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Trip together with the child on the Solar Coast
(Bulgaria, 2005)

Why Bulgaria? Just from Soviet period I wanted to visit this solar and friendly country where such warm sea, excellent and cheap fruit, and all people beautiful, cheerful and very much love Russians.

“Nashata is lovely to

, the native land!“ - so my aunt when in 1987 the Soviet chorus in which it participated with friendly visit visited Bulgaria sang about Bulgaria. Our chorus sang about Bulgaria, and Bulgarian, respectively, about the USSR. And all was so remarkable that after delighted aunt`s stories I began to cherish dream - sometime obligatory to visit this beautiful country.

Why Solar coast? I chose this resort after a careful shtudirovaniye of reference books and atlases on Bulgaria, and also after reading of a number of responses on the Internet. In - the first, there the big and pure beach, in - the second, the ancient city of Nessebar is in only three - four kilometers and as I went together with 3,5 - the summer child, I understood that on distant excursions I will hardly leave, and here - here it, antiquity, almost near by. Well and in - the third, there was a wish for resort rest, with a heap of razvlekalovka for me and the child and that around everything was festively and carelessly.

Negative statements on the Internet I tried to consider

too. But I was frightened by no backwardness of the country (though even sceptics recognized that the resort part of Bulgaria is at rather high level), snobbish comparisons in favor of other countries which are in tourist demand (especially like many to nod to Turkey, there supposedly everything is much better). To put it briefly, all negative responses did not seem to me so deserving attention to take and change the plans.

the Road

we from Kaliningrad to Varna since Severo - the Western direction (ours and Sankt - the St. Petersburg lines) does landing exactly there Flew. And here planes from Moscow land in Bourgas that is absolutely close from the Solar Coast. We had to go by bus from the airport more than two hours, and we reached the resort almost at midnight.

the Young and nice guide from Neva tourist`s bureau accompanying us both on the way, and later practically in all excursions tried to tell

in the bus about history of Bulgaria, and about passed us sights, but - alas, in a gloom of night of special sights on the way we did not see.

Almost unnoticed rather not especially impressive also. I do not know. In outer darkness we overcame the twisting and mountainous road, turned for the next hillock and … were stupefied: somewhere far below the city where I so wanted to get - the Solar Coast shone with the myriads of multi-colored fires surrounding the huge and dark sea.

Even minutes twenty - down, and we got to the center of the resort where flickered before eyes from the enticing neon signs, numerous show-windows and attractions where crowds prazdnoshatayushchikhsya health-resort visitors and did not think to go to bed, and music shouted from each restaurant so that it seemed that we got on a huge disco.

of Passengers was carried on hotels, and it turned out that our, three-stars with plus of “Dunav“, was on the way the last.

the Dunav Hotel to

With number to us was lucky

: for the lack of free “single + one child“ (for which it was paid in travel agency) got the whole double. At number there were a normal furniture, the TV, a balcony overlooking the sea. However, between our balcony and the sea the whole heap of bars so it was necessary to fill up every night under cacophony of various songs settled down. One more minus - a shower. It was present, of course, but because of extremely small sizes of a bathroom settled down practically over a toilet bowl. Inconveniently, there are no words, but to everything somehow adapt. The room was cleaned every day, and the bed linen was changed in 2 days for the third.

About food

we Had a rest on system “all inclusive“ and did not regret. Dishes were rather various, there were enough fruit and sweets much so if we also bought something from food out of hotel, then it were only water and juice to the child (since from soft drinks in the dining room only something similar was offered on the divorced lemonade). Perhaps, those tourists who can be more mobile would suit a half board, but for us it was the most acceptable this option.

the Beach

Having had breakfast, we usually went to the sea. Beach here quite wide and pure, and sea small and transparent. Ranks of paid chaise lounges stretched practically to the water, and free of charge on the beach it is possible to sunbathe only behind them. Well, or at the very best edge of water if there is a town ahead of the very first chaise lounge (in case controllers do not banish).

Should tell

that keeping order on the Solar coast there is a lot of. When at the sea storms and everywhere hang out red flags, peace officers stand literally continually and whistles expel people from water if those came there further, than on 5 meters. And in the sea, at distance of meters 20 - 25 from the coast, boats to and fro ply, trying to discover potential drowning so if you want to drown - you will not drown. To me it was surprising that boats at the same time do not run aground since to come into water at least on a belt, it is necessary to pass considerable distance.

Children`s entertainments

After a lunch if the daughter did not want to sleep in any way, we gathered and went to walk. Forgot to write that our trip had for the end of August - the beginning of September so too wearisome heat was not any more, and even during a siesta time our walks were quite comfortable. In new part of Nessebar (the museum) the children`s park with attractions, rather modest is that which is on “continent“, but not on the peninsula turned by UNESCO into the city - but there it was pleasant to the child.

was not so many

On the Solar Coast of children`s entertainments unless various trampolines. There are they more expensively, than at us (somewhere rubles 50 - 60 in recalculation), but for this money it is possible to jump on them minutes 20 - 30. Each hotel and as an entrance in the territory everywhere free, it was possible to stop and take rest easily at the most pleasant hotel has playgrounds while the child masters new hills and a swing. Pools too around and everywhere - bathe where will like. But we did not abuse pools, few times only bathed in our priotelny. To what pools, we will leave them for foreigners if there is a warm and clean sea.


If conversation on foreigners came, I will tell that it, besides Russians, comes to Bulgaria many Germans and British, Bulgarians treat all of them very kindly, do not love only … Swedes. The matter is that in Sweden whether there is a Prohibition, whether alcoholic drinks cost fabulously much, but all holiday in Bulgaria for natives of the countries of Scandinavia consists in infinite consumption of alcohol. As a result they cause drunk row at night, glasses beat, play tricks in pools etc. Bulgarians and call them - “swinish Scandinavians“. Here to you and national stereotypes.

I was not tired to be surprised to

and to the fact that it is universal all foreign children more young than three - four years were in pampers. All right on the coast when the child, probably, for hygiene in these pampers sunbathes or molds Easter cakes from sand (though all - is a pity for kids, well hot!) . But when I saw that parents from above of pampers to the child put pants and went with it to bathe in water - from my point of view, it is just a nonsense.

Evening leisure

Animation per se in our hotel was absent. Only once to children the clown came and amused them on the priotelny platform. From discos especially recommended to us “Lazur“ on the seashore, but I did not go there from - for the fact that the child there is nobody was to leave. However, I not especially also wanted - too we were tired in a day. The only entertainment for which I still was enough in the evening is a sit-round gathering in the bar of our hotel where I went down, having put the daughter to bed. There I was waited by Cloud cocktail - favourite Bulgarian drink (mastic, the cop and cream) - and pleasant conversations with new acquaintances. Bulgarians (those to whom for thirty) quite tolerably can talk in Russian, they learned it at school. The couple of hours only of my personal time (the truth, was necessary several times to run to check whether the child sleeps) - and everything, is time to rest also to me.

of Excursion which were offered by both “Neva“, and street barkers we mostly ignored

of Excursion. Well I will not drag the child to Istanbul (night in way in the bus), for example, to Sofia (too it is far and tiresome). I doubted and need of visit of such actions by us as “The jeep - a safari“ or “Fishing on the yacht“. But we walked nearly an every day across ancient Nessebar which it was possible either to reach on foot, or to reach by regular bus.

U me still, but somehow it did not turn out. And here where all of us - got out, so this so-called Bulgarian village. In the evening the people seat in the special bus and carry for several tens kilometers to the Bulgarian remote place. On the road there is a stop on the lavender field - tourists go out of the bus, admire the beautiful views opening from height (the road - that conducts everything up and up the serpentine), are photographed and obediently collect a lavender.

On the arrival of tourists is waited by a rank of the horses and donkeys harnessed in vehicles. With whooping and a cheerful rappberry of the vehicle pass through all village to the estate turned into the museum. There everything is devoted to national Bulgarian way: we saw both the center, and old pig-iron kitchen utensils, and the country clothes hanged on house walls, and, at last, the centenary grandmother (as we were told, the hostess of this house) which sat on a threshold and spun a tow.

Still there was 150 - the summer car which cleans sheep wool (to us showed it in operation) and the device which makes lemonade (simple adaptation like moonshine, but provided for more “peace“ purposes though, perhaps, to us something was not finished speaking :).

the Bulgarian village looks poorer Russian. And this with the fact that we were carried for certain to not the worst. Stocky lodges with red tile roofs, the trampled-down earth yards and small gardens. Along the road - the countrymen trading in souvenirs, and slightly at some distance - hens, turkey-cocks and amusing it is black - white pigs.

Upon termination of excursion, already at sunset, us was waited by a solemn dinner at beautiful restaurant detached of the village. Met us by bread - I will merge guides (the Bulgarian delay) under sounds and transplanted in the spacious hall which is also issued in national style. The dinner was very nourishing, without restriction the Bulgarian wine with which while you drink, it seems you do not get drunk was served, and you get on feet with great difficulty: to put it briefly, it was pleasant to the people. Songs - dances (my daughter just could not sit still, danced almost without interruption), performances of the Bulgarian dancing collectives and, on snack, the well-known dances on coals.

As it was p, departures to similar Bulgarian villages are from any resort, only the lavender field, for example, is replaced with vineyards.

of Purchase

What else interesting can be recommended on SB? Speak, the local aquapark is very good. We do not know, did not happen. In shops all is quite dear including the advertized Bulgarian children`s textiles. If there is a desire, it is better to reach new Nessebar and to do some shopping there. Everything is much cheaper, than on the Solar Coast, and the choice is broader. Exactly there it is better to buy also tasty Bulgarian peaches and grapes.


our departure had for the beginning of September. With arrival of fall in the resort somehow sharply became cold, winds blew, downpours several times expected to fall. Since morning and it was already necessary to put on windbreakers or sweaters in the evening. But was all the same hot in the afternoon, the sea was still warm so it was also pleasant to bathe. However, holiday already expired, and it was necessary to prepare for departure.

On the way back, already when landing in the plane I unexpectedly met several acquaintances from Kaliningrad. We shared impressions about rest. One young couple visited Albena it (was pleasant), and two elderly women - in Gold Dust (remained are dissatisfied: both beach dirty, and excursions not really). And even earlier the knowing people said to me that Gold Dust very much reminds the Solar Coast, but it is worse. At least in SB and at all desire you will not carp at purity of the beach.

Result: the trip was pleasant also to me, and the daughter (her main memoirs as it appeared subsequently, it is trampolines, and also dances and driving on a burro in the Bulgarian village: well, each to their own). With ourselves we brought a lot of photos, a videotape with a trip to the Bulgarian village (us there the video operator pursued everywhere), a package of cockleshells which we used then in decoration of a frame with the best photo from Bulgaria, a bouquet from a dry lavender, a card, new toys which - that from belongings, souvenir mugs, plateaus and a painted small decanter, well and still some memorable bagatelles for friends and the family. Aha, still forgot about bottles with mastic and menty :), and still raki (well, natural moonshine). whether

I Want to spend the holidays in Bulgaria again? Why not? We are already well familiar with the Solar Coast and its vicinities, and I have a desire to continue acquaintance to this country. So, good-bye, Bulgaria!