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Computer gifts (review) of

- The father, buy a rug for a mouse.
- the Sonny, you still would ask slippers for a cockroach!
(From a joke)

Of course, the first gift subject which we want, we can, are obliged to lift - a gift to the person who is carried away by the computer.

We will define an initial situation. You are a father, mother, the aunt, the grandmother, the girlfriend, group of the employees or drinking companions wishing to give a good gift to the son, the nephew, the grandson, the friend, the colleague or just dear person who spends time, free from communication with you, with the computer.

It in computers, which - that understands. No matter, there is a lot of or a little, but it is significantly more, than you. How to define that it is necessary for it? And whether it will approach its computer? Any computer shop will offer you, of course, a set of “gadgets“ for the computer. But be careful - not each of them can give joy as a gift.

We will try to sort the situations connected with computer gifts and to give some advice and cautions.

That the gift was successful, first of all, it is necessary to present well to a tendency of development of computer and “okolokompyyuterny“ equipment.

Most characteristic of the computer industry - exclusively fast, incredibly fast, I would even tell, unreasonably fast modernization computer a component. Whatever “fancy“ computer you bought, in half a year it will look archaically. But from the point of view of gifts it is good. The matter is that the computer it is possible to modernize not all at once, and in parts (it is called “upgrade“ - from upgrade). It is possible to replace the processor with faster, to replace the video card , a graphic accelerator , the motherboard , to add the new interface.

Despite so high growth rate of computer capacities, requirements to computer parameters grow from appendices even quicker - games and various programs. Sometimes it seems to me that it becomes almost artificially to stimulate purchase everything new and new pieces of iron. In total a few years ago Bill Gates told that the 640th kilobyte of memory will be enough for any tasks, and today with its “Offis“ not really - that will work also on 16 megabytes. So to give additional memory or new, more capacious winchester is possible nearly an every year - will not be mistaken. It will be apprehended as the lifebuoy thrown by you sinking in the raged sea of files among gluttonous floccuses and dzhipeg. Well, and - devices of reading, record and rewriting a compact - disks - and could not be spoken about modern CDRW. It is an imperial gift. And all dollars for two hundred with small.

Lately experts of the different professions very far from programming, use the computer as the main tool more and more, and the increasing part of work is carried out by houses on the home computer. But equipment of a house workplace, as a rule, leaves much to be desired. And though the expert is often ready to be reconciled with inconveniences, nevertheless, he will accept the gift increasing comfort or productivity of its work with really good feeling and gratitude. Options here set: a kopikholder , of capacity for storage a compact - disks , a desk lamp , a chair , a desktop .

And Schroder ! I admit, it is the most favourite by me the mechanism. Probably, not only I feel true pleasure when I see how the hated, filling with themselves all volumes and surfaces of paper turn into noodles or confetti. Jokes jokes, but if to ponder, in our restless time Schroder - a thing just necessary.

Or of UPS (the device of uninterrupted food) - of how many problems it relieves. How many invaluable files will be rescued, what is the time saved. UPS will become a symbol of reliability and stability of your relations with the donee.

If the occasion pushes, and means allow to give an abrupt gift, then it can be: actually the computer in a complete set, the monitor 17“ or even the flat monitor (but it already for $1000 or about that), the good printer .

But the computer is not only drug, senseless loss of time, leaving from public, sports and family life. For the young people owning the computer prospect to go to work to the USA or to work for the western firm for a decent salary, without leaving the hometown (long live the Internet!) it is very real. Requirements to qualification are rather clear. Professionally - it is language C ++, databases … And, of course, English. So the textbook presented by you to , the reference book , the dictionary , a computer or recorder course of English can change human life and open for him brilliant prospects. (Dictionaries and reference books are very expensive so it is sometimes difficult for young man to buy them even if there is a strong wish).

Stretches the hands in affairs human the Internet more and more widely. And it is correct. And it is irreversible. So reconcile, and take care that your child had a good modem , of a column and the microphone , it is a lot of pleasure to it (and to you!) the small video camera will deliver (it not so expensively as can seem).

One of the constant factors irritating any programmer - confusion of wires on a table, under a table, everywhere. There is the whole scale of wireless devices - of a mouse , of the keyboard , earphones , the printers interacting with the computer on the infrared channel. They, of course, are dearer usual, but we speak about a gift.

A good gift - the scanner . Lately scanners just extremely fell in price. In any case, to buy the good scanner less, than for $100, - there are no problems.

You long ago last time saw a film amateur movie camera? Here-. Here the clear and unconditional victory of electronics is obvious. It is oddish that film process, would seem more difficult, than the photo, gave in to a dekhimization easier. But nevertheless, we are at a historical boundary today: the victory of the electronic photo already actually took place. The idea did not seize masses yet, but it is a matter of time, and time small. So prepare your money on electronic camera and the color printer . Enthusiasts, leaders and people a little more middle-income can afford it already today.

The list is not settled by that: computer and music, computer and video, computer and radio, computer and TV. But about it in separate articles.

Important prevention! Any computer gift needs to be chosen with the consultant who has to survey previously the computer for which purchase is intended. Not all combinations even serviceable computer a component are efficient. P. S. Here to you most important council: print out this text and leave accidentally that it got on eyes to your family “sponsors“. It is possible on it even a pencil to make pometochka as if for itself.