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Intimate muscles need continuous training of

the Medicine calls them also analno - genital. They are obliged to support constantly part of internals in the correct situation, but at the same time loadings are almost deprived. And in one gym not to pump up them.

a weakness Root

Intimate muscles will strike nobody relief, will not add force to a fist. They are not sports and lazy. It is hard to say how was at the time of Adam, but today they come into action only in a toilet and at sexual contact. But once these muscles weaken - both at women, and at men the bodies located in the lower part of a trunk that is, in a small basin are displaced. It is a bladder, part of intestines, a uterus or a prostate.

of the Reason happen different, for example:

Possible results - locks, an incontience, the complicated pregnancy and childbirth, many, including tumoral diseases of a uterus at women, violation of an erection and prostatitises at men. In sexual life sensuality decreases, “genital embraces“ are weakened. Even hemorrhoids often begin from - for detrenirovannost of intimate muscles.

Fitness for...

Simple exercises can carry out

and at home. Daily 15 - 20 - minute trainings can yield results in 2 - 3 months. Special medical vaginal exercise machines or exercise machines for performance of exercises of Kegel (Arnold Kegel, the American gynecologist, for the first time described exercises for muscles of a small pelvis (crotch)) will help to define correctly what group of muscles needs to be involved and will create necessary load of this group of muscles.

Main - not to stop on the achieved results, and to support them. The measure following charging - surgical intervention. No pill will force the gone on a spree uterus or a prostate to return to the place of a registration.