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Farewell, Borisk!

Mother kissed the son on a nose and turned off light. Tomorrow there will be a difficult and responsible day.

- We will move, - Igorek explained to the best friend - a plush hippopotamus Borisk. - We will have a new apartment. And it is interesting, a swing is there?

Mother and the father for some reason endured

from - for moving: were nervous and even swore. The kid very much tried to catch sight to them as little as possible. He as if felt that to parents now not to it. And this its scarecrow. Earlier both the father, and mother always found time to play with it, to read the fairy tale for the night. And for the last week they only also spoke:

- Igorechek, go, play. Igorechek, go, be engaged in something.

suddenly its steel to love

A less? When he asked about it the father, that was only indignant:

- do not say nonsense! We love you, as before, just we now many cases have no time also at all. You know that we move. It is necessary to put everything, to forget nothing...

Only the plush hippopotamus of Borisk knew

about experiences of the little owner. The kid before going to bed embraced every night a favourite toy and told about everything that happened to him that disturbed him.

of Borisk. Still the grandmother presented to his Igor. The father when was small played with it. At a toy plush already in places was wiped.

- Mother, the pad hurts Boriski, - Igorek said, stretching a favourite hippopotamus. - Treat it.

- to It this treatment, quite useless, - mother muttered, and again undertook a needle.

the Poor hippopotamus went

to pieces from time, but the son also did not want to listen about other toys. And even absolutely on the contrary: than “worse felt“ Borisk - the it was more expensive to the kid.

- Friends are not left in trouble, - he explained every time, and nothing remained to mother, except as for the fifteenth time to sew a pad or to put the next patch.

Parents did not understand that their son found in this begemotoobrazny monster. Now, when toys sew such bright and beautiful! At the kid it was full of both hares, and doggies, but when parents asked him: “Why don`t you have a sleep with a tiger cub or a bear cub today?“ - Igorek was indignant from misunderstanding by mother and father of simple truth. Every time he answered them one and too:“ They are just toys, and Borisk are Borisk“.

All next day Igor carried out

at the aunt Kati. The aunt Katya is a mother`s girlfriend. And her son Vaska - the real meanie and the crybaby!

- you Know, Igorek, and mother presented me the car with the panel! - it is proud Vasya reported, showing a brilliant toy. - Here! Beautiful?

- Very much. It is possible to play?

- Is not present

, of course! Here when mother will present to you then play! And you will break mine!

- I will not break.

- you Will break


- I will try accurately.

- Mother! Mother! Igorek wants to take away the car from me! - Vasya started howling.

the Aunt Katya came running from kitchen, selected the car and put it on a case.

- the Lie, I did not select! - Igor was indignant, but the aunt Katya only waved a hand and left.

Vasya put out the tongue at


- Now you will not get! It is my car! And still she is able to signal. And bulbs at it blink!

Igor answered nothing to

. He really very much wanted to play with such beauty. Well, or at least to touch this treasure.

- Children, go to eat, - the aunt Katya called.

- And still it can turn to the left and to the right - where I will want! It is necessary with an arrow to press only a button! And still...

the Father came around after a lunch when all things already transported and which - as scattered. Igorek jumped out to him towards, greedily telling what miracle - the car costs on a case at Vasya.

- It goes, blinks, hoots! The father, and you will buy me same?

- Not now. We have with mother not enough money now. We moved.

- And when?

- Well, I do not know. Give, on birthday?

- But it still absolutely at a distant day!

the Father only made a helpless gesture, thanked the aunt Katya, and carried the child home.

- And suddenly when I have a birthday, in shop any more? All will buy up? - Igorek who did not manage even to touch dream on wheels worried.

- we will buy Another, - the father quietly answered, watching the road.

- And suddenly another will not be able to hoot? Or bulbs at it will not burn?

- Will be, the kid, will be... arrived!

- And where our house?

- This, big, brick. And it is your new yard.

- With a swing?! - the kid was delighted.

- With a swing.

- Is possible for

I will drive a little?

the Father according to nodded

. Let the child will switch to a swing, maybe, will forget about expensive car.

- And there a hill, and a sandbox, - the father when they, having ridden long enough in plenty, approached an entrance specified. - It is pleasant?

- Very much!

the apartment Igorka was pleasant to

I too. It was big, spacious! However, all is forced by boxes, but it not forever.

the Kid with squeal rushed on rooms while mother cooked pelmeni, and the father looked for on spoon packages. Everything went well. Everything was remarkable, time to be put to bed did not come yet.

- Mother, and where mine of Borisk?

Mother somehow retired to the background, but quickly was:

- Likely, in some of boxes. Tomorrow we will find.

But Igorek felt something wrong.

- Give


- Already late. It is time to sleep.

- And Borisk?

- And Borisk... Let he will have a sleep in a box today, and tomorrow we will find him. Mother stroked the son on the head and smiled. And Igorek felt strong alarm.

- Mother, you did not take it?

- Igor... Igorechek...

In a throat the lump stood, and tears gathered in the eyes.

- the Kid, do not cry... You are already adult. Already you go to school. Well? - Mother embraced the son. - And you want, we a new hippopotamus will buy you? Or the car with the panel? - Igor answered nothing. - You will not cry? - the boy negatively pomotat the head.

- Mother, and it is possible to return on the old apartment tomorrow and to take away Borisku?


- we Will look. And now go to bed...

All night long Igorek presented to

how tomorrow they with the father will get on the car, will come back home. Their apartment stands absolutely empty, without furniture, without carpets. And in the most far corner sits all forgotten Borisk. It is absolutely alone, it is lonely and terrible, and the pad hurts. Yes, the right pad began to come off again, and mother did not manage to sew it. The hippopotamus sits and waits until about him remember, and will return behind him...

Morning was solar! Igorek woke up, stretched that on a habit to greet Boriska, but... He remembered everything: there is no hippopotamus today, but... What is it? Near its bed there was a big bright box. He went down, took it in hand. Behind a transparent plastic foil the red car on remote control shone. Same, as at Vaska. Such what Igorek wanted. Parents bought this charm as compensation for the “forgotten“ hippopotamus.

Igorek delivered to

a box into place, and itself returned on a bed. Parents already solved everything. Their child will play with expensive car. The kid wiped a tear.

If could be learned on what dump the old hippopotamus with a sore pad lies?! Probably, he does not wait any more what about it will be remembered and taken away. He understood everything too...