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The office equipment - miracles with side effects of

the Technical progress covering all spheres of our life, unfortunately, has also the back. So, the modern equipment works wonders, but the same miracles are followed quite often and side effects, not incidentally very much today it is told about harmful effects on an organism of office office equipment. This question is actual as the considerable part of women works in the conditions of office today, and it means - near computers, printers, modems. Such neighbourhood is how harmful? It is not necessary to prove that especially actual this question becomes during pregnancy when it is also about health of future kid.

So what at communication with office equipment it is considered norm and what - its violation? In resolutions of the chief health officer on occupational health (of May 30, 2003 No. 107 and of June 3, 2003. rules according to which it is necessary to organize work with office equipment, and also requirements to the equipment are stated to No. 118).

What to consider as office equipment?


K it carried photocopiers, personal and portable computers, monitors, printers, scanners, keyboards, modems and the other equipment. Only professionals by means of special measuring devices can trace their compliance to some norms. But in most cases any employee is capable to check as the rules ordered by resolutions execute in its firm.


the Main danger during the work with office equipment is constituted by any radiations proceeding from the monitor.

During the work behind the screen electronically - a beam tube of the display the user gets under influence of ultra-violet radiation with lengths of waves <320 nanometers. Also at formation of lower case and personnel development of the display there is a radiation of electromagnetic fields with a frequency up to 100 kHz. It can be the reason:

However the displays manufactured on new technologies almost do not give to

electromagnetic radiation. Their serial release is adjusted since 1995. Already there are tough sanitary standards of use of personal computers.

Light and color

At permanent job on the personal computer arises considerable visual loading. Therefore the question of the correct lighting is given special value. During pregnancy it is especially important as increase of visual loading conducts to the general exhaustion, can lead to deterioration in health.

the Resolution obliges to have both artificial, and natural lighting in the working room.

Desktops should be placed so that monitors settled down sideways to a window and natural light fell at the left. However rules order to fight also against excessive illumination and a direct hit of light beams on the monitor screen in order to avoid formation of patches of light, from - for what eyes are exposed to additional loading.

Screens of monitors on sanitarno - to hygienic rules needs to place

not less than in a half a meter from eyes, and cases of computers have to be opaque, painted in quiet colors - besides for prevention of excessive load of eyes and nervous system. Windows at office have to come mainly to the North and North - the East, and window openings should be covered with blinds or curtains.

In order that health officers conducted at you in firm full examination, it is necessary to write the application in the territorial center of Gossanepidnadzor addressed to the chief health officer with the indication of the revealed deviations from standards. Within a month the staff of public health service is obliged to react to the complaint and to leave with check. The act of sanitary inspection with offers on elimination of all found violations which also reflect in the separate protocol has to become result from visit. After a while health officers are obliged to come with control check. If the employer did not correct defects, he is fined for the sum from 10 to 20 thousand rubles. The head should pay from 500 to 1000 rubles, as much will take from the businessman. However if checking find serious violations (for example, the working room of very small area), indulgences to the employer will not be: it will be fined following the results of the first check.

By the way to maintain normal illumination of the room, it is necessary to organize at least two times a year washing of windows and lamps, and also in time to replace the fused lamps.


Vital space of a workplace


Resolutions prescribed also norm of the square at each employee of office: in the presence of ordinary computers - on six square meters; if monitors liquid crystal or plasma, the room can be less - from 4,5 square meters on the person. At such distribution of space harm of radiation from monitors is neutralized.

Distance between desktops with the computers installed one after another as the school desk at school, cannot be less than two meters. If tables stand in a row, then the interval between monitors has to make at least 1,2 meters.


toughened also rules of installation of the copiers which are in offices: it is necessary that the distance from a wall to edge of the machine minimum made 60 centimeters, and from a service zone - not less than a meter.

Now about desktop dimensions. Resolutions regulate its height regulated within 68 - 80 centimeters or equal 72,5 centimeters. The space for legs has to make in height 60, in width - from 50 and in depth - not less than 45 centimeters at the level of knees, and at the extended legs - not less than 65 centimeters.


For work needs a chair (or a chair) “podjemno - rotary, regulated on height and tilt angles of a seat and a back“. That is suitable on growth and the size.

Krom of above-mentioned requirements sanitary standards order to equip a workplace of the user of the computer with a special support for legs.

Comfort of a workplace is especially important

for future mother as the long sitting position in operating time can lead to emergence of pains in a back, legs. Harm of stay in stuffy rooms is well-known. Closeness can the reason of a headache, increased fatigue, drowsiness. These are signs of oxygen insufficiency which is tested also by the child. After each hour of work the room should be aired, done a break in work for 5 - 10 minutes. Special complexes of the elementary physical exercises allowing to reduce the muscular tension, to take off fatigue are developed. The listed actions reduce probability of development of a hypodynamia of a varicosity, reduce load of all bodies and systems. And airing serves as also good measure of prevention of respiratory infections.

Who answers

to your health?

For compliance of working conditions sanitarno - by the employer - firm or the businessman is met hygienic requirements. And here how it carries out this duty, controls sanitarno - epidemiological service. As well as another checking, specialists of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Inspectorate should carry out planned inspections of the enterprises not more often than once in two years.