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Day of mother

having many children mother having many children also I raise 4 children, now we expect the fifth baby. What happiness that I should go to work daily! I consider that my work is a role of the wife and mother. But how much enters this concept! I will tell about the day, but, probably, it would be more correct to write “about a week“ as every day different.

As I wrote

, children 4. Three daughters and lassie sonny. To the senior daughter now 6,5 years, average 5 years, and younger 3 years. Synule now 10 months.

my day begins

in 6. 00. At this time the husband wakes up and gathers for work. While he has a shave, washes, I make for him a hot breakfast, I put to cook a dinner and I cook coffee. I do myself a glass of fresh juice. The husband cooks for himself sandwiches (so it turned out that sandwiches for breakfast in our family he manages). I set the table at this time. We have breakfast, we discuss plans for day. Then it leaves for work, I quickly wash the dishes and I put to make a breakfast for little girls. As a rule, for breakfast I cook for them porridge.

B 7. 00 children wake up. They wash, put on, make beds. I dress small at this time, I change to him pampers, I make a bed, our with the husband (it is not filled earlier as small sleeps together with us and after we get up, all double bed at his order.

Then I set

the table and I seat children to have breakfast. After a breakfast I wash the dishes, and children play at this time. I have time for fast house cleaning. Quickly I load the washing machine linen. To Bor the washing vacuum cleaner also I clean up all house except the nursery where children suit mess, but there we will clean up then. On hours 9 hours. Vacuumed the house, the machine erases, in the nursery a full mess. Together with children we clean a nursery. Quickly there we vacuum.

Small begins to be capricious. We go to the room to be engaged. While daughters prepare notebooks, pencils, copy-books, books, I put the kid to bed on a balcony. Time 10. 10 - 10. 20. The kid will quietly oversleep to 12. With daughters we go down on kitchen. We have quickly a bite fruit and yogurts. We wash the dishes and we go to be engaged. We are engaged to 12 - 12. 30. At this time I read to children, we draw, we mold, we train a hand to the letter, we learn to read and consider, we solve examples etc.

Then the kid wakes up. I feed him with a fruit pyureshka, and little girls quickly put on at this time in in advance prepared clothes for walk. In total together we leave to walk. We walk till 14 o`clock, approximately. Sometimes to 14. 30. After that we have dinner and we go to sleep. We sleep to 16. 00 - 16. 30. During a children`s dream I make an afternoon snack and a dinner. Sometimes I stop making a dinner when children already woke up.

For an afternoon snack to children I cook for

, as a rule, fruit salad and pastries. For dinner usually there is a meat or fish salad, and something on sweet, some desertik. I like to prepare, for me it something very interesting and if I am allowed by time (most often during week-end when more husband takes care of children) I am ready to spend the whole day in kitchen. This my hobby.

When children wake up, we have an afternoon snack and we wait for the father. The father comes, as a rule, in 18. 30. While there is an expectation, we play board games, we draw, we build locks of cubes, we read fairy tales, verses, we play fairy tales by means of puppet theater, we mold from clay. Of course, it is not all for one evening, but I listed our hobbies here. As soon as the father comes, we have supper, and children go to take a walk with the father. I can sit on the Internet at this time, read books, chat by phone, watch the movie, is simple take a nap a little.

the Father walks with children with 19. 10 to 20. 30. Children it is noisy undress and run to be looked “Good night, kids!“ . After that we have a bite - kefir with house pastries or milkshake. Sometimes we eat up the dessert which remained from a dinner. Children go to bathe, and we prepare their room for a dream. We air and communicate, however, on communication remains minutes 20 as it is necessary to go to wash all, and then and small to bathe.

Time 21. 45. Children in beds. We read fairy tales until they fall asleep. As a rule, in 22. 30 all sleep. We have time for ourselves. We stir, we can watch the movie, or I go to a bathroom and I devote time to myself, darling, and the husband is engaged on the computer meanwhile or just reads the book. And in 23. 30 or, very seldom, in 1. 00 we go to sleep.

So there passes our usual working day, but 2 times a week children go to preparation for school, and 2 times a week we are engaged with the logopedist. It happens on Mondays and Thursdays. Occupations with the logopedist in the morning at home, and preparation for school in the evening (we go to classes). Days off pass a little in a different way if there is time, then I will write if of course, it is interesting to someone.