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We + Greece =...

This trip became our first acquaintance to Greece and the beginning of our mutual sympathy. We with the child flew to rest to Chalkidiki. Hardly representing as mine, not reached 4 yet - the anniversaries, the son will sustain acquaintance with sights, I, nevertheless, diligent enriched the knowledge of history of this country and historically significant or just beautiful places available to us.

our rest fell on the first half of May. I did not count on hot weather and the warm sea and just intended to use this circumstance in the informative purposes.

We had a rest in Kassandra Palace 4 hotel * on the cape Cassandra of the peninsula Chalkidiki. The hotel very much was pleasant. It has rather big and planted trees and shrubs territory, it is a lot of unusually beautiful pink bushes, flowers, palm trees, nicely cut bush. There is a good playground with a swing - hills - rocking chairs, children`s club and pass - the disco. But we got for the beginning of a season therefore it is difficult for me to estimate work of children`s animators. The situation developed so that there were animators, but there were no children.

in hotel in general was few

owing to the beginning of a season of vacationers, for dinner at restaurant laid a third of tables, at the same time there were always empty seats and waiters. Greeks treat children very kindly, greet, start conversation, especially thawed, having learned that the son is called Dmitry (or “for the“ Mitya) - St. Dimitrii is a patron of this part of Greece and very much we honor local population.

Despite small fullness of hotel, originally we were lodged in number with a so-called “view of mountains“ that actually meant a view of parking and somewhere there it is far - mountains. But I hinted the administrator that we with the little baby arrived for two weeks and very much would like to admire a sea landscape, but not cars, at the same time having promised to come to them still...

At first as replacement to us offered

angular number on side of the sea, but on the first inhabited (i.e. the second) the floor. Except krone a number of the growing tree nothing was visible, but me on a balcony it was visible to all neighbors. I understood that such conditions will not satisfy me in any way. It was better to remain in former number: last (third) floor and look afar.

the Second offered number exactly on the floor was higher than

offered the day before. I did not even want to come, but nevertheless... The balcony appeared higher than a krone of this tree, and what I saw, forced me to change opinion to the best. So we also moved. Also admired here such view from the balcony. And the palm trees which only died in the cold Greek winter spoiled a landscape the dry kroner a little.

the Sea was cool. Mitya only to wet legs came, and I, of course, swam. Water - the most transparent, I such did not see yet. Probably, not casually there many beaches are awarded by a blue flag for ecological purity. Mitya generally played on the coast, constructed locks and roads, looked for cockleshells and beautiful stones. And in the evenings we usually walked at a playground.

Now about our trips. So, in 5 days of rent of the machine we were in time enjoy traveling not less than 2000 km, and the considerable part of a way fell on serpentines, sometimes very much even narrow and abrupt. But I derived improbable pleasure from driving. Before being let in travel, I attentively studied the favourite guide of Polyglott (at me already whole collection gathered from different uglok of Europe). In these guides there are also offered routes that often happens very conveniently. For all travel we had enough card (more precisely, a route) from this guide and the card which we were given in agency on lease of cars. Though, frankly speaking, it not always corresponded to the real road...

Representatives of the meeting party frightened me by features of local traffic. But I decided that if I to “wheel“ in Moscow, then can hardly frighten me something. And what I saw … Greeks do not observe the high-speed mode, overtake on the oncoming traffic lane. Well, you feel there as houses. I, of course, so irresponsibly did not behave, did not cross continuous lines, but speed out of settlements exceeded “a little“. On the autobahn to the Meteor and the Olympus it was succeeded to drive on Fiat Punto at a speed of 140 - 160 km/h.

one more feature of the movement on the Greek roads Is - if the road allows, then cars go on a roadside, they so increase a road lane.

Police officers of tourists do not touch

, them there it is not visible at all, these police officers. Only once it slightly to death did not frighten me. I from the Meteor, a long journey (500 km to one party) went therefore on direct wide sites I squeezed out of the machine as it is possible a high speed within limits. And suddenly I see, the police officer waves hands. Everything, I think, “got“, the straight line is expensive to me in prison for 5 now - multiple speeding. I am a sign - with restriction saw that, but “hammered“. And he, kind, appears warned that repair of the road is ahead. Assistant, in a word. At me slightly the cardiac rupture did not happen.

I Think, reference information about traffic regulations has already enough, about routes now. So, 5 days of lease of cars were distributed as follows:

1 day - a trip to the Olympus (350 km in one party);

2 day - Petralon`s cave, the town Neo - Mudanya;

3 day - excavation of the ancient city of Olinfos, a trip around the peninsula Cassandra;

4 day - a trip to the peninsula Athos, a bay Uranupolis, cruise around Mount Athos, Stager`s ruins (in total about 300 km);

5 day - monasteries of the Meteor (500 km in one party).

the Olympus - the mountain of gods

To the Olympus from our hotel about 350 km. And here in a good sunny weather the top of this mountain can even be seen from our peninsula. We reached quickly enough, but everything depends, of course, on the number of cars on roads. Here when I rejoiced to the fact that the season of holidays did not begin yet, and it is a little tourists.

In process managed to go astray twice: once the card did not coincide with the district, and the second time I missed congress from the autobahn. Both times lovely Greek drivers not just explained how to pass, at the same time actively swinging hands, but also accompanied to the next index or turn. So, though with small adventures, but quickly enough we reached the town of Litokhoro which is located at the foot of the mountain. Very lovely town with small park, with the beautiful fountain. But up to the depth of soul I was touched that in this city which is in the distance from the sea and almost in mountains there is Voyenno - the sea museum.

To top is conducted by “serpentine“, and at some moment it stops being asphalted, and becomes simply covered with pebble and is considerably narrowed up to the width of one car. Frankly speaking, I was afraid a little and did not go above because I was afraid of the oncoming car. To part with it it was not represented possible. However, the turn over an abyss was from the category of a kaskadyorsky trick too. The feeling when the cowl of your car hangs over an abyss, cannot be described words - it should be experienced most.

Of course, views from the mountain open unusual. We several times stopped to look round around and to breathe unusual clean air. It is a lot of pedestrian tourists, and even the tent got to us - here really remarkable option of an outdoor recreation, it is not necessary any SPA - resorts.

the Way home seemed to

shorter. At the same time we came around on gas station and found out an order of local petrol prices (0. 8 - 0. 83 euros/litre).

Petralon`s Cave

Petralon`s Cave is the next to us sight, it is located at peninsula finger “basis“ Cassandra, approximately in 50 km from our hotel. Do not let “unorganized“ tourists and as we did not belong to any excursion group, we were attached to crowd of some local school students for whom tour was conducted in Greek in a cave. We tailed after, just with interest looking around.

the Cave really beautiful, is what to look at, twisting the head in different directions. And in latest “hall“ it is placed skeletik the ancient Neanderthal person, his instrument of labor. And the little man - that makhonkiya, hardly on one and a half meters pulled. These remains, tools, bones of ancient animals (age more than 5 million years) were found in this cave. Also here also traces of fires which, according to scientists, are the most ancient confirmations of use of fire by the person, found till today were found.

On the way back we stopped by in the town Nea - Mudanya, wanted to have dinner. Long wandered about the embankment along cafes, and as a result I bought strawberry in a local shop, washed up it in the drinking fountain, and we with pleasure regaled on berries. At the same time Mitya, of course, izvazyukatsya because berries did not find room at him not that in a mouth, but even in a hand. But I the only time used services of a dry-cleaner in hotel: approximately for 2. 5 euros in several hours I received the clean ironed trousers back.

of the Trip around vicinities

this day I just decided to sweep on vicinities, i.e. on our peninsula Cassandra. But for a start we went towards Sitoniya`s peninsula to excavation ancient the city of Olinfos. This tremendous show. Not in forces to realize my brain as thousands years ago people could build such cities - without modern equipment, without modern materials but only using manual skills.

of Olinfos was the most considerable city of Chalkidiki in IV BC. During invasions of Persians (479 BC) the city was occupied by them, and after withdrawal of Persians was populated with immigrants from Halkida. Then the city was also built again up on the new town-planning ippodamio system (Gippodamova system) according to which Olinfos was divided by wide prospectuses which then are perpendicularly crossed with others, less wide. The crossed streets form small quarters, each of which includes several houses, shop, a court yard. In houses there were bathtubs and wash basins, tile drains remained. And tremendous beauty of a mosaic...

the Mosaic panels found during Olinfos`s excavation in 1928 and 1931 are the most ancient of all well-known mosaics found in the territory of Greece. In the next years Olinfos endures unusual blossoming and predominates over all cities in Chalkidiki. In August 248 BC Olinfos was razed to the ground by the tsar of Macedonia Philip II.

So far I admired

scales of the ancient city and picturesque vicinities, Mitya with pleasure ran “on rooms“ or on remains of walls, representing “engine“. And around excavation, even without suspecting about proximity of such historical monument, in the violent color poppies reddened.

after that we went back to the peninsula Cassandra to reach south country peninsulas - Saint Nicholas`s cape, and on the way came around on the beach. With indexes there was a trouble again, the card did not coincide with the district again, the local population which somewhere surely waved a hand (at the same time in different directions) was necessary to torture, and the accompanying comments were only in Greek. It is good that in a roadside supermarket met to us English - the speaking shop assistant, she also sent us to the necessary party. As a result I got out to a narrow path (almost a footpath) and we arrived to our purpose. Beauty!!! Unfortunately neither words, nor photos will be able to transfer what was seen.

On the cape the small church is, but we did not decide to come. Probably, in vain. But we and - that had a round still that - shorts - undershirts - slaps...

A in the evening we went to a tavern for the Greek evening. I will not go into details, often write about it in guides. It was pleasant to us, especially to my child who danced almost all evening to local music, but in the interpretation.

the Peninsula Athos

On the peninsula Athos located the only Orthodox Monastic Republic which lives more 1000 according to church canons, in the spirit of traditions of the Byzantine times (use a Julian calendar). For the first time monks of Athos were officially mentioned in the 9th century. Two next centuries (The X-XII century of century) are often mentioned as “Golden Age“ Aghion Orossa (Sacred Mountain).

This excursion we organized

to ourselves. The matter is that the guide somehow vaguely spoke about a possibility of the centralized excursion to Athos soon, and I did not want to miss an opportunity to admire monasteries. As a result we got by the car to the town of Uranupoli and there sat down on a ship, and just 3 hours floated along the coast. Stories were in several languages, but without Russian.

, the child went - moved on the deck. And on the way back local aunties represented the Greek dances - just like that, entertained themselves and had a rest. Very fine. And still we were accompanied by dolphins: three delfinchik for several minutes floated behind a ship, jumped out of water. My Rebyatenok just squealed from delight. It is one thousand times more interesting than any dolphinarium. Three hours of swimming past absolutely quickly.

On the way back we got lost (that is characteristic, the card did not coincide with the district again: where according to the card we had to turn on the left, were dear only directly and to the right) and stopped by as a result in Stagera. This birthplace of Aristotle. The city (and nowadays its remains) is surrounded with a wide wall. The territory is very big, but it is difficult to go there and it is even dangerous because it is located on a mountain slope.

If we had time, then surely would walk along a wall. But absolutely novel road which as a result turned into the most severe serpentine for about two hours which is periodically accompanied with a rain still was coming us. But impressions of such trip remained much including from new conditions of driving.

Meteors - monasteries on rocks - skyscrapers

This trip was the longest on distance to the purpose of our travel - 500 km in one party. Excursion buses take away tourists from hotel at 5:00 - 5:30 … but I was not ready to so early reveille. We left hotel approximately at 8 o`clock, having previously quickly had breakfast. To the Meteor reached already “by a lunch“. As there it is beautiful!!! And as the origin of these rocks, these stone columns is incomprehensible. Today scientists speak about their underwater origin - which - where at tops skeletons of fishes are found.

of the Meteor - the best-known monastic center of Greece after Athos. In the 12th century Athos monks from the Sacred Mountain for rescue of Orthodoxy took cover on stone vertical columns, subsequently having constructed Orthodox churches. In 1356 the monk Afanasios Meteoritis laid the foundation of what upon termination of construction began to be called the monastery Metamorfosis or Big the Meteor. The surname of the founder of the first monastery gave the name to all district subsequently.

of the Meteor represents group of the high and steep rocks and rocks topped with monasteries, monasteries and cells, and their various caves are turned into dwellings of ascetics of an orthodox monkhood. Here in skies monastic heroism is combined with a nature miracle.

All necessary is delivered to monasteries in baskets which on a cable understand up. And in the monastery Big the Meteor we saw how the father “arrived“ from the monastery on the cart on a ropeway.

days, Free from trips, we had just a rest in hotel, once walked to the neighboring settlement of Kriopigi where we bought the child of absolutely charming plush dolphin.

I Will tell

frankly that weather not always disposed to beach rest. The beginning of May - it is valid still “not a season“ for this district. But the impressions received on trips with interest blocked such small troubles as a couple of rainy days.

in conclusion I will add

that this trip took place nearly two years ago. But then I did not decide to immortalize literaturno the memoirs therefore my story was published with “small“ delayI eat. Last year, also in May, we visited Crete, again went much and saw much, I already told about it.

I hope to continue by

A in dreams acquaintance to such unusual and “mythical“ country - Greece.