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The friend (how to feed unexpected guests) whether

Should tell a call: if you have friends, they sometimes come to visit you. And the rare guest appears in the house with the purpose to feed the owner...

One my friend, the fairy, always comes with exotic fruit, tea and cookies from “Foshon“. Then two days do not getting hungry - is full feelings. Such guests should be collected, cared, cherished and it is desirable to turn into members of household. But it from the section “obvious-improbable“. We should deal with “probable - indispensable“, and laws of this dear transfer are similar to Murphy`s laws. According to them if the mouse hung herself at an entrance to your apartment, without having reached the refrigerator, the grocery store in the house was remade in a casino, and the salary already told the last “forgive“, - wait for guests.

Still scientists did not invent such nice bags which need to be put only in a microwave, and from them - bang! - at once pies with cabbage, a turkey with chestnuts and “Napoleon“ turn out. At the same time the guest went not gluttonous as a locust, and legible. Earlier, happened that on a table you will throw - everything will destroy. Sprats? - Give sprats! Porridge from a yesterday`s side? - Without fail! Green onions pies on 7 kopeks? - Perfectly, pies! And now?

Try to weld

to them heartily pelmeni from a pack - so they will eat pelmeni (with sour cream), but will take offense and mumpish will leave. Will consider that you respect them a little. Also will be partly right. Because for the sake of friends it is possible to include in itself the best: ingenuity and sober calculation.

So, we have: a) a call of friends with the message on fast arrival; b) the kitchen which is not burdened with stocks; c) from 30 to 60 minutes on preparation.

On - rich

If the situation allows to be thrown by the small sum of money, then the puzzle in the eyes turns into the elementary equation: 2ő2=1400. Because it is less, than you do not keep within 50 dollars. On this money it is possible to buy gradually the Mediterranean snack lovely to heart: qualitative olives and olives, Parma ham, good cheeses, grapes, pears and melon. Beautifully you cut, you give - and thus immediately you promote occurrence of general happiness: capitalist, but dullish.

On - poor man`s

the Best food of poor people of the whole world - rice. Unlike a tyura or a hominy rice is always noble, be it a pudding, risotto or just a garnish. It is possible to represent from rice a ceremonial dinner for small money easily and easy. You fry any vegetables (the more different, the better) cut in cubes, circles and strips on strong fire, you flavor with seasonings and you mix with ready rice. If there are mushrooms, do not forget also about them. Very much impresses when rice cooks with a turmeric - as a result to color vegetables increases brightly - yellow color of grains.


to Preparation of other cheap product - macaroni - devoted volumes. And the majority of recipes take away from you no more than 20 minutes. I very much liked one such recipe of paste, economic from all points of view (to the rich there is only a taste), with lemon sauce. It requires equal amount of olive oil and polished firm cheese, 2 lemons and a pack of spaghetti. It is necessary to remove a dried peel from lemons - by means of a small grater, and then to squeeze out juice; small to grate cheese, to mix carefully with oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper. To fill in ready spaghetti with the turned-out sauce and to strew with a dried peel. Voila!

On - simple

One of the easiest and original ways to feed small crowd of the people, using achievements of system of a public catering, is to force them to feed itself independently. Having provided with ingredients necessary for this purpose. Your efforts in such format are minimized. You should buy only steam of hens - a grill; pita (on two on each guest) or a thin Armenian unleavened wheat cake which often is on sale together with hens is a lot of flat cakes; cucumbers; tomatoes; white cabbage; a different green salad more sauces - from soy to “Thousands of islands“. Will fit, in principle, even mayonnaise with ketchup.

Further you do

here that: you separate chicken meat from bones and you cut small pieces. If time has enough, and guests differ in love to own waist, can separately skin and cut. Cucumbers - small you chop tomatoes, you slice cabbage, you tear salad hands. You display everything on different pans and you expose them on a table; you have a row pans - small bottles with sauces and you put the mountain of flat cakes. Guests fly also turn the improvised shawarma.

Of course, owners of the imagination should not limit themselves to the list given above. At you in pans mushrooms, olives, polished or thinly planed cheese, a notorious tuna from a jar or crabsticks, several types of haricot can quite lie. The main thing to provide to guests free approach to a table (that in an agiotage they did not demolish a grandmother`s antiquarian vase) and unlimited number of big multilayered napkins. The last can quite replace plates - that will significantly facilitate the hostess`s life when the holiday leaves the house, having left instead of themselves mountains of garbage, but not dirty and beaten ware.

the Following cunning cunning suits only those who live not far from the centers of a civilization. In these centers people usually leave the subway or trolleybuses after the long road, tired and hungry. And they are already waited by infrastructure. It - that also needs to use. No, I do not suggest you to buy jotas - mastiffs for all company. And here baked potato - I offer. Without stuffings. Potato usually remains hot - if not to cut it - about half an hour more. And house to it it is possible to do minutes for fifteen any stuffings: bacon with onions to fry, cheese with garlic to rub, red caviar with it is red - white fish to lay out in a crystal pan, green onions in sour cream to crumble. Yes you never know options? Some, for example, love eggplant caviar and cod liver. I cannot condemn them.

If you live far from the centers of a civilization, can bake potato, in a foil. A problem only that it is baked minutes 30 - 40 (depending on the size) - and all this time you should distract friends jokes and humourous catchphrases. And it is, you see, not a dinner already joint, and the devil - those that.



  • Potatoes with mushrooms and a thyme
  • Sweet pepper, marinated with a citrus
  • Sheep cheese with greens and olive oil
  • Spicy chicken with vegetables and a peanut
  • of the Shrimp with a tomato and white wine
  • Bloody Mary Soup
  • Snack from olives, marinated gherkins and almonds
  • Fried bananas with cream

On - fresh

The closer to summer, the more abruptly tomatoes. Or on the contrary, more softly? Generally, more tasty. From tomatoes very fast snack under the name salsa turns out. For example, it is possible to chop tomatoes, having previously sadistically deprived of them skin, to add a sweet bulb, slightly - slightly garlic, cilantro and to steam of multi-colored pepper. It is desirable that occurred among them some Chile. All this should be chopped, mixed, filled with the vegetable (preferably not refined) oil, salt - pepper and a tax - only not as salad, and as sauce to chips. Ideally it have to be chips corn, but they not in each booth will be found. So also potato will approach - if only were big and strong. Small and crumbling much you will not scoop.

Salsa will turn out practically from any fresh vegetables. Avocado very much likes to participate, in the company with lemon juice and green onions. Cucumbers wish too - with parsley, fennel and garlic... And it is possible to scoop them the mass of improvised objects. Much more fine than chips, for example, the thin slices of bread dried in a toaster or in an oven and oiled by olive.

On - bird`s

the Omelette for some reason is considered food exclusively house, and mainly morning. What delusion! There is nothing better, than fried eggs on six people made on an enormous frying pan with use as it is possible bigger amount of ingredients! Eggs - that will be in any shop. And stuffing...

we Will go from simple to difficult: the fried or blanched potatoes slices with greens; tomatoes, onions and garlic; ham and sweet pepper; spinach, pine nuts and firm cheese; green peas, zucchini and broccoli; four types of cheese (Dore - blyu, suluguni, emmental and sausage); asparagus and artichokes; smoked humpback salmon and red caviar. Unlike a usual family omelet it is only better to roast guest option on a plate, and to bring to readiness already in an oven. Improbable effect the stuffings broken atop give quail eggs. The food somehow comes to life at once, winks and literally asks for a mouth.

On - sweet

Happens, polite guests bring with themselves something to tea. Store cakes replaced house desserts recently. Look nicely, are on sale everywhere and round the clock, have claims for ease and low-caloric content... But I do not eat them. To me it is unappetizing. I in this sense the awful snob. All it seems to me that the store cake on a table automatically turns the house into branch of office.

an opportunity to make quite decent dessert for very short time Is. The same fruit salad from any nuts and fruit found nearby (including dried fruits which need to be filled in with boiled water with addition of alcohol for 10 - 15 minutes). From above salad is decorated with the whipped cream turning concourse of vitamins B a holiday for every day... And the most usual creamy ice cream to which it is possible to give pieces of a fruit candy, chocolate, nuts, candied fruits and berries from jam! Not much more time will occupy production of elegant similarity of cherry pie. I tell.


tinned cherry in light syrup, cookies (any crackling oil), butter, orange, whipped cream or vanilla ice cream. Sugar and spices as it is supposed, at you will be. An operations procedure is as follows: at first pour out from banks with cherry a half of syrup and evaporate it in a saucepan on slow fire half. While it is evaporated, in a big bowl mix cherry, the kindled oil (3 - 4 tablespoons), the dried peel erased from orange is a little favourite spices (cardamom, nutmeg, etc) and sugar to taste. Add the evaporated syrup and properly mix.

Lay out the formed mix in a heat resisting form. Place cookies in a plastic bag and beat off it something heavy. Or roll a rolling pin - that it crumbled. Choose the size of a crumb: you can pieces, and you can and to turn into dust. Strew with cookies cherry and send in warmed to 180? About an oven for about twenty minutes until the gurgling dish becomes covered by a brownish crust. This improbable beauty can be given hot, warm or cold. According to ice cream, sour cream with sugar and the same whipped cream.

On - homyakovsk

If you already had an experience unexpectedly - negadanny arrival of guests, now you for certain have an emergency ration in a deep freeze and a bedside table. Or prikosnovenny, but constantly renewed.

the Frozen vegetables and dishes. In our educated century it is the most saving of all substances. Their variety impresses. For especially lazy there are already ready a paella, shrimps on - Chinese and naz goreng... But I nevertheless prefer to poizobrazhat before guests the chief - cooks. To take a little bit from one bag, a little bit from another, to strew with that, to mix with it, to steam of drops of that is another... My first-aid set for treatment for hunger at the most inappropriate moment contains: corn, peas, broccoli, spinach, mushrooms - and puff pastry. Simple configuration of these ingredients at addition of couple of eggs which are shaken up with milk and a spoon of flour gives the finely vegetarian kish. And it is possible even to cook soup!

Opening a bedside table, you always have to see couple of grades of macaroni, rice and flour. In its canning office different grades of haricot, an olive - olives, a tuna and the chopped tomatoes in own juice are welcomed. With such backs the enemy to you is not terrible, and the friend - especially.