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For me an award, Lada of

I Want to tell your laughter about the birth of the daughter Ladushka. It occurred on April 10, 2004 in the small nice city of Perm Krai.

Pregnancy I departed well. Only the enormous stomach was distinctive feature. On the 38th week I came to reception. The doctor told that the stomach fell, and it was necessary to go a little. She was confused by one fact - a large fruit and the prolonged preparatory period (at night slept badly, the back hurt). But it appeared, it dragged on a little, for a week.

I Come to reception, and advise me to go to hospital. Would know, did not go. I come, and speak to me:“ What came, you have no fights“. I speak, told to come, I also came. Which - as put. The doctor who conducted me, told me that me will put and will put a dropper to cause childbirth.

A at that time our maternity hospital was closed on repair. And functions of maternity hospital carried out 4 - y the floor of children`s policlinic. On one floor everything is both pregnant women, and childbirth, and children. And the chief physician was famous for bad reputation (could come to childbirth drunk etc.) .

this doctor Comes and says that we will wait when childbirth begins. There was on April 6, and childbirth on ultrasonography on April 10. You represent my state that the doctor to whom I trust, says that it is necessary to give birth urgently, and this, I do not even know how to call it, will hesitate. By the way, in two months prior to my childbirth at my friend from - for this doctor the child died.

Lay 3 days, pricked pricks, type, opened. Both treated two, and went to give birth with two fingers. Little girls got good. Too waited for one (Ksyukh) on 41 weeks when all begins. Just now I begin to understand what it was risk.

round by our “favourite“ doctor Comes on April 9, since morning. Says to me what else we wait for, and to Ksyukh on Monday on dropper. I want to add that I on life very cheerful person, and, being in hospital, tried to encourage little girls and to itself not to allow to go crazy. All day I had very good mood, and we just laughed loudly all chamber. At ten o`clock evenings at me the stomach began to ache a bit. Then the husband called, but I did not tell him that I begin childbirth, thought if fights take place why him to puzzle.

At 2 o`clock in the morning me is transferred to prenatal. And at 3 o`clock joins me Ksyukh. That night on watch there was a good doctor Kurochkina. But she told that I will not manage to give rise with it. Pains amplified. While there were enough forces, I went along a dark corridor, the benefit was allowed to leave from prenatal. In prenatal there was enough place only to pass to a bed and if put a rack for a dropper - everything, an animal in a cage. Each 3 hours gave an injection for disclosure. We tried to have a sleep with Ksyukhoy as we could.

other change, and thank God came At 8 o`clock that there was a good doctor Sultanova. A morning, but disclosure was small. I was pricked. But I went, and in it there is plus in comparison with lying under a dropper. In 10 me punctured a bubble. Fights amplified. The doctor told that I will give rise only by 18 o`clock. I looked at the watch, and told that I will not live up to this time. It was sick, but I not to time did not shout because I knew that I do by shout worse to the child. Between fights managed to sleep. I after the delivery understood only then that it was the dream, then it seemed to me that I fail in some chasm. In a dream there is a little postanyval, so doctors defined that I have a fight.

Ya morally got ready for childbirth lasting 12 hours, but it is no more in any way. And if it is more, so something not so. The doctor told nothing, only I sometimes felt fear in her eyes. I was not afraid of death, I only wanted that rescued my child. (Here now I write and I pay … And passed 1 year 10 months. And as was yesterday.)

Ya rose, tried to go, and it was so easier. Cellular it was broken off, but I could not answer as soon as I gathered, so fight. Then the doctor approached and told that mother called. Here that maternal heart means. She felt something wrong even at night.

On hours 12 hours, disclosure is not enough. Forces any in general. Getting thirsty awfully. Distances for three glass of water. But I as could reached the crane and drank. Lips crusted, in a mouth dry trees. And here I fail in a chasm again and I see my favourite babulechka, it always adjusted me that childbirth - it is sick. And shouts of the neigbour pull out me in reality. I feel that I had many forces and that I can do everything. As though there was no this sleepless night.


U me begin attempts. But the midwife to me forbids to make an effort, I will tear as a hot-water bottle. And I constrain breath attempts, and the midwife to me moves apart a neck. Then went in rodzat. I will never forget this decrepit tubaretochka by means of which it is necessary to climb on a chair.

were extinguished by

On a chair. And at 15 hours 5 minutes my Ladushenka was born. It was plum color, breath was. Shook head over heels. To me it was put on a stomach and told that I shook it that she strongly cried. I took it and I speak “sing to mother a song“. Stroked, embraced, such unusual smell, I do not even know what to compare to, but pleasant.

my daughter was born at 17 hours 5 minutes, the weight of 4200 g, height of 56 cm. When doctors learned that they at me not a uniform gap, were surprised. The message about the large girl and mother flew about all maternity hospital. In two hours I was brought to chamber, and I began to call the family. Most of all I liked surprise of the husband.

- Hi! (I try to hide happiness notes in a voice)

- the Darling where you were gone, I call all day, and you do not answer.

- Darling, you know? and I just gave birth to you to the daughter.

- (hardly being at loss for words) As gave rise? How daughter? How you, how daughter? Etc.

gave rise to Ksyukh`s

at 18 o`clock, and it was put to me in chamber. Here so the laughter helped our children to be born. We were written out for the 4th days.

In general to me liked to give birth. But on the second childbirth I will surely conclude the contract with the doctor. It is not necessary to spare expense for health and life of mother and the child. Also it is necessary to be adjusted for a hard work. One pleases that the second childbirth takes place quicker. Little girls, be not afraid to give birth, be adjusted on a positive, listen to the doctor and the obstetrician, and everything will be good. The children`s smile, a kiss, the word “mother“ stand all pain and sufferings endured in labor.