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The Norwegian pattern of

Travel on the Norwegian fjords - the tourist`s sign with taste. The primitive nature, contrast of elements and ancient history - here that promises this surprising adventure.

What is fjords?

According to the dictionary, it is the deep and narrow sea gulfs surrounded with abrupt rocky coast, but this dry description does not give even an approximate idea of how they are beautiful... Fjords deeply cut the land, waves of the ocean fight about the foot of steep rocks, and majestic falls rustle, and blue glaciers run cold. The Norwegian fjords are considered as the most expressive, and it is no wonder that only for the sake of them tourists from around the world gather in Scandinavia.

the Fishing capital

travel Start - in the charming Norwegian town of Alesund. As almost all local cities, he grew up on the place of a fishing small village, but now is proud calls himself by the capital of the fishing industry of the country. You surely remember this circumstance during walks along Brusyunde`s channel where fish sell, without departing from the vessel, or during a dinner at one of fish small restaurants. The local architecture was influenced by fishing influence too - traditional sheds for storage of boats are converted in houses, restaurants and even hotels now. However, residents of Alesund are proud of richly ornamented facades of the houses in the downtown built at the very beginning of the 20th century much more. This merit belongs to the admirers of modernist style, young architects restoring the city after the terrible fire which destroyed almost all constructions in the city. Now modernist houses - an important sign of the city on an equal basis with enormous Atlantic park, the ethnographic museum under the open sky Syunnmyore and Runde`s island where more than 500 thousand bird species from February to August stay. And still the most important pride of Alesund - its picturesque arrangement on islands, at an entrance to the most beautiful fjords of Norway, forming live “Norwegian pattern“ of the nature.

Ice, water and rocks

Geyrangerfyord - the fjord, next to Alesund, is considered one of the most beautiful in Norway, but before going to cruise walk, admire it from above. The Dalsnibba, Ernesvingen and Trollstigen - under these names difficult to pronounce disappear the roads taking the breath away conducting on hillsides up. Especially strong impression is left by Trollstigen (“Road of trolls“) laid in the middle of the last century - the abrupt mountain serpentine, a sharp height difference and the bridge thrown through enormous falls... Covered the distance of trolls will be rewarded by a magnificent panorama of the valley then with a clear conscience it will be possible to change from the car the excursion ship and to float in Geyragenfyord`s depth, on slow water of the gulf surrounded with steep walls of rocks and mad falls, the best-known of which - “Seven sisters“. Geyragenfyord is known also as a near point to one of the largest glaciers of Europe - Briksdaylu. Tourists can close approach it - close and even to touch ice blocks...

the Department of the preacher

Near Sognefjord, the longest fjord in the world (204 kilometers in depth sushi, depth reach 1296 meters), is laid one of the most improbable railroads in the world - Flomsbana. This masterpiece of engineering thought on one of sites represents something like “roller coaster“ - 20 kilometers of rises and descents, 20 tunnels, an inclination of 18 degrees... It is interesting that Flomsbana eats energy of falls Chosfossen - the train does a stop near “supporter“ that passengers managed to photograph it.

Norwegians claim that at each fjord the character - and these words can be referred to Lyusyefyord surrounded with rocks and rocks though picturesque, but at first sight absolutely unapproachable look. The most known rock is called Rock`s Pulpitis (in translation - “department of the preacher“) - tourists conquer this steep peak approximately in five hours, special preparation is not required, only the sports equipment and convenient footwear are necessary.

the Pearl of Atlantic

From Lyusyefyord you will reach Stavanger, a pearl of the Southern Atlantic and the city of Norway, the fourth in size. Stavanger - the serious place, except fishing crafts are engaged in such important issue as oil production here. Fortunately, this feature did not affect appearance of the city - and old quarters of Stavanger are capable to fascinate even the choosiest tourist to city innovations. Stavanger was founded in 1125, but before the beginning of the last century it remained the remote town which was not especially allocated among other. Everything sharply changed after “sardinny boom“ when local fish canned food and preparations began to be considered as delicacies, and since then they are in huge demand of buyers. Unlike other ancient cities of Norway Stavanger did not suffer from the fires - and its wooden lodges can admire and now. Modern Stavanger - the ideal place for shopping, but, going on shops, you remember that the prices in Norway quite high. Traditional Norwegian souvenirs - warm sweaters of manual knitting with a pattern from snowflakes or with deer - can manage in the decent sum, the same concerns caps, mittens and gloves.

the Kingdom of trolls

Bergen is considered one of the most amazing cities of Scandinavia - it is called the capital of the kingdom of trolls, the Scandinavian Rome and gate to fjords - from here, as well as from Alesund, water tourist cruises begin. Comparison with Rome is dragged not in too - Bergen is surrounded with seven hills to top of one of which - to Floyen - the funicular until late at night rises. A view from top on the city, the North Sea and fjords - above any praises. If in time to remember that in Bergen the great composer Edward Grieg was born, then the well-known subject “Processions of Gnomes“ right there will recur to the memory - whether can be differently in the capital of trolls?! Grieg`s music sounds in Bergen everywhere, are proud of it here not less, than in Salzburg Mozart. Grieg`s museum Troldkhaugen where household items and personal belongings of the great composer are carefully kept is open in his former country house.

Old quarters of Bergen is a live museum under the open sky, and the downtown - its harbor. From fish kitchen and seafood to you, so, again not to get to anywhere - however, we even did not think of it.

to Drink and have a snack on

on - Norwegian

the Norwegian cuisine is noteworthy

note gourmets - at all its simplicity and the seeming simplicity she can brag of the most real culinary masterpieces. The most delicate and freshest trout and a salmon, wheat porridge on cream, quenelles with cranberry jelly, smoked venison, several species of a marinated herring, a dried cod - favourite names in the menu of the Norwegian lunch. From drinks in the region of fjords from time immemorial loved beer - still ancient Vikings were fond of it. In the choice of drinks Norwegians differ in nothing from inhabitants of Europe. But one drink which deserved reputation originally Norwegian it akevit (Akevitt) - strong amber color tincture from grain or potatoes with addition of herbs and spices, in particular caraway seeds. It differs in a special way of endurance - it is filled in in barrels and transported through the equator. It is considered that such travel loads tincture with special, equatorial energy.