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Kremlin diet: pro contra

Long time the Kremlin diet was considered as secret behind seven seals. But now it is available to all and everyone. Try.

is Told by the candidate of medical sciences, the dietitian sankt - the St. Petersburg Mariinsky hospital Yury Vladimirovich Volkov.

we Grow thin or we get fat?

Huge plus of the Kremlin diet is that the person does not hunger. It is allowed to eat much. And the accounting of the eaten food goes not on grams and calories, and on points, in other words - conventional units. Their certain quantity has each product.

the Task being on a diet - it is correct to p to make the diet. Its general value should not exceed 40 points (conventional unit.) in day. Then in two weeks it is possible to grow thin for 4 - 5 kilograms. That who wants to keep the weight at the initial level - not to grow thin and not to grow stout, about 60 c.u. a day are allowed “to eat“.

Excess of this indicator leads

to increase in weight. It is actual too because not all passionately wish to grow thin. Some women, on the contrary, dream to add several kilograms. The Kremlin diet is suitable also for this purpose.

the Emphasis on meat and fish

In the Kremlin diet the easiest and easy food is considered

, strangely enough, meat and fish. They can be eaten for breakfast, a lunch and a dinner because “cost“ of these products makes zero points. Very few conventional units are awarded to alcohol and eggs.


A here with vegetables, fruit, berries and juice observes an opposite picture. Any edible vegetation on points “costs“ much more meat and fishes.

It, of course, is absolutely illogical

. All know that products of an animal origin much sytny and kaloriyny. And vegetables and fruit, on the contrary, have low power value.

But the Kremlin diet it is constructed by certain principles. Main of them is that it is necessary to minimize consumption of carbohydrates. With them products from fancy pastry, cakes, cakes, sugar, chocolate, bread and a roll are rich. In a “-point“ rating they hold the top places. It is enough to tell that 100 grams of biscuit cake cost nearly 65 c.u. It is “price“ of almost two-day diet.

the Slightest retreat towards candies and the test will nullify all diet too. With vegetables and fruit everything is not so strictly, and nevertheless consumption of these products is sharply limited. To any vegetable product many points are awarded. Therefore juice, salads, berries, fruit, vegetables and greens are exposed to the strict account.

of the Mistake and precaution

the Most frequent mistakes are an abuse of animal products. Despite permission, they cannot be eaten in unlimited number. Especially it concerns fat grades of meat - mutton and pork. It awarded 0 points too, but it is clear to everyone that the huge number of bacon or fat roast will do nobody good. Animal fat increases concentration of cholesterol in blood, and it is very harmful at all heart diseases.

Therefore it is better for p to give preference to fast meat - “lean“ beef, rabbit flesh, veal, chicken meat and turkey. It is recommended to skin a bird - in her there is most of all fat. And still it is necessary to include as often as possible in a diet fish and various seafood - shrimps, squids, mussels and oysters. They it is much more useful, than usual meat.

Absolutely it is impossible for

the Kremlin diet is contraindicated at some diseases of kidneys - for example, at adjournment of uratny stones. This diet at many pathologies of a liver and pancreas is not recommended. Besides, one-sided food can weaken work of intestines. Also deterioration in a current of heart diseases is not excluded. Considering it, the diet cannot be followed without consultation of the doctor.

Day menu:

Boiled egg, 1 piece of 0,5 c.u.
Cheese, 50 g of 1 c.u.
of Coffee or tea without sugar of 0 c.u.
the Lunch:
Broth (any), 200 ml of 0 c.u.
Stewed chicken meat, 200 g 0 at. e
cucumbers Salad and the tomatoes filled with oil, 100 g of 3,5 c.u.
orange juice, 200 g of 24 c.u.
the Dinner:
the Pepper stuffed with vegetables, 100 g of 11 c.u.
Tea or coffee without sugar of 0 c.u.

How many there “is“ your lunch?

of < td> Carrots
Products Points (conventional unit.)
Bread of 100 g
Wheat 50
Borodino 40
Rich rolls 51
of Drying 68
Macaroni 69
of Grain of 100 g
Buckwheat 62
Semolina 67
Oat 49
Rice 71
Meat, bird of 100 g
Beef, veal, mutton, pork 0
Chicken 0
beef liver 0
of Sausage dairy 1,5
of Egg in any kind (piece) 0,5
Fish, seafood of 100 g
Fish fresh, frozen (river, sea) 0
Fish boiled 0
Fish in crackers 12
Crabs 2
of the Shrimp 0
Milk of 100 ml
the Milk pasteurized 4,7
Sour cream 3
Cheese of different grades 0,5 - 2
butter 1,3
Vegetable oil 0
Vegetables of 100 g
a white cabbage 5
Tomatoes 4
Parsley (greens) 8
Potatoes 16
of Sweet of 100 g
Granulated sugar, lump sugar 99
Cake biscuit 50
cream Cake 62
milk chocolate 54
of Candy - fondant 83
Fruit of 100 g
Pineapple 11,5
Orange 8
Banana 21
Dates 68
Apples 9,5
Drinks of 100 ml
Mineral water 0
Tea, coffee without sugar 0
apple juice 7,5
orange juice 12
Alcohol of 100 ml
dry red wine 1
dry white wine 1
Beer of 250 g 12