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We choose school

Lyceums, gymnasiums, schools … Now their choice is so huge and various that many parents of future first graders in confusion: where to give the child how to make the correct decision? And it is necessary to make the decision already now, record or receipt in the first class begins in the spring.

the choice of the first educational institution is much more than

At modern children and their parents, than at their peers of the Soviet period. Then chose between usual regional school and a special school with profound studying of separate disciplines, and the words “gymnasium“ and “lyceum“ were associated with a pre-revolutionary era.

After fall of the USSR many schools began to be called lyceums and gymnasiums. Parents often do not understand in what a basic difference between them.

of Progimnaziya - elementary school with humanitarian orientation, 1 - 4 - y classes.

the Gymnasium - high and high school, with 5 - go on 11 - y a class, as a rule, the training program with a humanitarian orientation, over the school program - the abundance of disciplines of the historian - the philological direction, is frequent - two foreign languages.

Lyceum - high school, 8 - 11 - y classes, professionally focused training. Lyceums often work in cooperation with higher education institutions, in most cases technical, and pupils are enlisted in higher education institutions following the results of final examinations in lyceum.

In other words, the lyceum or a gymnasium is a bigger amount of additional disciplines, studying of several languages, profile orientation. If the school becomes a gymnasium or lyceum, it means that it passed the state certification. The initiative, vigorous director seeks for obtaining the status of lyceum or a gymnasium because to such school there are talented children who want to study, and it is easier and more interesting to work with such pupils.

At the choice of school for the child surely pay attention:

the Public comprehensive school

is a school which, as a rule, is in your or neighboring yard. The training program at such schools identical, the list of objects same. There it is worth going if the child did not show any special talents and interests yet. Usually such school is chosen proceeding from its location - proximity to the house, lack of the road which should be passed.

As a rule, here not the best teaching structure - talented teachers work or with capable children at specialized schools, or with the rich in private. However also exceptions meet. Almost at each school there is at least one teacher - the associate who in the free time conducts circles and studios, is engaged with talented children. Its work is how productive, depends on the director: whether it is ready to changes whether it encourages an initiative. Therefore before to send the treasure to the first school, communicate to the director, make the opinion on it, on its attitude towards pupils, teachers and educational process.

“Profound“ schools

do not have

of special schools Now, there are schools with profound studying of these or those objects. As a rule, in the pro-thinned-out schools the set is conducted in the first and in the senior classes. Many of them became gymnasiums and lyceums, as a rule, these are the old Soviet special schools which had good reputation within long years.

If your child goes to similar educational institution, it is necessary to realize that he chooses specialization for many years ahead and will go to the university with the corresponding profile. In the “former“ special schools quite high competition even among future first graders, and receipt (that in 1 - y that in 8 - y a class) here sometimes not less difficult, than entrance examination in higher education institution, and training demands considerable forces. One more similarity to higher education institution: at many schools there are training courses. Training at school, as a rule, free. In a number of similar schools separate profile objects are conducted by teachers from higher education institutions with which the school cooperates, and good study at such schools is practically a receipt guarantee.


If your main priority - knowledge of a foreign language, choose the good old special school having image “special language“ from Soviet period - the choice is huge now, only in the capital their more than hundred.

what at school from the first class is learned English, not a guarantee that it is good language school at all. Take an interest what percent of graduates goes to the university without tutor (of course, it will concern you not soon, however such information will give an idea of quality of training), to what higher education institutions most often come whether there are programs of an exchange with foreign schools, a possibility of training, whether native speakers conduct occupations. At some schools the part of objects is taught in a foreign language so the child is in the mode of “full immersion“ that, of course, promotes fast assimilation of language. As a rule, the first foreign language begins to be taught in 1 - m or 2 - m a class, and then add one more. Often at leaving school pupils take the international examination which gives the chance to come to higher educational institutions of other countries.

Undoubted plus of “profound“ schools that the child rotates among same as it, exceptional children with similar interests.

Huge minus of “profound“ schools, gymnasiums and lyceums: the loading which is reflected first of all on health. Overfatigue, headaches, short-sightedness, gastritises are diseases of talented children who all day long sit at a desk. Besides, the compelled most part of time to carry out indoors to manage to perform quite volume homeworks, these children less than the peers walk and move. Result - lower immunity, bad physical training.

School of full day

In the last two years the public and non-state schools of full day were widely adopted

. At such schools the child remains on the second half of day that is very convenient for the working parents. It is not a standard Soviet after-school club where the child only walked and did homework, at school of full day there are additional circles, sports sections, naturally, feed children, do with them homework and walk. To give or not to give the school student for the whole day depends first of all on specific features of the child - someone feels comfortable, being constantly in group of peers, and someone needs silence and house rest. This service at public schools free. As for private schools, here the price directly depends on a package of the provided services.

Private schools

of the Basic difference on quality of knowledge between the public and non-state school are not present

: both that and others are and weak, and strong. But at non-state schools will provide you at desire delivery of the child from the house to school, - the fact that you will choose and you will be able to pay qualitative lunches, the pool, riding. The child will study in small, perhaps, exclusively women`s or men`s collective. The child is in such school under fixed control, and it is possible not to worry that he will run away from lessons, will carry by in school of a cigarette or beer. Besides, there is usually such protection that the mouse will not get through. The important fact - attentive and respect of teachers is absolute to all pupils, the warm friendly atmosphere. Both plus, and minus: your child will be surrounded by children from rather well-to-do families. Sometimes it is very original, spoiled, whimsical and lazy children. At some parents whose children study at non-state schools, often such approach: I pay and that it does there - does not concern me, it is a problem of school, let understand! Also sbagrivat “the leader red-skinned“ on care of unfortunate teachers, in schoolmates to your child.

If you chose by

private school, it is necessary to remember:

the Private school surely has to have the license for educational activity which to you will be shown at a meeting. Pay attention to the term of its action - if it comes to an end, say, in two weeks, it has to guard you: at good school of problems with licensing is not present, and they care for prolonging the license in advance. The non-state school has to have the state accreditation. It confirms that the school conforms to all standards, provides quality education and gives the certificate of the state sample. It is very important because otherwise the child will not receive the state certificate and, respectively, will be able to continue training only in non-state higher education institution. If the school without accreditation arranges passing the final exams on the basis of other school, the child will receive the certificate of that school at which he takes examination. Usually, if at school everything is all right with documents, they do not hide it, hang up the license and accreditation on the stand.

the Comment of the expert

Alexander Gavrilov, the head a press - services of Department of Education of Moscow

At the choice of school to parents first of all should address to district administration of education. There will tell what schools are in the district that is necessary for receipt. All information and phones of district administrations can be found in Moscow on the website of Department of Education.


in the Spring when inclusion in the first classes begins, in managements create the special commissions where it is possible to ask for the help if refused to you signing up in school.

Now schools are not attached by

to a certain area and the child in the presence of places can go to any school. Both physicians, and psychologists recommend to send the kid to school which is near the house because otherwise the child should get up earlier, he will get tired more. Looking for school for the first grader, you remember that a lot of things depend on the teacher of elementary grades, he creates a basis on the future. Attend the Open Day, get acquainted with the program of school, communicate to teachers to make idea of the one who will teach the child, have a talk with mothers of pupils of school. Of course, also in what state there is a schoolhouse whether there are computer classes, the equipment matters. Schools under the law can choose according to what program to teach children - five - or six-day. The difference consists that at a five-day week children have one more day off, but then they have more loading in school, at six days daily loading is less, but children study also on Saturday too.


that at reception of children in the first classes school has no right to arrange examination, in the first class of children accept on record. The only thing that the child can pass before receipt, is an interview. Can refuse reception in two cases: if at school there are no places and if it is specialized school with profound studying of any objects, and your child had no interview.

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