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PMS and business - the lady of

the Premenstrual syndrome - a scourge of many women. How to combine hard work and monthly indispositions?

is Advised by the honored worker of science, the doctor of medical sciences, the head of department of endocrinology of a reproduction of scientific research institute of obstetrics and gynecology of D. O. Ott of the Russian Academy of Medical Science in St. Petersburg, professor Vladimir Vsevolodovich Potin.

the Organizer - the assistant

Practically all business women conduct an organizer in which note all current affairs. Arm with a red pencil and open the treasured book. Celebrate the days which are dropping out on the second half of a menstrual cycle. It is possible to plan for this time quietly the solution of regular, routine questions, not really important meetings.

On the first half of a cycle needs to make more intense schedule. It is possible to include the solution of important questions, serious business meetings in it. Generally, all that needs the analysis and calculation it is necessary to leave for “light“ days.

The matter is that much business - the lady during a premenstrual syndrome, to be exact - a syndrome of the premenstrual tension (PMN), it is very difficult to make some decision. If it was accepted in the evening, then in the morning everything can seem not such obvious and correct. Reflections are started over again, as a result the final decision can cardinally differ from initial.

Even worse PMN influences the diplomatic abilities necessary for business meetings. At any moment the woman, often involuntarily, cannot constrain the emotions. They can be invested with a delicate cover, and nevertheless emotions is an enemy of business.

the Correct self-assessment

So, the woman has to adhere to a certain schedule: an intense first half of a cycle, and the second - quieter and sparing. But, unfortunately, it is possible not always. What to do if the solution of important problems everything is it dropped out for PMN?

Should be considered, PMN is how exactly shown. If it is pains, then before a responsible meeting it is possible to take a pill of some analgetic. If excessive irritability - it is possible to drink something calming. But here it is necessary to consult to the doctor as many sedatives possess this or that extent of somnolent action.

However the most important is not drugs, but the general state. At PMN it leaves much to be desired. However many things can worsen health even more. First of all it belongs to a sleep debt. On its background this syndrome proceeds even more aggressively, than usually. Therefore before a responsible meeting it is necessary to sleep well - it is obligatory.


Sometimes to make it it is problematic - the woman sits up behind work late. It needs to be postponed. If after that it is not possible to fall asleep, help themselves to cope with nervousness and sleeplessness. It is possible to make it by means of usual, all of the known preparations - infusion of a valerian, a pustyrnik. Itself can drop Corvalol or to take a pill of a persen.

To be fair should tell

that it is possible to resort to such small cunnings not only on the eve of important action. If there are problems with nerves or a dream, it is possible to accept a valerian and a pustyrnik throughout all second half of a cycle.

As for serious somnolent preparations, it is possible to accept them only with the permission of the doctor.

A little about a diet Many women during PMN begin to eat


much more, than usually. Partially it can be explained with influence of substances which improve our mood. Their development is stimulated by meal, containing a large amount of carbohydrates. It is fancy bread, ice cream, chocolate, sugar. These products promote production of endorphins which raise an emotional background. The same can be told and about ekzorfina - their level increases after reception of meat food. To it women “jam“ the bad mood. And then indulge themselves something sweet. As a result tension and irritability recede, and the woman begins to feel normally.

But it lasts absolutely not for long because the level of ekzorfin and endorphins very quickly comes back to initial level. And here excess calories remain.

Considering all aforesaid, the appetite it is necessary to keep a tight rein. It is the best of all to lean on fish and low-fat fermented milk products. They stimulate development of ekzorfin too, improve mood, but do not affect a figure in any way.

That to alcohol, during PMN its consumption needs to be minimized as strong drinks increase emotional instability even more. In addition the alcohol increases tendency to hypostases.

the Road for work

Many business women drive for work the car, but during PMN driving on roads turns into a heavy duty. Especially badly traffic jams affect psychological balance of the autolady.

If an opportunity is, then most it is better not to take the wheel. It is possible to take a taxi, to use services of the driver or to ask to bring you to work someone from family members. But if there is no such opportunity, it is necessary to do nothing - it is necessary to take a driver`s seat.

In this case try to choose the quietest route. Let it will take more time, than what passes on brisk roads. But such way will be less intense for you. From here and the rule - it is necessary to leave the house a bit earlier not to rush like mad or not to get stuck in a traffic jam, every minute looking for hours. It has to be timed with a stock - it will give the chance to reach work more or less balanced.



At work business - the lady tries to constrain herself and to control. At home it is aspiration weakens. There is a wish to relax, give vent completely to fatigue, alarm and other collected emotions. And before close people it is possible not to pretend to be.

Such position very often leads

to family disorders. PMN strikes with a ricochet all family members - sometimes it is even necessary them worse, than the woman. But it is very difficult to master itself to it - the problem is covered not in nasty character, and in that hormonal reorganization to which the organism is exposed.

However ways to cope with the indisposition are. First of all, as it was already told earlier, it is necessary to get enough sleep. In - the second, during PMN it is necessary to work according to the accurate schedule, finishing work in a certain hour. It will give the chance not to overload itself with excess work which can worsen a current of PMN too.

Well and if independently it is difficult to cope with a problem, then it is necessary to ask council the doctor. Quite perhaps, he will appoint drugs which will help to endure unlucky days. Diuretic have such effect, for example. They remove the late liquid therefore the woman becomes not so susceptible to unpleasant feelings and tension in mammary glands. And it, of course, improves mood. Also hormonal preparations give good effect.