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Spring care of skin of

we Bring order

With approach of warm days we arrange clear-out in the house and we reconsider clothes. It is a high time to pay the same attention to own appearance. Spring cleaning has to be comprehensive!

Seasonal fluctuations

What occurs? in the Spring everything promptly changes - the nature wakens after hibernation and is going to begin a new cycle. We do not manage to adapt to these changes, the organism appears in confusion. From here - mood swings and problems with health. Business is complicated by avitaminosis and a lack of the movement. As a result the forgotten diseases and troubles with skin can be shown long ago. Dry skin becomes rougher, allergic reactions are more noticeable, and fat skin can suddenly inflame.

What to do? during off-season to us needs to develop the line of beauty and carefully to adhere to it. Leaving has to be complex. Begin with a diet, try to dump the kilograms which collected during the winter and to clear an organism of slags. Urge on immunity vitamins and food additives. You descend in a bath. Be engaged in fitness or buy the subscription to the pool. Also do not forget to allocate time for cosmetic procedures daily. You will feel that you are updated together with all nature!



Make a peeling, remove all superfluous and return to the person smoothness

the Problem
Dry skin, a peeling, wrinkles

What occurs? Winter cold weather, dry air and wind made the business. The protective layer of skin became thinner, sebaceous glands were narrowed, the surface of skin became less elastic, as a result of steel more noticeable wrinkles. And the become lifeless cages on a surface not only prevent the moistening components of cream to get into skin, but also do complexion unhealthy.

What to do? Use soft srubs and masks - films. Give preference to means for sensitive skin. Cosmetologists do not advise to do in the spring professional peelings (especially median and deep polishing) - they increase sensitivity of skin to ultraviolet rays, from - for it all summer it is necessary to avoid the sun. Do the moistening masks and do not forget to apply the cream in the morning calming, moisturizing, and in the evening - nutritious.

the Secret of soft clarification

Too sensitive skin does not allow you to use a srub? To clean a face from pollution, comedones and parts of the died-off skin, you can use ordinary cotton wool or pure flannel fabric.

the Problem
the Clogged-up pores, uneven, pimpled skin

What occurs? Weather-beaten skin became more rough, pores were narrowed and hardly exempted from excess of skin fat. At the same time the sun speeds up work grease and sweat glands and on skin comedones are formed.

What to do? Carefully clear skin. But avoid spirit lotions and the drying skins. Washings by tap water should be excluded. Spring thawed snow often do water in the cities unsuitable for washing, and the increased content of chlorine cannot but be reflected in a condition of skin. Wash boiled water to which it is possible to add broths of herbs - camomiles, of parsley, mints or it is a little vinegar (about 1 tablespoon on liter). Try to go regularly to a bath or at least to do steam trays for the person.




and restore skin, return to the person shine

the Problem
Dim, tired skin

What occurs? the External fatigue of skin is a direct manifestation of internal state of an organism. The lack of vitamins, moistening and the general fatigue lead to the fact that our skin both on a face, and on a body becomes less elastic deprived of internal shine and healthy color. The cause is also worsening blood circulation.

What to do? First of all you watch a diet - accept vitamins, drink more liquid, try to eat as much as possible natural products and more often to happen in the fresh air. The facial massage will help to improve blood circulation - you can do it independently, in house conditions, or address the expert. In salons at this time actively recommend a mesotherapy course - vitamin subcutaneous injections. The refreshing masks from fruit, fermented milk products and eggs will be pertinent too. Do not abuse fat creams, gradually you pass to summer option of leaving.

the Problem
the Sensitive, easily irritated skin

What occurs? Sunshine, pollen from blossoming of plants and change of temperature lead to the fact that skin becomes more irritable. On it there can unexpectedly be reddenings, the cosmetics can cause allergic reaction and an itch.

What to do? Try not to try new cosmetics now - best of all to use the same reliable tools day by day. Choose neutral hypoallergenic creams without fragrances. You watch food - exclude exotic products, fat and sharp. Accept vitamins and minerals. Humidify and calm skin, use the creams increasing immunity of skin. Before an exit to the street surely use protective cream. And having come back home, at once clear skin a milk and tonic. Then you can make a compress with tea or broth of herbs. After that apply nutritious cream.

the Problem
Skin with a greasy luster

What occurs? Even if you have a normal skin which usually does not bring trouble, during off-season the person can become brilliant. This more than widespread phenomenon, thousands of women complain of it. This problem, in effect, psychological, happens nothing terrible to skin, just with a brilliant nose we feel uncomfortably.

What to do? Use mattifying creams. During the day you put on a face friable powder - it not only hides gloss, but also protects skin from negative impact of environment. Wipe with lotion in the evening, you can also use infusion of a sage, a camomile, black tea or kefir.

Return of color

In order that skin looked healthy and ruddy, it is required not much - simply to give it several minutes in the morning and in the evening.

  • Since morning “awaken“ skin massage with an ice piece - it can be the frozen tea or broth of herbs. The main thing - not to mass skin long and not to overcool the person, and to carry out quickly by ice on skin lines.
  • easy self-massage - pats and pressings from the center of the person to temples will help to Restore blood circulation in skin.
  • also perfectly stimulates with Aromakosmetik`s
  • work of blood vessels, removes hypersensibility of skin and strengthens recovery processes.


Ultra-violet filters, antioxidants, firming creams

the Problem
Uneven skin, cracks

What occurs? the General decrease in immunity leads to the fact that skin reacts to influence of the sun and wind much more sharply. Forgetting about it, we use any opportunity to set up the person to sun beams. In small amounts it is even useful. But, if the person burns, immunity of skin falls and on a face heat-spots, specks and cracks develop.“ Zayeda“ in corners of a mouth speak about a lack of vitamins.

What to do? Be careful with the first sun, you apply cream with UV - the filter even in the city. Use soft a peeling - creams, do nutritious masks. An ancient national way to smooth the cracked lips - to smear them with honey and to massage a toothbrush.

the Problem
the Solar allergy, photodermatitis

What occurs? On skin irritations and small rashes like the small tortoiseshell or blisters can appear. Sometimes on a nose bridge and cheeks skin strongly reddens. Increase of sensitivity to a sunlight can be connected with internal violations, with reception of hormonal preparations, big dosages of vitamin A or other medicines.

What to do? First of all address the dermatologist. You watch a diet. Surely protect a face sunblock cream with high SPF - a factor. Try not to use some time decorative cosmetics.

the Problem
of the Freckle, pigmentary spots

What occurs? Freckles and pigmentary spots are a feature of suntan. Fault to everything is a small amount and uneven distribution of melanin in skin. The reason can disappear in your genes or in the wrong relation to skin (for example if skin repeatedly burned on the sun, emergence of specks is more probable). Most often owners of freckles happen red-haired or blondes. People around find it charming, and owners of freckles in every possible way fight with them. And with an ulterior motive - emergence of freckles signals that skin needs special protection against the sun.

What to do? Always protect skin from sunshine. Use creams with a sun-protection factor - SPF 25 above. On much moistening and foundations it is written that they contain UV - the filter, but most often its level lower than 25 and, therefore, is insufficient for skin, sensitive to the sun. If freckles nevertheless appeared and you would like from them to get rid, use the special bleaching means with fruit acids, hydrogen peroxide. You can also use house means - juice of a lemon, a cucumber, a dandelion, sourcrout, parsley, sour milk. Do masks of these components, impose on specks and leave for 20 - 30 minutes. You can use 3 - percentage solution of peroxide of hydrogen with beer yeast or water.

Vitamins B to cosmetics

We struggle with avitaminosis in a complex and therefore an obligatory component of a spring diet of skin - vitamins and antioxidants.

  • Vitamin E removes an inflammation, slows down aging process, strengthens skin.
  • Vitamin C - natural antioxidant, intensifies protective and exchange processes in skin and improves blood circulation.
  • Vitamin F removes irritation, eliminates dryness and smoothes wrinkles.
  • Vitamin A (Retinolum) intensifies process of cell renewal. But the cosmetics with Retinolum raises a skin susceptibility to ultraviolet rays and can sometimes cause irritation.