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Boxes and company. The second life of unnecessary things of

Almost every day we throw out plastic bottles, disposable tableware, packings from products, various boxes, tubules, old felt-tip pens, newspapers, bottle traffic jams etc. And hardly we think that much of this garbage can receive new application, having become a basis for an original children`s hand-made article or a fascinating toy.

became Now fashionable to speak about ecology, about new ways of use of garbage for the general benefit. But we will talk not about it at all, and about that huge joy which is given kids game, creativity, needlework, communication with favourite close people. Unnecessary things of which we seek to get rid as soon as possible bear in themselves a set of opportunities for such creativity. For certain in each adult still there was a droplet of children`s genius. And if you with passion get down to business, the kid will by all means be connected to you. Together you will be able to invent something rather ingenious from such simple things as boxes, bottles, jars...

Big boxes...

Any kid dreams of an own small lodge in which it is possible to play or hide. In children`s supermarkets plastic teremk as a magnet attract to themselves kids. Also requests, arrangements begin, and, it is frequent also tears: “Buy - and - and - and!.“ Such lodges, of course, thing good. But they cost little not. And not each family can brag of so spacious living space what the izba absolutely freely would be placed in the room and it was not necessary to fly over it because other way of movement is absolutely impossible. Of course, there are still children`s tents and various folding lodges, but their price not all on a pocket too. And the kid asks the house... An exit is, and it is simple as all ingenious. Together with the kid you can build the remarkable exclusive house from an ordinary box from the TV or the monitor. The more box, the better. As a roof will serve the box bottom. That the lodge turned out higher, straighten four “shutters“ by which the box is usually closed, and enshrine them in such provision by several layers of an adhesive tape. As a floor in your house will serve half of the room. Paste over a box with white paper or pieces of wall-paper from all directions. Then accurately cut through windows and unbend “sun blind“. In the same way build a door. The house is almost ready. Let the owner will take paints and will ornament the dwelling to the taste. And, even better, make it together. It is possible to paste over a lodge with pictures and posters from children`s magazines. It will turn out brightly and cheerfully. Will interestingly consider walls, to look for favourite animation heroes, here only to paint a lodge it will not turn out any more. To the house it is possible to drag pillows, to attach a shelf, a pocket mirror on a wall, to hang up pictures and even to install electrical equipment. The small lamp or a small nochnichok which is put directly on a floor will be suitable for this purpose. Only just in case pull out an electric wire out of lodge limits. This house is remarkable the fact that in only a few seconds it turns into a flat piece of a cardboard and cleans up from eyes down with on a balcony or in a corridor. And then also quickly again becomes a lodge. You can not doubt, this construction for a long time will become a favourite toy of the kid.

... boxes average

Various boxes - fertile material for children`s creative game. Kids - surprising beings. They can photograph a cardboard box and use it as the field-glass, the box can turn into a horse, the machine, the steamship and even the spaceship. All ideas for toys of which it will be a question below are very simple and lie literally on a surface. But as it is frequent, inventing the bicycle, we do not see these, the simplest opportunities for game. So, if your kid the aficionado of horses, make together with him a horse of a cardboard box. For this purpose the box of the average sizes will approach. Cut off valves of a cover from a box and turn it upside down. In day cut through a round opening in which the kid will be able to get through. In corners of a box do holes and insert two ropes in the manner of breast-bands there. These breast-bands will put on on the child`s shoulders. Cut out a profile of a horse physiognomy with a neck from the cut-off pieces of a cardboard, draw eyes, a mouth, a nose. Make a bridle of a ribbon and put on to a horse a muzzle. Now we paste a horse neck to a forward wall of a box. We do a mane and a tail of the cellophane package cut with a fringe. At desire a horse it is possible to ornament apples or to make any other necessary color. The amusing toy is ready. The kid puts on himself a box, pushing hands in rope breast-bands (their length needs to be adjusted so what the box would hang approximately on belt level), undertakes a bridle and begins to jump with whooping on the room. The horse can order: “Step! At a trot! Gallop!“ and most to execute commands. Do not forget to think up to a horse a name. If your kid is in myths actively interested right now, then the ordinary horse turns into winged Pegasus in a few minutes. For this purpose it needs to paste cardboard wings only. Now it is possible not only to jump, but also to fly. Well, which of kids does not dream of it?

If yours the baby - future motorist, in this way it is possible to make also the car. Paint a box bright color, draw doors, paste on each side (or attach by means of the screw and a nut) four plastic or paper disposable plates (it will be wheels). Cut out brilliant “headlights“ from a food foil and place them in front and behind. Now it was necessary only to cut out a cardboard wheel, to take it in hand, to put on itself a box - the car and to go to a fascinating trip around rooms.

Well and if the baby dreams of intergalactic travel, then not to do it without spaceship in any way. For such large-scale construction you need quite spacious rectangular box with low sides in which it will be convenient to kid to sit. We cut off the back valve at a box, forward we turn inside, we unbend lateral valves in the parties and we cut off from them forward corners what something would turn out, similar to rocket wings. The forward valve - our control panel. We draw on it various buttons, sensors and screens. Then we need five small plastic bottles. We cut off them in the form of funnels and by the narrow party it is pasted to a back wall of the rocket. “Starting engines“ will turn out. Similarly we will cut off a big bottle and we will make of the turned-out funnel “nose“ to our rocket. It was necessary to make “turbo engines“. Make six tubules of album sheets, wrap up them a thin food foil and paste on three on back part of each “wing“. The spaceship is ready! Let the young astronaut will take with himself in the rocket a pillow (so more convenient to sit), provisions (and how without it?) and... a key on start! The countdown begins: ten, nine... Let`s roll!

... boxes small

Well, here a scope for the imagination almost boundless! The small box from baby food or a package from - under juice can turn into anything. For example, in doll furniture or household appliances. Progress does not stand still, and dolls, strangely enough, too do not want to erase in the old manner. Give them the washing machine, and in addition to it the refrigerator, a microwave and other technical pleasures. And the kid can quite be understood. In the games it copies our adulthood. How here to do without modern technologies? It is possible, of course, and to buy similar toys. But, I think, I will not reveal secret if I tell that many kids play with pleasure also self-made toys. And, often, they for them it is far lovelier purchased. Not therefore whether what these toys keep heat of your hands, love of your hearts, a part you? These are not consumer goods, it is an exclusive. And among other things, similar self-made toys are very useful to the kid. They develop his imagination and creativity, it is necessary to do something for fun all the time, to use objects - deputies. Any remarkable and realistic purchased toy will not give it.

So what it is possible to make of boxes from baby food and to them similar? For example, refrigerator. You paste over a box with paper or you obvorachivat a foil, you cut out a door, inside you paste several shelves. The refrigerator is ready! If to dream up a little, it is possible to turn a box and into the washing machine. On a sidewall of a box we cut out a round opening, from within we stick it with a piece of transparent plastic or food wrap. We paint a forward wall under a “natural“ stiralka, we insert sideways a straw piece for cocktail - a hose. We put linen from above, and let it be for fun erased. In this way it is possible to make both a microwave, and the gas stove with an oven, and, of course, various doll furniture. For example, clothes case. At first we will build boxes. For this purpose we will stick together together three matchboxes and we will paste over from above with color paper. We will make handles in boxes of small detalek from a mosaic, punctures in hole boxes, having dripped on a droplet of glue and having inserted detalk there. For these handles it will be possible to put forward and push boxes. Now in the lower part of a box we will cut through an accurate opening and we will insert our boxes there, having properly fixed by an adhesive tape or a strip of paper. And above boxes we will cut out doors. Now roofs of “case“ in sidewalls are slightly lower we will make openings and we will insert a wooden stick, a pencil or a dense tubule for cocktails there. We will make a coat hanger of a wire and we will hang up on the turned-out hanger. Now dolls will be able to hang up the dresses in a case, and to store shoes, a beads and other knickknacks in boxes.

... and absolutely small boxes

Small boxes, for example, from small juice - too an excellent basis for various toys. If to paste over them with paper, to draw windows, doors and to paste cardboard castors, the small avtomobilchik can turn out. And it is possible to make the engine and several boxes - the cars connecting by means of the usual office paper clips inserted in the manner of hooks into end faces of boxes. If at the same time to cut out the top wall, in machines and engines it is possible to put passengers. And still such bags can turn into lodges for toys or garages for machines, small doggies boxes or a bed for dolls. It is necessary to issue and paint only according to them. From juice packages excellent ships turn out. Thanks to special waterproof material, they will not get wet and sink as usual paper. If you plan to make a ship of a box, do not puncture with a straw a foil. Cut through a hole in wide lateral face and merge juice in a glass, and cut out lateral face what “backet“ would turn out. We establish on a ship a mast from a toothpick or a straw for cocktails, we fix a sail from a paper piece. Float the ship in a bathroom and if it passes test, keep it till fast spring. An adhesive tape paste a string to ship “nose“, and then the little captain in gumboots will be able to drag it for himself on spring streams. Do not forget to name the ship.

the Set of opportunities conceal

in themselves and ordinary matchboxes. And if you saved up a quantity of this creative material, it is possible to be engaged in entertaining designing. From the stuck together korobk doggies, giraffes and other representatives of fauna, robots, doll furniture turn out. If the kid collects a collection the kinder - surprises, and on the shelf there is no place for these small ubiquitous dust collectors any more, build the whatnot together with the kid. For this purpose take internal part of a matchbox, paste toothpicks in its corners, and get the following box tier on toothpicks. Thus, make several floors. Then start creation of the new whatnot. In order that the design was not too shaky, stick together lateral faces of boxes of next “whatnots“ among themselves. So at you the real rack where each toy kid will have the place will turn out. And still this design can become a multystoried bed all for the same “kinderovy“ animals or many-tier garage for machines.

A here one more simple, but very useful idea for the little needlewomen who are fond of production of jewelry from beads. Stick together from matchboxes pass - a dresser where in each box beads of a certain color and a form will lie. Both it is compact, and it is convenient, and fine details do not roll on all apartment.

of the Plate and a plateau

the Following object of our attention - disposable plates. From them very also very interesting hand-made articles turn out too. The simplest is paper plates to paint. Beautifully it turns out if drawing is located in the center of a plate, and the corrugated frame remains monophonic (white or color). It is possible to draw everything that the soul will wish. And if mother tells the kid what is Gzhel, and, even better, will show on pictures, then it is possible to try to paint a plate in this interesting style. For a similar list we need a white plate and blue paint for drawing.

From disposable plates turn out amusing animals. The whole plate can become, for example, the head of a lion. For this purpose we cover it with yellow paint, we draw a muzzle, and as a mane will serve the corrugated fringing painted in brown or orange color. We will make of a half of other plate to a lion a trunk and we will paste to the head. The remained plate piece by means of scissors turns into a tail. If slightly - slightly to dream up, it is possible to make both a turtle, and a kitty, and a ladybug, and a spider. Arrange houses an exhibition of children`s works or use “tarelochny“ toys for private puppet theater.

Well and if in your family the little woman of fashion grows up, then it makes sense to arrange the real hat workshop. Also the same paper plates will be necessary for us for this purpose. By means of a puncher or scissors make small openings from two parties of a plate. Fix in them tapes or an elastic band. It will be ties. Now put “hat“ on a table and begin to decorate it together with the daughter to the taste. Paints, artificial flowers, tapes, bows, feathers, beads, macaroni, spangles, scraps of fabric, lace, a brooch - generally, everything that will be found at home will be put to use. And if you remember shots from historical movies where ladies carried on the head not just hats, and the real works of art in the form of vases with fruit or the whole ships, then you for certain will have additional ideas on ornament. If “shlyapkodelaniye“ carries away the baby, it is possible, having assimilated to the real fashion designers, to create the whole thematic collections of hats. For example: “These surprising animals“, “Hi, spring!“ or “Sea treasures“. And by all means arrange display of hats for the father or the grandmother with the grandfather.

Many-sided bottles

It is valid what only you will not think up from plastic bottles: they can be both bryzgalka, and vases, and size, and targets for towns. It is possible to make a shovel and molds for sand of them, ships and even the whole raft. In this moneybox of ideas one more addition: the simple, entertaining and very useful game developing coordination and accuracy of movements. So, take a plastic bottle, cut off from it a half (that that with a neck). To this half at the level of a cut, around paste an adhesive tape several disposable plastic glasses. The cut of a bottle and edge of glasses have to be at one level. In two bottle covers puncture holes and connect them a long rope. Screw one cover on a neck. The player`s task, holding in hand a toy for a neck, to try to throw the cover hanging on a string in glasses. It is better to make two such “brosalka“ at once. And if to write on glasses a marker different quantity of points, it is possible to arrange competition on dexterity and skill.


A the rests of bottles with bottoms now. They will be useful to us even for one similar game. From - under the kinder - a surprise put a piece of plasticine in a capsule and properly close it. Now you become with the kid at small distance from each other and throw the turned-out ball each other by means of bottle halves - “traps“. It is possible and most to train in sleight of hand, throwing a ball from the right hand in left and vice versa.

Glasses and straws

From this small good can which too - what to turn out. Plastic or paper cups will leave the whole brood of various beings. It is only necessary to cut out from color paper various noses, mouths, muzzles, eyes and to paste to the turned glasses. It is possible to add paper handles, pads, tails. Build thus characters, say, for “Turnip“ and play a performance directly on a table. By the way, from the smallest small bottles from yogurts remarkable finger-type dolls turn out. You draw them faces and muzzles (or you glue from paper), you glue ears and crowns, you do a hair from cellophane, woolen strings, pieces of fur and fabric - actors for puppet theater are ready.

Can be made

dolls and differently. Draw the necessary character on a white cardboard, paint and cut out. It was necessary to paste to a cardboard figure a straw for cocktail and it is possible to show the improvised performance. If at you it is not really got on with drawing, arrive slightly differently. Cut out suitable pictures from the read children`s magazine. It can be animation characters or fantastic heroes. Paste them on a cardboard and what to do farther - you already know. Well and, of course, the simplest and remarkable application will be found for straws after you give to the baby scissors (of course if the age allows) and suggest to cut tubules on pieces. If to string them to a thread - there will be excellent beads and bracelets...

Everything listed above - only a drop in the ocean of the fact that mother and the kid can make with own hands. And absolutely unnecessary things, as if by magic, will turn into remarkable toys. Create, dream, be not afraid of mistakes! It is quite probable that your toys - homemade products will become for the kid the most favourite and will bring him huge benefit.