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Magic surrounded me since the childhood of

B 2005 fans of a fantasy got acquainted with works of the young writer Tatyana Levanova. She writes magic stories about “Drafts“ - the teenagers traveling between the worlds. T. Levanova`s books are addressed to children from 8 to 12 years.

the Eksmo Publishing house gave us an opportunity to meet and have a talk with the writer.

- you the teacher by training. What you write for children is somehow connected with your former profession?

- In some measure yes. When I passed a pedpraktika, I led lessons of Russian and literature. Infinite exercises, repetition same … It seemed to me dryish.

The matter is that I from an unusual family - my mother understands herbs, the grandfather was fond of it. I since the birth am in rather unusual atmosphere, around there was a magic, I lived them. Not on public, and in a family.

of the Teacher very much like to arrange meetings with interesting people for the pupils, and me asked to tell instead of a lesson to seniors of “fairy tale“. And I was always fond of history of religions, legends, myths. And at me communication with school students turned out fantastic, and in direct, and figuratively. It was healthy. I much more received big return from this meeting, than from all the conducted lessons. I decided that “magic“ is “mine“.

- When you began to write?

- Long ago, in kindergarten I began to think out fairy tales. But I began to write down the compositions only since that moment as I had a computer. By hand I do not like to write, the hand is never in time behind thoughts. I published several stories in local literary association, won first place in a regional competition. When time to get a job came, I already had a literary experience, and I went to the newspaper. Unfortunately, it turned out that my language not really is suitable for the newspaper. I had to build more simply phrases, to clean descriptions. The editor spoke: “Not literaturnichay!“ .

- As you passed from journalism to literary work?

- Long time I did not know at all from where books on counters of shops undertake that it is necessary to make to publish the work. We in the city have a writer of very difficult destiny. To publish its verses, it was necessary to ask for help of sponsors. Therefore it seemed to me that it is a shame to ask supports for the edition of my books, and I reconciled to the fact that I will write “to a table“.

Is later than

, after the daughter`s birth, I learned that the author can send the manuscript to publishing house. The writer Nadezhda Pervukhina whom we gave up friendly correspondence explained me it. Thanks to it, the thought came to my mind that it is worth trying to write not stories, fairy tales etc., and the full story. Since this story was accepted by publishing house, I was engaged in professional writing.

- And you are engaged only in literature now?

- Yes. When I got acquainted in my future husband, he was already an admirer of my published stories. Caused bewilderment why I write so a little in it. When he learned that it is possible to try to send manuscripts to publishing houses, he told: “All. Also write Sidi“.

- your daughter now three and a half years. She read something from your works?

- She is not able to read yet, but she already knows who such Masha Nekrasova. When I sit down at the computer also I say that I will write, she takes the toy plastic laptop, sits down nearby and speaks:“ I will work too“.

- you do not read it fragments from the stories or fairy tales?

- Is not present

, I consider that the child has to have at first a certain literary base, there are works which need to be read first of all. I read since four years constantly, in any conditions when even forbade to read to me. I do not know any borders in respect of reading. And still, if I cook soup, I have in one hand a serving spoon, in another - the book.

- For what children of age you write books?

- Age of my reader - from 8 to 12 years. I call it “age of Draft“ - when the child begins to think of himself. I during this period of the life understood that in the world there are unwritten laws which are observed by adults, and I do not know of them. I as the alien comprehending rules of adulthood. I also call the teenager in such situation by “Draft“ - when he realizes himself, defines the place in this world. It can play by someone else`s rules, but it in itself(himself) is still free from them.

a lot of literature on how the adult gets to others worlds Exists, and it begins these worlds “to mangle“ under itself(himself). As in the jungle of Amazon - the white person came and under himself remade everything. And the person at the age of “Draft“ sees this world first of all such what it is.

- Saying about other worlds, it would be desirable to learn, what do you think of K. S. Lewis`s creativity and his “Chronicles of Narnia“?

- this work means To me much, in 15 years of “the Chronicle of Narnia“ were my reference book. Lewis wrote, according to him, the book which he would like to read. And I approached “Drafts“ from this position.

- If you want to read books about teenagers, means you somehow inside correlate yourself to this age?

- it seems to me, I changed very little since I was five years old, eleven... From eleven, apparently, I did not change at all.

- To what literary genre you refer the creativity?

- the Editor gave definition which as it seems to me, is ideally suited - “the magic story“. The matter is that I thought how to me to call that it turned out. Fantasy? But it is already developed genre, it has laws under which I not really also approach. Fairy tale? At once is associated with kids. In fairy tales there is no excess word, some one concept of them is concluded. It is possible to tell that I and was ruined that I could not define a genre of the work, and called it “a children`s fantasy“. I rang round publishing houses: “The children`s fantasy is not required?“ - “No, it is not required“. And the first publishing house in which my manuscript was read (Eksmo) gave definition “the magic story“.

- your heroine Masha Nekrasova is your alter ego?

- When I wrote the story, I felt aloof from the heroine. I wanted that it changed for the book, and initially myself distanced from Masha. My heroine is similar to my friend. When I was 10 - 12 years old, I had the best friend Masha Sharova. Very interesting person - she was an honors pupil, “hung“ on an honor roll. As well as I, it was omnivorous in respect of literature, read everything that only into hands was fallen, studied at music school... Generally, I was from it lost in admiration. We together thought out a set of different games. And maybe, I would like to return at that time, and again to play. But all - Masha Nekrasova is not only Masha Sharova, it both of us.

- Now you communicate with the girlfriend - a prototype of the main character of your stories?

- Unfortunately, we studied in the different cities and lost each other from a look. Now I live in the city of Berezniki, it near Perm.

- As you write: on inspiration or by the principle “not a day without a line“?

- to me is helped by the fact that I was a journalist and I had to write professionally. I got used to work every day. However, absolutely different result turns out. It is possible to spend 8 hours at the computer and to write 2 pages of the good text, or 20 pages of hack-work which will be destroyed then, or only eight lines.

As all this occurs? I at first go, literally, as the pregnant woman - long I bear, I worry. Then I sit down and I issue already ready text, to the first pause. Then stumbled - again I go, I bear. Household chores when hands are occupied help. I wash the dishes, I peel potatoes - then I throw not finished cleaning potato and I go to write, otherwise I will forget that I thought up.

If nothing leaves, I deceive the Muse. I lay down on a sofa (in the afternoon I cannot lie) and I speak to myself: “We do not want to work, so we will sleep“. The inner world begins to resist, and I imagine how the Muse speaks: “Well, what you laid down, we will go already...“

- And what is done by your relatives when you work? Where at this moment there is your child?

- the Child with me, but it does not disturb me. How the child will leave mother? When I wrote the first novel about “Drafts“, the daughter was one and a half years old. Behind it, of course, then an eye yes of eyes was necessary … And now everything is combined organically as though I have two daughters.

- Who helps you with the child?

- Grandmothers at us young people, work. Perhaps, they would also like to help us, but they have no opportunity. Therefore I cope. I love children and I want that at us them was much.

- Now your second book appears. You already began to work on the following work?

- I have many ideas, but the editor on something speaks: “Write“, and on something:“ It is not necessary yet“. What I write it is not a cycle of stories. It was always boring for me to read cycles, some continuations of some adventures... One business when the same character acts, and another - when a plot develops consistently. In each of my stories a different perspective and absolutely other world. They are united only by one heroine. Now I write the third book. In it there are no other “Drafts“, except Masha Nekrasova yet, but then, I think, will appear.

- When you put an end at the end of the story what you at the same time test?

- Approximately the same, as the woman at the child`s birth. On the one hand it is a pity that everything ended, with another - as it is great that something appeared! But still before I will put the last end, I begin to consider a new plot, the new worlds.

- And you from real life transfer something to your worlds?

is for me an important and urgent problem. The fantasy is not just author`s fairy tale, it is an escape from reality. I very much would like to avoid it and to make everything on the contrary. It is possible to create great variety of the worlds, but it is important that the reader learned to solve problems of our world.

The matter is that Masha Nekrasova gets to other world not just like that and when comes up against a situation which in the usual world by own efforts cannot resolve. The adult can just leave from an unpleasant situation aside - and Masha goes to other world. There its problem all the same does not disappear, but, giving help to other people and getting into different difficult situations, the heroine gains such experience which helps it to solve her personal problems.

Someone told that hell is a repetition. The unresolved problem rises before the person again and again, udesyateryatsya. Therefore from problems it is impossible to leave, they need to be solved. Another thing is that to the child to make it can be difficult, especially, if at the right time nearby there is no understanding adult. Then the good book will help.