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Sanatorium for the child. Spring - the Crimea - Yevpatoria: The road and the settlement of

the Road and the settlement

With tickets arose small problems. It turned out that in the spring of the train Moscow - Yevpatoria only two once a week and only once a week go the train comes to Yevpatoria on weekdays when accounts departments work. However for three days later, than planned, we easily bought the ticket and on April 12 left Moscow.

About border: Actually, the border is crossed so quietly that even you should not think of it. It is necessary to see to it about an insert in the passport or about the international passport only in advance. Our checks were reduced by 2 - 3 minutes. All were extremely polite. The road to Yevpatoria, even taking into account all long parking, occupies all days that is 1,5 times faster, than a trip by train to Anapa. However, ticket, on the contrary, more expensive. In the spring of a compartment cost about 700 rubles. The child till five years without occasional seat - it is free. But the occasional seat is not required. Trains go thin in the spring. Both there, and back we all road went one to a compartment.

we Arrived according to the schedule, took a taxi for 10 hryvnias (later I understood that was possible also for 5) and reached to “Friendship“. The accounts department paid number a junior suite prior to the beginning of May. As a pleasant surprise - on Ksenia in spite of the fact that she took the certain place, received food and treatment, allowed a 50 percentage discount. It seems that women in accounts department were shocked also that we together, and the fact that from Moscow, and what so little child (it indeed less peers) and very much all sought to make for us in the best possible way. For what to them - many thanks! Precisely I will not call the sum in dollars, to me called in hryvnias, but perfectly I remember that 18 days for two in number a junior suite cost us taking into account discounts with all taxes 220 dollars. Was included four times food and treatment in the price.

If I guessed to change dollars in advance and paid in hryvnias, having avoided thereby double recalculation from hryvnias in dollars and back, then it would turn out slightly cheaper. One dollar is cost by slightly more than five hryvnias. But Russians cannot import hryvnias to Ukraine, in the train I did not risk to change, and at the station was not in time. The taxi driver picked up me at the exit to the platform while I deliberated with what to me to begin unloading, with a bag or with the child. It helped to inform of things the taxi stand. The road to “Friendship“ borrowed minutes 15. It is necessary to notice, as the first, and subsequent impression of Yevpatoria remained even better, than I expected at the best deal.

That we took to take with ourselves

of Things by inexperience twice more, than it is necessary. Together with the child and too big bag it was necessary it is rather heavy. Unfortunately, you understand it already when you remain with a bag and the kid alone. Was to take the child enough a jacket, a warm sweater or a jacket, tights, jeans, summer trousers - a sundress and t-shirts - shorts in bigger quantity. Though Ksenya went to a toilet independently for a long time, but all the same five pairs of tights sometimes were not enough. From - for sand it was necessary to erase daily, and dried in the spring everything very long. From obligatory things we took still a pot - it is necessary, especially during long parking on border. Ksyusha already ate itself, and we forgot a plastic bib. It added to me washing. I took many books for the child, and it was not superfluous: libraries in sanatoria are, but children`s books on registration and, especially, a state do not impress. However there were quite enough library books for me.

we almost did not watch TV. From the Russian channels show only ORT, and partially. For lack of a teleimage, by the way, you feel excellently. As though again you live in the country, best in the world. Actually, subjectively, quite so also you feel yourself.

I took

of Toys very little, perfectly managed what was bought on the place. I too almost did not take drugs. At once bought everything in a drugstore in the territory of sanatorium. Took brilliant green which was required to the child in the first day in a first-aid post. However it is necessary to consider that not in all sanatoria there is a drugstore, and it is far with the small child sometimes to get not easy. From documents I took the passport with an insert about citizenship of the Russian Federation and the birth certificate of the child. We did still sanatorno - a resort map and took the certificate of lack of quarantine, but perfectly could do also without them.

Everything that is not enough, can be bought in two local markets. Especially any t-shirts, shorts and other summer resort things. It is quite possible to pick up something rather qualitative. Footwear both adult, and children`s. The prices are lower, than in Moscow, but in general, even in the spring, all - is dearer, than in the usual city on the periphery. Shampoos, soap, various small things - there was the same that I usually bought houses. If something also has to have been taken - that on a minimum. In shops around the market it was possible to buy any baby food, pampers. With warm things - it is worse. But if, suddenly, very much are necessary, then all the same in the spring still it is possible to find something. It is only necessary to remember that, most likely, after arrival, on the market it will be possible to get not earlier than the next Sunday, and the train comes on Wednesday.


Even in the coldest days in April to the child had enough bilateral jacket - a windbreaker, an easy hat, a sweater, trousers and tights. We took two pairs of shoes. Boots and sandals. There lasted new sandals for a month. The second couple was bought already in Yevpatoria. It is very good that the father took away part of warm things from us in May back to Moscow. Still it seemed to me that it is better to take not a sweater, but a warm jacket on a lightning, it can be carried then when is warmer, without jacket and to undo when becomes even warmer. Weather is changeable, and it is sometimes difficult to foretell in advance as it is better to put on. In the evening sharply becomes cold. You leave for dinner in easy clothes, and to come back already just right in a jacket. By the way, in April in 2000 from time to time it was even warmer, than in May. And, by the way, local strawberry in the market appears already from the second half of April. And in April in the sea swans floated! It appears, they winter in the Crimea.

About weather

About weather in the spring: I was in the Crimea many times in the summer in different places, but in the spring - for the first time. It seemed to me that the second half of spring is the finest time. Such freshness - full delight! And it is absolute nobody around. According to locals, April was usual, and May - is colder, than usually. Days were different. That heat, even hot all week, became cold a little. When it was warm, even in April there were such days, we went in summer clothes and sunbathed. In the evening, however, as a rule, all the same became cold. Since the end of May it was possible to bathe. But the sea in general cold - 19 - 20 degrees at most in May - June. I do not love cold water. Came into the sea only up to knees. Swam in the pool.

In June the strong heat began

with the first (we left 13 - go), and the sea still was rather cold, still 19 degrees. All bathed. However it was not pleasant to me at all. The whole day to stick out on the beach, on the sun, tires me, and more there is absolutely nothing to do. It is good still that very small and for the child it is possible to worry not really. Or the sand digs, or laps at the coast. The whole day is taken. However - melancholy.

it is already a lot of

of Vacationers in June. Literally for one - two days at the very end of May - the beginning of June absolutely desert solitudes turn into the hooting beehive. To be where - or, except the beach, even in a shadow of trees it is impossible, very hot. In number - it is normal, but who will sit the whole day there? Trips on the market on a heat in the crowded transport are in general a nightmare. Strawberry gradually departs, but sweet cherry appears. The prices in the markets raise. Quiet walks in parks and along the sea become almost impossible. Or it is too stuffy, or it is too much people.