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The fountain of tears of

“Life resembles onions. You remove a layer behind a layer, and eventually find out that you in nothing are not present“, - one American musical critic wrote. Perhaps it is also right. But from the point of view of cookery, such relation to onions - not justified squandering

So turned out that this quite harmless vegetable steadily causes brisk disputes. Here, for example, ways of salting of cucumbers, tomatoes and cabbage to discuss not so interestingly. Really - about what to speak: about preparation of a brine, about different seasonings or about sterilization of cans? Any poetry. Quite another matter - onions! At once ten options of disposal of onions tears will be remembered, someone will undertake to claim that “fried onions are loved by all“, and someone - to list products which will help to get rid of persistent smell...“ The onions subject“ is picked up by producers. Recently on our counters there were banks with the golden, already fried ringlets. It would seem - an excellent solution: more we should not suffer, shedding tears. But we for some reason do not hurry to take advantage of this offer, and we continue to experiment, inventing new variations on the subject “onions without tears“ and own recipes in which worthy application would be found for onions.

Onions without tears not to clean

the Lie! Last year the British newspapers reported:“ Sweet onions are grown up, not defiant got down“. And in August, 2004 the new grade has to be started in sale. However, apparently, its emergence did not cause a special stir at buyers. Perhaps, selectors overdid, and together with the tear properties onions lost also some useful qualities?

We decided to invent nothing, and just to address already repeatedly checked methods. The most effective - cold “water procedures“. The onions can be cleaned, having placed it in the container with water and from time to time rinsing a knife blade under flowing water.

Some, however, advise

to put it in a deep freeze, for about ten minutes before cleaning and when to cut - to chew a bread piece. Interestingly, what - rye or “Borodino“? Others even suggest to use the tiny fan to disperse onions fluids. We did not check these councils as we trust experience of professionals much more. If to observe work the chief - cooks, then it is visible that they cope with onions easily and quickly, “without tears“. The matter is that when cutting they always leave an onions root in inviolability, and it becomes peculiar “paper clip“ for all bulb. As a result it is not scattered, and the tear component is allocated not so actively. Besides, such professional cutting of onions allows to receive identical, equal cubes always.

needs to Knife onions by all means sharp, not to do it in advance only at all - for the future it to prepare all the same it will not turn out: juice “will leave“ at once, and any tears will not return it.

not to get rid Of an onions smell

I it not absolutely so. If you prepared in general without onions earlier then not to suffer from an unpleasant smell, use the checked folk remedies - their set. Generations saved up experience of fight against different troubles - from wine spots on white shirts to grape snails on a kitchen garden. And so, the onions smell will be easily eliminated by fried walnuts, strongly fried toasts, dry leaves of green tea, boiled milk, parsley greens, a dried peel of a citrus and lemon juice. And in a consolation of subjects, a coma any of these means does not help, we will quote the Roman poet Martsial:“ To the one who just gorged on onions, danger to be rained kisses to death“ does not threaten...

meanwhile this quite harmless vegetable has also the most real opponents. Rather recently in old kind England the organization under the name AOL - “Anti-onions league“ appeared. On its emblem - the onion and a leek which are crossed out by the fat red line. And the address which is posted online comes to an end with words: “Let`s say no to onions!“ Thus the league tries to draw attention of world community to an “onions“ problem “. Why there is what forces us to shed tears, it is bad to smell, be too active or, on the contrary, weak and sluggish, to be depressed?“ - authors of the website ask a question. What to object to it? It appears, not only onions are capable to cause such strong feelings. There are organizations not less actively opposing tomatoes, mushrooms and mustard …

We will just continue to prepare it. Especially as it is not always necessary to fight against taste and a smell of onions. On travel over the exotic countries it will protect you from an adverse effect unusual on structure, “new“ water. When moving to other climatic zone acclimatization will take place more successfully if there are onions with bread. The abundance of onions will not damage also when boiling meat which taste from it will only improve. Not to mention boiled pork - pork for it is recommended to be cooked with a large number of an onions peel. It is useful also for broth which will get a pleasant, golden shade.

Onions - vegetable bitter and burning

It only seems that onions by all means have to be bitter. Large light-copper Spanish, red, juicy light-yellow vidaliysky and Bermudas - with a bulb of irregular shape - all of them belong to the category of sweet. Of course, sweet this peculiar - “onions“, but thanks to it such onions it is possible to use in salads and sandwiches, to stuff or bake entirely.

Sweet onions karamelizirutsya perfectly by

, even do fruit jelly of it. If to prepare onions on small fire, he will pine, becoming at the same time soft and gentle, but not sweet, and will not be reddened. If to continue to extinguish it, it karamelizirutsya and “will finally tear“ with the burning and bitter past. The portion at the same time will decrease almost half. It will be possible to store such onions in the refrigerator several days. How then to use it? In ragout and toasts, and also as a basis for sauces.

For such onions transformations at first cut onions (about 1,5 kg) thin rings. In a deep frying pan warm up mix creamy (40 g) and olive (2 tablespoons) oils, add 1 h l. salts. You extinguish on the slowest fire within 1 hour, mixing from time to time. As soon as it becomes soft, increase fire to an average and you extinguish 20 - 25 more min., constantly stirring slowly, it will not be reddened yet. Pour in 30 ml of white wine and carefully mix wine with onions juice and the remains of oil. If several pieces burned and stuck to a bottom, carefully mix everything. Remove a frying pan from fire and season onions I will merge also a large number of ground black pepper. Now it can be given as a garnish for meat or fish, having mixed with grated cheese, for example, parmesan. it is good to p to lay out

On a dish with a bird or pork turned sour - sweet onions. It is necessary to fry 450 g of onions in butter on average fire, about 5 min. To add a glass of water, 2 tablespoons of raisin or the chopped dried apricots, 1 tablespoon of brown sugar, a branch of fresh rosemary and the small strong blanched tomato. To cook mix on slow fire under a cover of 20 min. until onions become soft. Then to pour in 2 tablespoons of red wine vinegar, to increase fire and to prepare 6 - 8 more min. until liquid is evaporated and sauce does not become uniform.

we Can offer

one more interesting recipe - Gibson cocktail. Of course, onions in it not the main thing, and to you are required not usual, napiform, but its more noble version - pearl, and still... To mix in a shaker 50 ml of gin, 10 ml of white martini. To pour out in previously cooled narrow glass. To squeeze out several drops of a lemon dried peel and to throw a handful of chipped ice. And, at last, the main thing - to string two marinated pearl onions on a skewer and to decorate a glass. You understand: without onions this cocktail is impossible!