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Boy or girl? When the woman learns (part 1) of

about pregnancy, one of the first questions which begins to torment her - who will be born - the boy or the girl? For one it has bigger value, for others smaller, but each pregnant woman is in a varying degree anxious with it. And she will only receive the final answer when the kid is born. Despite existence of the ultrasonography modern equipment which is capable to define a sex of future child already on 16 - oh to week such verdict quite often happens wrong. And at times the child lies a back to the device, and then future mother before the childbirth remains in ignorance.

It is absolutely logical

that it has a question: whether there are some signs by which it is possible to determine without ultrasonography whom it carries - the boy or the girl?

It appears p, there are many signs, the signs and regularities predicting a floor. The majority of them arose long ago, - at the time of our great-grandmothers of ultrasonography did not exist, and the question of a sex of future child interested them not less, than us. One signs “work“ more effectively, others - less, but any pregnant woman tries on them on herself again and again, and after childbirth shares with the girlfriends, “met“ at her, or not.

the Girl beauty selects

One of the most resistant beliefs sounds quite beautifully and convincingly:“ the girl takes away beauty from mother“. It is considered that if the woman during pregnancy grew ugly, then she will give birth to the girl and if on the contrary blossomed, - that the boy.

However also absolutely opposite opinion exists. As mother with the son has different sets of chromosomes and various hormonal background, the mother`s organism enters the conflict with the child`s organism, and all this is reflected in mother`s skin and appearance. And mother`s and daughter`s organisms get on much better.

during pregnancy under the influence of activity of hormones the woman`s face sometimes is quite strongly changed by

. Lines become indistinct, as if indistinct. On a face and other parts of the body there are spots, the nose increases, the face form is rounded, even short moustaches make the way... It frightens many, but it is necessary to remember that after the delivery appearance very quickly comes to a normal state.

However happens that hormones make absolutely opposite impact. The woman as if “blossoms“, minor cosmetic problems which, perhaps, tormented her earlier vanish, hair gain unusual gloss and density.

Both phenomena are absolutely normal

, as well as absence in general any changes in appearance of the pregnant woman. As shows experience, these changes are not connected with a sex of future child in any way. Mother both girls, and boys quite often complain that they “were disfigured“ during pregnancy. While other women who too gave birth to children of both floors notice that never looked such beautiful, as within these nine months.

Most likely, the reason here in favorable or adverse hormonal balance which exerts impact on appearance of future mother.

Force of toxicosis and a sex of the child

at the time of our grandmothers was considered as

as p that if at the beginning of pregnancy strongly feels sick the woman, is to the girl, and with boys, allegedly, mothers do not suffer. Modern scientists decided to confirm or disprove this statement. I will cite article “The boy or the girl? New data“:“ If the pregnant woman since morning a bit earlier first of all runs to the bathroom, hardly struggling with nausea, it means that it most likely will have a girl. These are conclusions from the newest research of Carolinian institute in Stockholm.

Physicians processed data about more than one million newborns who were born from 1987 to 1995. Besides, in sight of experts there were about 5900 women who during the first trimester of pregnancy saw doctors with complaints to nausea and vomiting. At 56% of such women girls were born subsequently, and 44%, respectively, became mothers of boys.

Scientists assume that morning nausea - a consequence of increase in level of the hormone carrying the difficult name “human horionichesky gonadotrophin“. According to researchers, the level of this hormone in blood of the woman increases if a female fruit“.

Scientific data sound convincingly. However look at a percentage ratio! Small overweight is available, but nevertheless figures are closest to balance - 50% for 50%. It is unlikely this regularity can be considered proved. And especially it is impossible to draw on the basis of presence of severe toxicosis a conclusion that the pregnant woman expects the girl.

the toxicosis Reason is still not found out by

. Perhaps, he is called by increase of load of a liver, weakening of muscles of a gullet that causes smaller productivity of digestion, and also a uterus muscle strain. Other doctors consider as the main reason the hormonal reorganization happening in an organism.


It is interesting that in traditional societies about such phenomenon was not heard that speaks about a share of a psychological component in developing of toxicosis. It is confirmed also by the fact that toxicosis is successfully treated by hypnosis. According to some doctors, “unconscious psychological experiences of future mother (fear, rejection of the child) can be shown in the same physiological symptoms, as toxicosis. For example, nausea (the most frequent display of toxicosis) can be directly connected with experiences of fear and disgust“.

Anyway, it is possible to consider severe toxicosis as an occasion to expectation of the girl with very small share of probability.


Often future mummies complain of change of indumentum. One suddenly have short moustaches, at others hair begin to grow on a stomach or standing. At many darken and light-golden hairs on a back or a breast become more dense. As a rule, this phenomenon is considered more - less right sign of future boy.

the Reason of the raised pilosis does not cause disputes in scientists. It contacts increase of level of male sex hormones in the pregnant woman`s organism. However, as it is logical to assume that the level of men`s hormones increases thanks to a male fruit, it not always is true. Obviously, the reason consists in change of hormonal balance of the woman, and is not connected with a sex of future child.

the Stomach grows at

to the boy forward!

Fans of forecasts, building the guesses, most often are guided in a shape of a stomach of the pregnant woman. It is one of the most widespread and “reliable“ national signs.

it Is as follows: if the woman has a “sharp“ stomach, “cucumber“ directed forward and her pregnancy will not be visible from a back, so at it the boy. If the stomach which is “surrounding“, spherical, acting and on each side too, then it has to prepare for appearance of the girl.

However needs to be noticed, as this sign not always “works“. Exact statistics in this respect it is not conducted, the reasons of this phenomenon also do not occupy scientists. But by experience of a great number of the given rise women, mistakes at such “diagnosing“ happen pretty often.

Be continued.