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Two scenarios of a meeting of New Year

Scenario No. 1

Father Frost: - Hello, children! I arrived from far away. Where I live, the whole year lies snow etc.

to Inform consciousness: The Snow Maiden with gifts goes on deer and here - here has to arrive.

- Let`s it call.

to Shout chorus the Snow Maiden.

Instead of the Snow Maiden with a wild roar (to dump couple of trays and pans on a floor) the Baba-yaga becomes hollow.

Baba-yaga: - did not wait? What started shouting? The Snow Maiden will not come! I on the road dug a big hole, and your Snow Maiden together with gifts failed there. So New year I cancel. You will have no New year, will live in old. And in general, I will eat all of you now. Let`s begin with the one who badly behaved this year.

Father Frost: - the Baba-yaga, I do not allow you to eat anybody. If you want, eat me.

Baba-yaga: - Ha - ha - ha! You are tastelessly, you all from snow. Better I will eat this green dinosaur.

Father Frost: - the Baba-yaga as it is not a shame to you! You came to us to a holiday and want to spoil everything! If you are not able to behave, I will freeze you. (Waves a magic wand)

Children, let`s blow on the Baba-yaga. (Children blow) Stronger, even stronger.

the Baba-yaga (begins to freeze, shivers with cold) : - Oh, I will not be any more! Oh, as cold! I realized everything and I will nevermore eat children, neither good, nor bad.

Father Frost: - Well, we will believe the Baba-yaga? Let`s forgive her? (To convince children that it is necessary to forgive)

Is heard

a hand bell ring

Father Frost: - It the Snow Maiden arrived!

the Snow Maiden Enters and tells that hares saw how the Baba-yaga dug a huge hole on the road, ran and warned the Snow Maiden. Therefore

the Snow Maiden was necessary to go other road etc.

: - And why your fir-tree does not burn?

Father Frost: - And we waited for you, the Snow Maiden. There now, now all gathered, it is possible to light a fir-tree.

to Organize shouts “A fir-tree, be lit!“ .

to Electrical engineers task: to get a fork to the socket after the third cry (but not after the eighth)

the Round dance with songs

Distribution of elephants

the Booze

the Scenario No. 2

the Leader Vasilisa Premudraya.

of Vasilis: - Hello, children! There comes New year, and all know that on New Year`s Eve there are different kind miracles. And there are always forces of evil which want to spoil a holiday. How you think whether all want that there came New year? Kashchey Bessmertny wants? The baba-yaga wants? Let`s look what they conceived.

Kashchey: - the Baba-yaga, you know that soon New year?

Baba-yaga: - I Know, I know.

Kashchey: - And with what bad business we will celebrate New year?

Baba-yaga: - And that if to steal the Snow Maiden?

Kashchey: Well thought up, but it is possible worse.

Baba-yaga: - Then needs to steal gifts. And then all children will be left without gifts.

Kashchey: - Well and that?

Baba-yaga: - They will cry all year. Both will begin, and will not be able to stop. Naplanut the whole ocean of tears, and all will drown in this sea.

Kashchey: - It you well thought up. And you know that in a bag Father Frost has magic hours? If these hours to steal, then New year will not come at all.

Baba-yaga: - And how we will steal hours? Father Frost protects them.

Kashchey: And we will send to it the Fright. Hey, the Fright, go here.

Fright: I here! I here!

Kashchey: - Hear, you, the Fright, you want to play a dirty trick?

Fright: - I Want, I want!

Baba-yaga: - It is necessary magic to steal hours from Father Frost.

Fright: - At Father Frost? No, at Father Frost I am afraid. It will freeze me.

Kashchey: - And you imperceptibly steal all bag. He will think that he lost, and will not freeze.

Fright: - And if it in a bag does not carry them? And on a neck or, for example, on a leg?

Baba-yaga: is only you, the stupid person, watch on a leg you wear. And a big magic clock, he bags them.

Fright: - Well, then I will try. (leaves)

Kashchey: - we Will go until we watch TV.

Baba-yaga: - Aha, we will go.

of Vasilis: is So far the Baba-yaga and Kashchey Bessmertny watch TV, let`s think how to warn Father Frost and the Snow Maiden. Children, as soon as you see that the Fright wants to drag off a bag, you shout to Father Frost more loudly at once, and he old and hears that badly. Let`s try everything together: Father Frost, take care! (to organize shouts)

Father Frost: - the Snow Maiden, you hear, someone shouted just?

Snow Maiden: - That you, the grandfather, wolves howl. (from - under fir-trees chorus Kashchey and the Baba-yaga howl)

Father Frost: - Well, I heard that someone shouted, and here that shouted, did not sort.

Snow Maiden: - I do not know, the grandfather. In my opinion, it seemed to you.

Father Frost: - Let`s look, what is the time remained prior to the beginning of a holiday. (gets a big alarm clock from a bag)

the Snow Maiden: - needs to be hurried, the grandfather, children wait for us.

Father Frost: - Yes, a long journey.

(the Fright jumps out)

the Fright: - Hello, hello! Tell, what time is it now and how to pass for the New Year`s holiday?

Father Frost: - From where you undertook?

Fright: - I local, live in the wood here. So tell, tell, what is the time?

Father Frost: - Eight hours.

Fright: - I do not believe! Let`s look! (tries to snatch out hours)

the Snow Maiden: - the Grandfather! Do not give it hours, and that she now with hours will escape.

Father Frost: - the Fright, do not indulge, and I will freeze that!

Fright: - Oh - it - it! I knew it! (runs away and comes back) And is possible I with you I will go to a holiday?

Snow Maiden: - Only promise that you will behave well.

Fright: - I Promise, I promise. Solemnly I swear!

Father Frost: - At way! And hours need to be hidden better.

of Vasilis: - they Also went the woods dense, fir-trees prickly. And meanwhile the Baba-yaga and Kashchey Bessmertny watched on TV a beauty contest.

Kashchey: - You look, the Baba-yaga, what mermaids beautiful go.

Baba-yaga: - And that? Let`s deal with Father Frost, I will go to a beauty contest and I will win the first place.

Kashchey: - Fie you, evil spirits! Yes you, probably, in a mirror the last time saw yourself hundred years ago.

Baba-yaga: - And I magic will put clock back and I will become young and beautiful. I will buy the car. And I will hand over a mortar in Voyenno`s museum - air forces.

Kashchey: - it is interesting how there the Fright performs a task?

Baba-yaga: - we Will go, we will look. (leave)

the Fright: - What we so long go, we go, and the wood does not come to an end? Let`s have a rest, we will have a sleep. (aside) Will fall asleep, and I am a bag here and I will steal.

Snow Maiden: - Indeed, the grandfather, it is still far to go. It is necessary to have a rest.

the Snow Maiden and Father Frost sit down under a fir-tree and fall asleep. The fright takes a bag and crawls away. Children shout. Vasilisa directs shouts.

Snow Maiden: - Father Frost, hold it! In vain you believed it, the grandfather, and allowed to go with us.

Father Frost: - Anything, the granddaughter. These hours magic. And the one who takes them in hand becomes good at once. Here you will see, they will bring them back. And we with you will go further, we have to arrive on time for a holiday. (leave)

the Fright: - Kashchey! Baba-yaga! Hours at me!

Kashchey and the Baba-yaga Leave.

Baba-yaga: - And well, show!

Fright: (hides a bag for a back) - And what to me for it will be?

Kashchey: - Nothing will be if now you give. And if you do not give, I will turn you into a fragmentary boot.

the Fright gives to

a bag. The baba-yaga pulls out hours.

Baba-yaga: - Here I will stop them now! Oh! Oh! (shivers) What it with me? What did we do? Why all of us do time of muck? Why we are such bad?

Kashchey and the Fright ofonaret


Kashchey: - At you, the Baba-yaga, with the head it became bad. Probably, you toadstools ate too much.

Fright: - sent me, and now what you tell?

Kashchey: - Give hours here. (takes away hours, shudders and gets prettier) Yes, the Baba-yaga, you was right. Hours need to be returned rather. Went, and that we will be late.

Fright: - Wait a moment, wait a moment, I nothing - understand nothing.

Baba-yaga: - And what here to understand? Badly without demand to take others things.

Father Frost and the Snow Maiden Enter.

Kashchey: - Father Frost, and we look for you. We want to return hours and together with you to meet New year.

Baba-yaga: - Take us, please, for a holiday.

Fright: - And I want too! Passion as I love holidays!

Father Frost: - the Snow Maiden how you think, we will take them for a holiday?

Snow Maiden: - Of course, the grandfather. New year is a holiday for all. And nobody has to quarrel.

Father Frost: - And you, children how you think? Then let`s begin (to carry out work among children). The Snow Maiden, what we will make first of all?

Snow Maiden: - Let`s light the main fir-tree of the country. Children, all together: time, two, three, a fir-tree, burn!

Round dance, song, distribution of elephants, booze