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Separate food of

by the Author of this method is considered to the French nutritionist Michel Montinyak whose ideas developed also other nutritionists. The basic principle of separate food consists that by drawing up a diet it is necessary to consider compatibility of separate products at digestion. According to the theory of separate food, products, protein-rich (the containing over 10% of proteins), and the products rich with carbohydrates (over 20%), it is necessary to use not at the same time, and with a time interval 4 - 5 hours, but not less than 2 hours. It is very important for ensuring normal work of digestive organs and a metabolism. The reason is that for digestion of proteins and carbohydrates various conditions and various time are required for an organism. Splitting of carbohydrates requires the alkaline environment, for the proteolysis - sour. Processing of carbohydrates demands smaller amount of time, than the proteolysis. Therefore if we at the same time eat the food containing many proteins and carbohydrates then some of these substances will be acquired worse. The undigested remains of food, accumulating in a thick gut, under certain conditions can become the reason of a number of diseases including locks.

To products, protein-rich, belong: meat, fish, an offal, eggs, low-fat dairy products, bean, nuts, etc.

To the products rich with carbohydrates, belong: bread, flour, grain, pasta, potatoes, sugar, etc.

the Idea of separate food is stated to

in Montinyak`s book “Eat to grow thin“. Main idea of the book: the eaten products influence sugar level in blood (glycemia). From the processed refined products the amount of sugar in blood sharply “jumps up“, the pancreas is forced to excrete a lot of insulin - hormone which provides processing of carbohydrates, - and to store surplus in the form of fat, and gland at the same time wears out. It needs rest - food with a low glycemic index, or low content of easily digested carbohydrates. If in a diet there are such products (and it is first of all the natural products rich with cellulose and natural carbohydrates), then a glycemia low, the pancreas excretes a little insulin, fat is dissolved and the person loses weight.

the Method of disposal of excess weight offered by Montinyak consists of two phases: phases of loss of weight and phase of stabilization of weight. The first phase lasts so much time how many it is necessary to reach ideal weight (the ideal weight on this system is calculated according to a body weight index). And the second can constantly last; it will allow you to keep a form.

the first phase reusable food with a certain set of products for each meal is obligatory for

In .

the Breakfast has to be dense, contain proteins and carbohydrates with a cellulose quantity. For example: bread from coarse flour with skim cheese or yogurt. Sugar and oil are forbidden.

Still option: to fill in oat flakes with skim milk. It is possible to add jam or jam, but not sugar.

the Second breakfast should not contain carbohydrates. It is possible to eat cheese, cottage cheese, ham. An ideal dish - couple of light-boiled eggs or fried eggs.

Lunch: crude vegetables salad (in it there should not be potatoes, corn, carrots or beet at all), and also any fish, even in oil, eggs, meat, a bird.

Afternoon snack: cheese without bread and yogurt or cottage cheese.

the Dinner
is allowed by

two types:

  1. of Belkovo - lipidic. It is possible to eat fish, the I bird, mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, cheese, vegetable soup, eggs. It is impossible: meat, sausages.
  2. Belkovo`s
  3. - carbohydrate: consists generally of carbohydrates. In it there should not be fats. It is possible to eat eggplants, tomatoes, a green salad, a cauliflower, skim cheese.

can Drink not carbonated mineral water and green tea.

the Basic principles of food in to the second phase:

  1. Sometimes can allow a combination of carbohydrates to fats, but then it is necessary to accompany food with cellulose, for example salad.
  2. to Refuse sugar, honey, jam and candies. To use sakharozamenitel. It is possible to eat chocolate, water-ices, ice cream and whipped cream, but not to abuse them.
  3. to Continue to eat with
  4. at breakfast bread from coarse flour. At dinner and a dinner it is possible to eat cheese.
  5. to Avoid some sauces or to be convinced that in them there is no flour.
  6. to Replace butter with vegetable margarine.
  7. to Drink milk with low interest of fat content.
  8. more fish, than meat Is.
  9. not to drink sparkling drinks, Coca and lemonades; to drink coffee only without caffeine.

Thus, separate food in general is even not a diet which is provided on certain (short or long) the period, is a power supply system. Unlike other diets, it is allowed to eat practically everything: meat, fish, eggs, cheese and other dairy products, animal fats and vegetable oils, bread, macaroni, grain, etc. It is only necessary to know how it is correct to combine them to neutralize their harmful properties and to strengthen useful.

the Predicted result: thanks to fast passing of compatible products on a digestive tract in an organism processes of fermentation and rotting do not happen that reduces his intoxication. The result of such way of weight loss, as a rule, happens rather resistant, especially if to use it constantly.

Shortcomings: for following to this system the special way of life and will power are required. To get used to the principles of separate food by much it is difficult, and though the organism receives all substances necessary for normal functioning, many hunger.

Glycemic indexes of products
Carbohydrates with a high glycemic index Carbohydrates with a low glycemic index
Sugar 100 Bread from whole flour (otrubny) 50
Baked potatoes 95 Dark rice 50
Fried potatoes 95 Basmati rice 50
Starch 95 Tinned peas 50
Mashed potatoes 90 of Spaghetti from whole flour 50
Potato chips 90 Spaghetti 45
Honey 85 Fresh peas 40
the Hamburger 85 Wheat porridge 40
Boiled carrots 85 Oat-flakes 40
Popcorn 85 of Spaghetti from whole grain 40
Rice cake 85 Haricot 40
Popped rice 85 Freshly cooked fruit juice without sugar 40
Boiled beans 80 Black (rye) bread 40
Pumpkin 75 the Fig, dried apricots 35
the Water-melon 75 the Indian corn 35
Sugar (sucrose) 70 Wild rice 35
White loaf (baguette) 70 Crude carrots 30
the Refined sweet grain (porridge) 70 Dairy products 30
Milk chocolate 70 Dried peas 30
Boiled potatoes 70 Brown or yellow lentil 30
of the Stake, soda 70 the Turkish peas 30
Cookies 70 Fresh fruit 30
Corn, maize 70 Green peas 30
White rice 70 Soy vermicelli 30
Vermicelli, noodles 70 Fruit jelly (jam) without sugar 22
Potatoes in a uniform 65 Green lentil 22
Raisin 65 Peas - a sechka 22
Beet 65 Dark chocolate (cocoa not less than 70%) 22
Sweet preservatives 65 Fructose 20
Semolina 60 Soy,
Long-grain rice 60 Apricots 15
of Spaghetti 55 Green vegetables, tomatoes, eggplants, zucchini, garlic, onions and so forth 15

the Comment of the doctor - Alyona Kudryavtseva

I Will begin a peanut with 15, strangely enough, with the end, that is with the last phrase: the feeling of hunger really arises, but lasts not for long and, as a rule, passes through 1 - 2 weeks after the beginning of such diet. I tell it not only as the doctor, but also as the person who tested such type of food. But you get used to have breakfast (getting hungry), and many have not breakfast as there is no appetite in the morning, often load of a digestive tract with the undigested food eaten the night before is the reason of what.

Disputes on separate food as about the most organic for the person are conducted by

long ago. Our ancestors could hardly eat 4 - 5 times a day and they ate, judging by recipes of the last centuries, mixing proteins, fats and carbohydrates and, without knowing practically anything about advantage of vegetable oil, generously flavored food creamy... However here is small “but“: processes of a rafinization of products (their clarification from ballast, that is celluloses) everything went and reached the apogee exactly presently. Thus, our products are not similar to those which were several centuries ago.

the thought of separate food is correct

From the point of view of hormonal balance too. Moreover, the giperinsulinemiya, that is emission of excess of insulin in response to the use of products with a big glycemic index or in response to the wrong combination of products, conducts to obesity, violation of balance between women`s and men`s hormones, to dysfunction of ovaries, atherosclerosis, and respectively, to reduction continue life telnost. Therefore this type of food is very rational: when the organism does not fight every day against slags, it will be engaged in “curing“ of chronic diseases which, unfortunately, everyone has. The diet offers many vitamins (vegetables, fruit), and the combination of salad and fish will allow to be soaked up also to fat-soluble vitamins.

Now about minuses. The World Health Organization founded “a food pyramid“ which cornerstone are is long the acquired carbohydrates because they also make base of food of the healthy person, and them has to be more in a percentage ratio (50 - 55%). It would be desirable to remind where these carbohydrates contain: in grain (perhaps, except for semolina), bread (it is better than a rough grinding), macaroni (it is preferable from firm grades of wheat), dark rice. The feeling of hunger when following to this diet arises generally from - for a shortcoming (the truth, not it and big) these products. Therefore we will try to correct a little the daily menu, without breaking the general principles.

the Breakfast can leave

that which is offered as it included grain or “rough“ hlebushka.

the Second breakfast - as the option is quite good


the Lunch - good: in it there are both vegetables, and meat (or fish). All this will quickly be digested, but, taking into account the second breakfast, the person will not remain is hungry.

Afternoon snack: really, it is possible to be limited to proteinaceous food since carbohydrates will go to a dinner.

I would suggest to add

During a dinner to vegetables bean (haricot, peas or lentil), for the reason which was already discussed.

the Second phase, in general, brings us to a habitual diet, at refusal of those products which the modern person with his usual physical activities does not need to use. It is sugar, jam (the dissolved sugar), fat and too sweet confectionery. To avoid some sauces - too quite good council as sauces with flour (and, I would add, with fat) bear in themselves many “empty calories“. It makes sense to replace butter with margarine only for the purpose of decrease in calories as it is proved that the solid vegetable fats which are contained in margarine cause the same risk of development of atherosclerosis, as well as butter.

Sparkling drinks stimulate appetite, coffee during pregnancy and feeding with a breast in general is undesirable. And here about Coca - conversation special... The Coca Cola can with a capacity of 0,33 l contains about 7 teaspoons of sugar! The pancreas will just begin to cry from such violence.

during breastfeeding cannot use chocolate as it can cause an allergy in mother and in the baby.

in general the system of separate food is thought over by

A, works and can be approved by doctors of all specialties, including gynecologists.