. The first time it could not tear off from itself the child - there was a hysterics. And now he already and the grandmother does not notice! Everything depends on our approach, a technique, on literacy. And parents sometimes adjust: “Oh, here six meters of depth! You do not get into the water at once, do not jump!“. We and with parents lead explanatory discussions... We bear full responsibility for safety of the child.

in conclusion of the reporting - phone of school: 912 72 68

the Director - Vasilchenko Olga Ivanovna.

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