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What to feed the child in the spring with?

the Principles of a balanced diet of a family do not depend on a season, but in every season are observed differently. Especially in the spring when all family often has to eat vegetables and fruit of last harvest. A lack of many vital to a human body of vitamins and other useful substances, increased fatigue and irritability, immunity easing - all these consequences of long Russian winter considerably complicate life to adults and children. However, by means of correctly made food allowance the majority of problems can be solved easily.

of the Country of Europe all the year round provide to

of the Rule of spring food the citizens with fresh vegetables and fruit, for example, export from Africa where now certain types of fruits ripen. It is more difficult to Russia to keep up with Europe, we have yet also no good storages. It is as if fresh looked “old“ fruit and vegetables, process of destruction of useful substances proceeded in them all the time of storage. There are special tables according to which to within one day it is visible how many vitamins lost vegetables and fruit even under ideal conditions of storage. And first of all vitamin C disappears.

Considering it, it is necessary to include as much as possible soil greens in a food allowance of each family, vitamin-rich With and groups B in the spring. At this time greens arrive to us from Central Asia. And, buying greens, choose only small escapes.

As for hothouse greens and vegetables, it is considered that they - the real rescue in the spring at a lack of vitamins. Actually their difference from soil is available. Clinical trials showed: at many children allergic reaction to parsley, the fennel, cucumbers which are grown up in a greenhouse on special soil or a hydroponics develops. The matter is that in the latter case the plant ripens in a hover, and its roots are washed by nutritious solution with all necessary elements. Similar to a hydroponics “element“ food was tried to be applied also to seriously ill patients to children in due time, but unsuccessfully. To the person, as well as plants, necessary for himself not in the cleared, separate view, and from a natural product is better to receive all. And if your child has an allergy to cucumbers, then it is obvious that they were from a greenhouse. Soil cucumbers, let and unsightly in appearance, are absolutely harmless and, by the way, are unusually fragrant.

also new potato Is useful to

. It is desirable to boil it directly in a peel and before food to strew with greens.“ Old“ it is better to exclude potatoes from a diet as at long storage in a chemical composition of potato protein there are negative changes absolutely.

Spring - the astenisation period, that is the general weakening of an organism. Children get quickly tired and irritated, are easily capable of inadequate acts. The healthy nutrition will help to correct this state. If consumption of fat products and digestible carbohydrates is not recommended in the winter, in the spring, on the contrary, it is desirable to include in a diet more vegetable oil, sour creams, proteins and vitamins. The maximum variety concerning not only vegetables and fruit, but also meat has to be the basic principle of food of a family. The main thing that should be avoided in food of the child, perhaps, during all seasons of year, is the “empty calories“ which are contained in chips and various carbonated drinks, especially where sakharozamenitel are used.

What products can consider

as a basis of a diet of the child in the spring?

of Grain

of Grain have to alternate - today one, another tomorrow. Use their not shredded, but integral. However, oat-flakes, thermally processed shattered oats grain, contain the important amino acid helping work of a liver. Be not fond of a semolina. Exclude polished rice as it contains one starch, vitamins of group B in it are absent.

Vegetables and fruit

In cabbage vitamin C well remains and a lot of cellulose contains. Besides, the fresh, fermented and boiled cabbage perfectly removes toxins and improves digestion. From fruit it is better for children of younger age to give only apples though in them useful substances are minimized - by spring in apples there is only a pectin, however, this substance clears of slags and is a radio protector (protects from radioactive radiation). To children is more senior offer a citrus and in general all fruit in a firm cover as they keep the greatest number of vitamins. Pay attention to juice, it is better freshly squeezed. If you buy ready juice - choose juice with pulp, that is with the content of pectin. Add a lemon to all possible dishes, porridges, mashed potatoes, but it is obligatory just before consumption sprinkling food of the child a lemon half. Do not forget about garlic and onions which, as we know, contain phytoncides, the killing pathogenic microbes. More preferably, of course, garlic as in an onion in the course of maturing in the earth nitrates collect.


the Most useful meat for children is considered to be as

beef, however it contains many refractory fats which are badly acquired by a children`s organism. On the contrary, in pork or in more exotic for us to the zherebyatena fats with “a low melting point“, besides, in these types of meat many useful amino acids prevail. It is the best of all to buy a fresh-killed meat of low-fat grades, of course.


For baby food is irreplaceable

fish. It much less fat, than meat of animals and even bird. Besides, fish contains proteins of very high quality, including the proteins necessary for normal function of a liver. Fish of treskovy breeds is especially recommended. It is better to buy medium-sized fish and is her in a boiled look.

of Egg

it is desirable for p to put emphasis on chicken and quail eggs in the Spring. The yolk of eggs of these birds is a standard of best quality animal protein. Eggs, boiled soft-boiled and in “sack“ are easier acquired, it is heavier - hard-boiled. Children should not give crude eggs. Are not suitable for baby food and egg of waterfowl. Children of preschool age are recommended to eat 1 egg every other day, to school students - 1 egg a day.

of Canned food

during astenisation avoid the use of pure sugar. Drink tea with jam as jam contains organic acids, vitamins of group P and routines better, strengthening walls of vessels. It is better to use jam of factory production, and not Russian, but German, Bulgarian or Hungarian where the technology is observed more strictly.