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There will be an April!

on walk at parents increase in the Spring efforts. It is slippery, wet, slyakotno. Only also watch that the kid was not soiled yes did not dive into a pool. And that there is a wish to walk - both more, and longer. How to make walk unfatiguing for parents and informative for the kid?

Overalls for the hero

Good walk begins

with good equipment. There is a wish that the kid was both elegant, and clean. But in such changeable month when it is cold, hot when everywhere pools and dirty thawed patches, it is difficult to observe purity. Unless just to drive the child for the handle and to go on infinitely “Nesle - zya - yaya...“ . It is unlikely such option of the peanut will please. Make simpler: prepare a spare set of clothes. Then, if the kid gets wet in the first half of day, will be in what it to remove in the evening. Take for the rule to take spare gloves on walk, and in the second half of month - sneakers, socks and trousers. And if you go to distant walk - to the wood, to park, - boots, waterproof panties and a raincoat - a cape.

do not forget

about special equipment. A bucket, a shovel (or a scoop with the long handle), a rake, a magnifying glass (a magnifying lens) with a diameter of 10 cm, the thermometer (water), a ruler or centimeter, a compass.

of Supervision and research

April - surprising month, in it as if the winter and summer mixed up. Every day in the nature there is something new, and children with pleasure will watch these changes together with you, making the small and big discoveries. You should not forget that for the kid year - immeasurably long time, and all it faces now, - for it as if for the first time.

In that place where you usually walk, get the experimental platform: a small ground with a tree or a high bush. Children love, personal, and here such love will do us good. Every day the kid will come to “the“ place and to observe what there were here innovations what surprises expect it. As the tree as kidneys bulk up comes to life as they burst and - suddenly - tiny leaves as they grow what color in the beginning what will become then that they “eat“ as they reach for the sun - all of you will be able to tell the child appear, and he will remember all this. And will remember emotionally. Such knowledge - the most valuable; and only such, careful touches to the nature induce the person both to love it and to store and to find at it a consolation.

a natural study Lesson


temperature. It is very interesting: to put the thermometer during snow (or in water) and to watch how the color column falls. You, without straining at all, you will help the child to understand such concept, difficult for it, as it is “below zero“ - “above zero“. It is possible to measure anything: air temperature, the water which thawed lands...


to the child how to take, it is correct to hold and transfer the thermometer that it did not break. However, children, as a rule, carefully handle such interesting features. From this it is possible to derive benefit: the kid will not argue with you that “it is not necessary to put on this cap, there hot“ or “I was tired and I will sit on this shop“ when understands (and will personally check!) how many degrees “behind a board“.

One of the major tasks - to stimulate with
his observation in education of the child.
Why? Yes because it is a sign that the child actively investigates the world, notices cycles of the nature, a subtlety, nuances of behavior, change, establishes prichinno - investigative communications, I wait other, a question: “Trees shake - therefore also wind blows?“ - actually result of huge mental work on systematization of a set of different cases which it observed. Also it is not necessary to hurry to laugh and say that he mixed. It is possible to put experiment where you will blow as wind, and trees will be... think up, we do not want to limit also your creative search.

in details. we perceive the Exit in the nature as something volume that there is a lot of trees that birds sang... and the nature - everywhere. You teach the child to notice beautiful in small, that nearby, literally two steps away from us. Observe the same branches or kidneys through a magnifying glass - and both of you will be pleased by harmony thin a streak on foliage, specks of the ladybug who incidentally sat down to you on a hand. You can put a ruler and daily note how leaves grow or how snow thaws (on how many its centimeters became less, than yesterday?) and as the young grass was extended. Only consider that long kids cannot be engaged in one business, their attention easily dissipates and switches therefore do not insist on long “experiments“.

It is possible for

, having come back home, to do sketches in an album. And let at the child the leaflet will be similar to the piggy patch or on a cloud - it is unimportant, the main thing with what pleasure he will be engaged in creativity.

Children very much like to draw cards and schemes, so why in the course of research of vicinities not to create the own plan? The most pleasant that it is possible to do it gradually, interesting affairs, be sure, to you will last for a long time. With the kid you mo zht “to schematize“ absolutely small territory (that ““ site), with children is more senior - “continents“.

Labour education

Any education brings to

benefit when it is carried out not in the form of edifications and lectures, and not importunately so that also it was interesting to the child, and to you is not dull. At a threshold of your entrance - a huge pool. And why not to dig a flute - paths on which water will begin to flow where and it is necessary to it - on lawns or in a drain? The scrap in April is not required, it is enough to find a strong stick which you will help the child to razdolbit the ice remains. And then a shovel it is easy to complete the rest. Usually happens to clear away enough “bed“ for small “small river“, having cleaned from a way of a branch, a small piece of ice yes stones. Possibly, inspired with an example, other children will join you, and the cheerful team of adherents will turn out - and it is a useful lesson for the kid on the future too: how to make friends. The common good cause of people unites. By all means observe safety measures. Measure pool depth, pay attention to slippery pieces of ice, do not allow to arrange fountains and geysers by means of a bucket and a shovel which kids are active.