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The strong hysterics of

How to give vent to the collected tension and without problems to endure a nervous breakdown?

is Told by the privately practicing educational psychologist from Arkhangelsk Lidiya Nikolaevna Titova.

Why the hysterics happens?

of the Hysteric happens not at each person. This explosion of emotions is peculiar, as a rule, to creative and irritable people. The hysterics arises to give vent to tension. Usually it collects rather long time. The person keeps external calm for a long time, adequately behaves. And then once there is a failure, and the hysterics begins.

the Reason of a hysterics. Especially brightly it is shown at small children. At early age they are not able to operate the desires yet.

Sometimes the hysterics can be caused by unexpected strong experience that happens in difficult vital circumstances. Often from own powerlessness and impossibility to change something.

How to help itself? to

When - to pass a situation through. In other words, it is not necessary to exhaust the hysterics inside and to suppress in itself emotions. It is better to splash out them and, figuratively speaking “to enjoy the hysterics“. That is it is necessary to be discharged up to the end.

Another matter if the hysterics is close, but does not have it for the present. In that case it is necessary to switch, try to be distracted by something. The rule here such is - than is stronger internal tension, especially the way of derivation has to be powerful.

If was to


Surrounding people are able to help a beginner “to explode“ to the person too. The main thing - is correct to work.

needs to switch by

its attention. An effective way - by means of a slap in the face. However here it is necessary to be very careful and to work proceeding from a concrete situation and the identity of the person. It is necessary to treat a situation quietly and not to become angry. It works on fallen into a hysterics soothingly. In certain cases someone can be helped by a method of “reciprocal aggression“.

at the same time observing a hysterics the attack has to try to represent

. Such pseudo-hysterics distracts attention, and the person quickly calms down. Happens that the situation is too unpleasant also you already hardly constrain yourself. In that case it is possible to apply a way of “the Chinese mirror“. Repeat for shouting all its actions. Your task - to show it as it looks from outside when so behaves. Especially it helps with children. The child quickly calms down and with curiosity looks at you. During emotional explosion let`s not to allow to the person do much harm to yourself and the rest.

If you see that it is close to inadequate actions, it is necessary to interfere: to secure itself and “hysteric“. Clean from its field of vision dangerous and heavy objects - knives, forks, screw-drivers, figurines.

If rebelled small weight, it is possible to carry it in a bathroom and to put under a shower. Or to put to his temples cold - ice, the frozen berries or fruit. To splash in a face of cold water. Cooling not only gives the chance to distract from the events. It slows down reactions and consequently, constrains emotions.

If the hysterics happened to the small child of the house, then such option comes to the rescue: the child shouts, and you beat yourself.

Thereby you show

how his behavior is painful to you. Usually the child at the first moment is surprised after this he starts feeling sorry for you.

What to do after a hysterics?

Most of people after emotional splash feel

devastated and lost. “Having recovered consciousness“ often hardly understand that they did. Many do not remember that they did and as behaved at this time.

When the hysterics will end with

, be not indignant with behavior of the person, do not remind him of what occurred. If necessary give it a demulcent - infusion of a hawthorn or several drops of tincture of a pustyrnik. It is possible to give to drink him warm tea. And after that to put to bed.