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You are underestimated?
(how to ask salary increase)

is inherent in All of us aspiration to meet the desires and requirements. However many of us for different motives consciously refuse legitimate right to advocate personal interests. The ethical standards misunderstood by it since the childhood forbid to do someone it, someone is simply timid to such an extent that cannot demand from the chief the deserved increase to a salary long ago. They for years “sit“ at one position and receive one salary though for a long time both the first, and the second outgrew. So, how it is correct to construct dialogue with the chief if you consider that salaries more than that which you receive are worthy, or time came to hold other position because your professional level grew?

you Ask

- and it will be rendered

One of the biggest delusions of some people the belief in what to talk to the chief about salary increase or promotion is - it is a shame and it is humiliating. Is allegedly more visible to the administration and when time comes, it (this administration) will reward us for works just. However, in - the first, there passed those times when the salary was defined only by a scale of charges at the state enterprises and could be promoted only in connection with increase you, and in - the second, east wisdom says:“ One people are created with spurs standing, and others - with a saddle on a back. In order that that who with spurs, is more convenient to sit in a saddle was“. Silent, uncomplaining and executive usually give more and more tasks, require the increasing return, but “forget“ about fair remuneration. Correctly, why it to do? Everything suits such worker, time he performs work with enthusiasm and does not ask at the same time any questions.


So, it is necessary to cease to be afraid, to test false shame and to learn to ask. To be able to ask - does not mean to beg. What does the beggar differ from the person appealing to other person in? The first “presses on pity“. The second asks with the advantage because he knows the own worth.

How many you stand?


Before beginning conversation with the chief on a burning topic of salary increase or increase in a position, it is necessary to decide on the market price. There`s nothing to be done - all of us live in conditions of the market, and the labor is the same goods, as well as all the rest. It is time to realize that, getting a job, we not just look for a way to improve the financial position, but also we render thereby service to the employer who can use our forces, knowledge, talents and abilities in the interests now, including for the intended purpose - for receiving profit.

your value as worker is defined, as a rule, by three components: the importance of your work for that company where you work; your real and potential knowledge and abilities and average market value of work of experts of your profile and level. Without accurate it is presented about this three composed you will not be able to look at yourself objectively, eyes of the employer and, respectively, successfully to hold negotiations with the chief. The matter is that it is necessary to approach this conversation with all responsibility - as you approach preparation of important negotiations with clients. The success of negotiations in many respects is defined by Ouro it yours to them readiness.


a sheet of paper and make the list of your merits before firm for all that time that you in it work, focusing attention on the last achievements. Try to miss nothing because “trifles“ do not happen here. It is very important to operate at the same time with concrete figures - words have property “fly by by ears“, and figures, especially if they high, are heavier, and there is a probability that, having settled in memory of the chief, will set him thinking that still he underestimated you, at last.


Further, a separate line, and it is better a column, note all your business and human qualities, using which, you, actually, also try to obtain success in your work. It can be as a set of qualities, “usual“, necessary for your professional activity, such, for example, as high performance, responsibility, sociability, sense of duty, creativity etc., and unique abilities and talents which are possessed only by you or, at least, rather limited number of people. A good contribution to a moneybox of your merits is receiving additional education. Perhaps, you are now trained on any courses or intend to receive the second highest. You are not silent about it, and remind the chief as required. And a request for salary increase or promotion - a case more than ever more for this purpose suitable.

to make a clear idea of that, how much is work of experts of your kind of activity, it is necessary to conduct some research. Of course, the level of a salary can differ in the different companies, but actually these differences are, as a rule, connected only with the level of the expert. Work to which standard requirements are imposed usually and is paid standardly. You can collect information, having interrogated familiar employees of other companies, and also having studied advertisements in newspapers and the Internet. The salary offered by employers usually also reflects this general level which is defined by demand for these experts.

Why all this is so important to display

on paper? So you not only systematize rather separate ideas of yourself, but also receive “in a makeweight“, in addition, also increase of a self-assessment because you begin to look at yourself as on the carrier of valuable qualities which can always be sold and, perhaps, at much higher price than is offered for them today. And besides, you resolve for yourself a dilemma “to ask or not to ask“.

Time the place

Preparation for conversation with the chief should not be limited to

only systematization of your merits. Nearly a half of success depends on a right choice of the place and time of conversation. Do not “stick“ to the chief with the requests in the first half of day, in the heat of work. It is better to do it after a lunch - in - the first, the mood at well had dinner person is much better, than at hungry, and in - the second, working loading in after-dinner hours is usually not so big. If to take wider time frames into account, then it is not necessary to start similar conversations when affairs at the company go not really well. And here the period of euphoria of the management from successful activity of firm is very favorable for the workers wishing to improve the financial position. And one more important detail - you do not ask an increase to a salary in day of its (salary) delivery.

the Venue of negotiations with the chief. The informal situation of corporate parties can give you notable help. The chief is relaxed, communication barriers disappear, and you can put out a feeler in a playful form, having hinted at what would be quite good if your merits were appreciated. Of course, everything depends on degree of freedom of the relations accepted in the concrete organization. If the office small and between the chief and subordinates is not present considerable distance, then it is possible to try to apply a manor this tactics. Only the one who applies for salary increase owes all - was ready is rationally reasonable the position because the chief though can promise to raise a salary at a party, but, most likely, serious conversation will take place after that in a working situation. Then - that ready arguments will also be useful.

As how to speak?

Most often we do not try to obtain the desirable not because external circumstances “work“ against us, and from - that we do not manage correctly “to build communication“. A lot of things depend on our behavior. And if we do not begin to stop at nothing, and we will consider interests of others, then implementation of our desires will not be represented such at“ by impracticable dream. Especially as chiefs are people too, and nothing human is alien to them.

Here, at last, you approached

performance of the most responsible and important part of your task - directly to conversation with the chief.“ Relax and derive pleasure“ - here that can be advised in this situation. If you approach conversation too seriously, then your tension will only prevent you. Do not forget that salary increase or promotion is not a matter of life and death, and only acquisition of the next life experience by you, well and, of course, a way of improvement of your financial and social status and, perhaps, self-assessments. Do not forget that there is always a mass of alternative opportunities to achieve the desirable. It is necessary only to learn to see them and to use.

Behave quietly and relaxedly. The chief has to feel goodwill which from you proceeds. You look at it ozhidayushche, but not prosyashche or with captation. State the request surely. These are negotiations, but not entreaty about indulgence. You remember it.

Concentrate on your purpose. In the course of conversation with the boss you need to convey to him all that information on yourself in which systematization you so carefully were engaged at a preparation stage. Instead of saying that you are not satisfied by a present salary or a position as most of people arrives, it is necessary to use other approach. According to experts, for the successful result of negotiations on a salary it is possible to show to the chief own achievements or dynamics of the market as a result of which similar experts in the competing companies began to receive more. Arrange something like the commercial self-presentation - the task consists in that your “goods“ caused interest and positive emotions in the chief.

Tactics of mistakes
  1. The one who motivates the desire to receive more money words: “I work as an ox, and two years was not on holiday“, or:“ And to my colleagues already raised a salary“, will not reach anything, except irritation of the administration.
  2. Should not save the discontent within several years, and then to rush into an office to the chief and to blurt out at once everything that collected during this time, - nothing good will leave this invention. It is regularly better to ask salary increase, time in 1 - 2 years.
  3. should not blackmail the head At all with the fact that in case of refusal to raise a salary you will go to competitor company. It can be done only if ways to retreat are prepared because an opportunity is not excluded that after such conversation you can really leave firm including not at own will.

Then take an interest in ol in li at it what requirements your work that you could count on an increase to a salary or on promotion has to meet. It is an important detail. Arranging “auction“ with the chief, it is impossible to forget that the opposite side also has to receive from all this a certain benefit. And differently why to it to raise to you a salary? I do not speak here about blackmail when you just “frighten“ the chief by your leaving the company.

So, you described to the chief all the merits and merits, found full clarity concerning your presents and future functions, now call the concrete sum of an increase to your salary on which you count. That eyes of the boss not “got on a forehead“, proceed from real opportunities. Monitor its reaction. If basic objections did not follow, designate date with which you would like to get this rise. That is, as you understood, here, as well as at a preparation stage, the reality is necessary. So you not only have an opportunity “to bargain“, but also can parry excuses of the chief and stop his aspiration to drop everything.

If to you refused to


In some cases the increase can only turn out

partial. At such outcome you should take an interest that you should consider on the future to count on a full increase which you expected. Ask how you can increase the value for the company.

If your request is rejected by

completely, is not a reason for a depression too. Perhaps, you really have that you deserve. Then your purpose - further development. But it does not mean that you have to refuse the claims. Discuss your new additional duties which will be really rewarded with the chief. Do not forget about concrete terms. Salary increase or promotion are necessary to you not in the foggy future, and from a certain date.

In case of refusal you have a valuable opportunity to take a detached view of yourself and it is possible, to overestimate your behavior and your relations with the chief. What does it mean? It is not excluded that, despite all your diligence and a responsible attitude to the duties, you did not consider such important point as need it is constant to be in sight of the chief. Offensively, of course, but it is the admitted fact - success; reach not the cleverest quicker, and the most penetrative. However, we will be fair: can, it also is their ability to correctly use the mind. So, in the book of the American psychologist Julius Hendris “Business games“ the example when one employee addressed it for consultation is described. This person was excellently educated and had a solid professional experience. Nevertheless the chief persistently did not notice him when business concerned promotion or salary increase, but once appointed the head of his department of absolutely young employee who had almost no professional experience. As a way out from this psychoinjuring situation Hendris recommended to the client to take more active positions in the relations with the chief: not to hesitate to go to it to an office for discussion of professional questions, in passing to try to grope everyday subjects on which it would be interesting to it to talk; to safely advertize the progress; to offer interesting ideas. In a week after the last consultation this employee told the psychotherapist that he decided to call the head on a straight talk which passed in very friendly tone. Of course, right after it the chief to him did not raise a salary, but several days later unexpectedly entrusted to develop very important and perspective project.

situations when you are really underestimated Happen, or further work in this company in principle is unpromising because of absence at it, this company, internal potential to development. Then you should think of searches of the new employer and more favorable and acceptable for you working conditions. One council - “frighten“ by it the chief only if you have no doubts in your value for other company because if in this case the boss does not make a compromise, you, most likely, will remain nothing the best how to execute your threats to leave “the habitual town“.

to Whom raise a salary?

your success at work which finally can bring you these or those dividends including desired salary increase or positions, depends on many factors. Remember that valuable employees always and everywhere are those who: