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It is a little about love of

At first I did not feel anything, except fatigue. Except an obizhennost on the whole world. For the conclusion in the apartment with this shouting lump. That I am not able, I do not understand, I do not want!!!

In articles I read that during feeding it is not necessary to read, watch TV, it is necessary to concentrate completely on process, well and so on... Enjoy communication with your kid. Touch it. All this for me there were only phrases. to me it was boring for p to feed with

. I thought of anything, except the child. I was proud of the fact that I feed, I understand all importance of this process. And I did not think of the child and I was not proud of him. It was my problem. I honestly tried to solve it.

A then there came the spring. Sunbeams were everywhere: in reflections of glasses, in streamlets, in corners of children`s eyes and at me in soul. My baby was two months old. And I felt! Felt all about what it is so banal it is written in articles and books. Felt what it is not possible to describe precisely words. It was valid how gift by nature. It was really. It did not approach under any rules.

suddenly understood

Ya that I know everything about feeding by a breast. Animals nobody learns to bring up the cubs. I had an animal intuition.

the Sea of happiness overflowed me. Sometimes such strong wave of affection rolls! I sometimes cannot just restrain from tears! I as though look in the childhood. The breast stopped being only the container with milk. And my daughter enjoys with might and main. Both will eat, and will drink, and will lick, and will smell, then dozes, having nestled a cheek on a breast, then still will eat and so indefinitely. And how on other child to express the love to mother?

A now domestic squabbles.

the big problem Arose: how to learn to do everything together with the child? How to carry it that hands were free and it was convenient to the child? I was helped with it by the book Serzov. I carry the child in a sling and on hands. It depends more conveniently. Here everyone will find the solutions. Anyway that is simple to get used to such makeweight which is heavier and heavier not so-. But communication with the child - it is anyway not simple.

Of course, at first from it was necessary to refuse many. Many affairs became simply inaccessible for me. But also freedom became more. The daughter became quiet. With it it is possible to go safely on a visit, to go quietly to shop. I ceased to be nervous, and understood that I most of all was tired of it.


Ya it ceased to be decanted absolutely. The daughter often ate, the heavy feeling in a breast was not. If it arose, I right there allowed the child to eat and massed the firm place of a breast. The problem of care of a breast was resolved too. With such feeding it is possible to wash a breast approximately once a day. But not before each feeding because feeding stops very seldom and for a while. The breast, is also rather often open - the child a lot of time about a breast. Therefore nipples always as it should be. They are not overdried and receive water procedures and training enough.

I Change a breast through certain time. Well, let us assume, it is possible to change in each hour irrespective of, what is the time the child carried out about a breast. If there is a feeling of weight and morbidity in a breast, it is necessary to give this breast irrespective of time and to massage.

When the child so often eats

, it is possible to injure a nipple easily. That it did not occur as soon as there is a feeling of any inconvenience or feeling that the child took a breast too little, it is necessary to take out right there a breast and to give the chance to the child to take it better. Surely and at once!

One more moment. When the child sees off at a breast so much, the temptation appears to calm the child only a breast. And it, I consider, very big mistake. On the contrary, such frequent feeding has to allow to understand better that is wanted by the child. And as soon as the child has new skills and opportunities to investigate something except a breast, it is necessary to use them at once. There should not be a situation that the child is calmed only a breast and anything else is not tried. But if the child wanted a breast, then let enjoys.

Result at us very good. The daughter gathered much more for the next two months. The doctor in policlinic decided that I began to finish feeding it. And I just allowed the baby is always when she wants. And itself allowed to be happy mother.