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To the fifth anniversary the son gave me a gift - I saw its performance at a concert on local television. All right only performed by a song, so also in dance. In effect, an event not it unique, except for that I can earn with singing money - people will pay that I did not sing.

One and a half years ago we for the first time led

Sergey on a concert of chamber chorus to his pleasure as it appeared. But my mother, having learned about visit of a concert by me, laughed minutes fifteen (so far the make-up did not begin to flow), sobbing: “You and chorus - concepts incompatible!“ Yes, I remember how I in the childhood learned to play the guitar - at my dog slightly the roof did not leave.

Having found out then in the empirical way a kontsertoposeshchayemost of our son, decided to lead it for the first time on New Year`s “fir-tree“. We with the husband very much worried: the house child, whether will be frightened. As a result staid alone aside with the dad. Sergey five times for morning performance resorted to us to report what “everything is all right“, and a wig to give.

So far the children (accustomed by a garden and school to obedience) quietly stood a circle (a third of children in general did not come off parents), our miracle actively took part in more densely fancy-dress characters and leaders. No, he did not become impudent, it was not a shame to me, but also the modesty is not a distinctive feature of my children. I stood, looked on Grey and did not know: to cry to me or to laugh. Sergey completely repeated behavior of the elder brother at similar age.


that in our corner of the world, on the coast, the winter begins at the beginning of a year (strong wind, dampness, and even a frost), especially with the child you will not take a walk on the street, I went to the nearest Center of creativity to attach the child in a circle. Complexity one was available - on occupations at us accept children since five years, and to Sergey 3 years 9 months were executed then. I had a choice: academic dance, sports or ball.

we Straight off got on occupation to the model Divertissement ensemble, best in the city, with strict requirements, loading. I did not tell age of the son at once. Allowed it to resemble few weeks for an assessment of opportunities, then allowed to remain. When the choreographer began to write down data - 2001 year of birth - slightly did not drop the handle. On growth in group was the child three above Sergey, but on weight there are no equal. It is only necessary to present it (weighing over 25 kg) against fragile flexible 14 - 16 - ti - kilogram girls. - Down as required we will get Winnie`s role out of turn (joke).

Performance of a twine, wheel, the bridge causes in it and now difficulties (in difference from Dmitry who since five years was engaged in show - the ballet), but to me not the result was important, and process: occupation hour three once a week + communication with children (group 10 - 15 people) which catastrophically was not enough for it. There was a wish to give then to me Seryoga and on a vocal, but considered that it has still insufficiently blank speech.

Experience of communication and submission discipline strongly was useful to

when we decided to send the son in May (in 4 years with a month) to kindergarten. If Sergey at least once begins to cry or refused to go - I did not dare to insist. It was heavy to adapt to the boy with vulnerable fragile nervous system to state conditions: went to a garden always with pleasure, but left it intense as the soap bubble ready to burst into tears (that for it is uncharacteristic) at the slightest pretext, after a day dream the mentality was restored. Tension began to fall down only after half a year of visit of a garden.

Sergey goes to a garden also now only for half a day (with 7 - 30 to 11 - 30). There is a wish to smooth household problems: a dream in the bed, the toilet. (The toilet is a separate song: Gray such fastidious that only one own unpleasant smells are ready to cause in it desires to vomiting and if he sees pot contents - consequences I guarantee.) And, of course, food with restriction of carbohydrates. Guts are gradually restored. To prepare for the son every day separately for me not a problem. The problem would be to break the tastes: I will not eat boiled fish, pumpkin, onions, pepper, cabbage, carrots (moreover and every day), I do not eat soups and milk porridges since the childhood, I love fried - sharp - salty, I meat love also fancy bread.

as a result the son has breakfast freshly cooked fruit puree at home, has dinner prepared in the morning rybno - vegetable soup. And I take away it from walk after active games wet as the mouse - me is poorly believed that, having come to group from the street, it will have enough consciousness at once to calm down and to change clothes quickly.

to me it is pleasant to p to see the son in the afternoon, to estimate a state of health and mentalities, to feed and put to bed. But, perhaps, it I just finish myself: I was so tired for these years of presence in we wash the house of foreign person (nurse). The first time of Sergey was accepted in group by the same teacher (accident) to whom I gave 16 years for the first time Dmitry earlier. Similarity of brothers shocks her still.

the Period of adaptation to infections fell on summer, and the child coped without special consequences: the easy prisapyvaniye, irritation in a throat, stomatitis also konjyuktivit were crushed, without having managed to inflame, the ENT SPECIALIST suspected a foreign matter of a nose. On the sick-list were once with laryngitis in October. Night spasms of muscles of legs passed long ago, does not take medicine, there was controlled tension of legs. At an indisposition the left eyelid becomes blue, and the venous grid is stronger shown on a body, but it is not so strong to be noticeable uninitiated.

Even in the summer Sergey was frightened of

on theatrical representation in a garden of the clown - does not want to see clowns to this day, though dressed up it on New Year`s morning performance specially (yourself you will not begin to be afraid) the clown. Something frightened the boy or pulled - in a garden he refuses to sing solno. For the rest Sergey feels there surely. It did not lose the gift to draw attention to itself(himself) and to become the favourite. On occupations, seeing with what adoration Grey looks at pretty girls and girls, and with mutual sympathy, mummies from me ukhokhatyvatsya: “Though would graduate from school to a wedding!“ About school: in the fall foreign people exhausted with questions: “Where your portfolio?“, “In what class you study?“ and strongly were surprised that the boy to school two years.

Seryoga also classes of a vocal began to attend

in the Fall. I trade on its addiction to singing long ago - to the child the cartridge with children`s songs is given (at it the personal tape recorder, the microphone) and half an hour it is possible to do household chores under synchronous “howl“. Or the book with lyrics undertakes the child, opens them on the necessary page and is sung without accompaniment then the following page opens. Remembers words of the pleasant songs practically from the third listening, a melody - from the first.

In four and a half years (at the beginning of November) Grey first time stepped on the stage. I so worried that night before a concert practically did not fall down. Worried that was not frightened of a congestion of the audience (the big hall with a balcony), lighting, a sound. Besides vocal performances of Shans studio are similar not to choral singing, and to the musical more likely with movement of singers on a scene. In vain worried, the boy appeared at height. And here with record of soundtracks of difficulty were - in the beginning he in general refused to come into studio. At record of the first soundtrack I squated under the microphone and ironed to Sergey the handle, and I just was present at the last.

To sounds at Sergey a reverent attitude: sounds of the vacuum cleaner, a drill, the hair dryer, even the hammer it is better to exclude. It can without fear fray a huge wolfhound, but is wild be frightened of the barking shavochka. Progress - before a March concert Seryoga allowed to dry up for the first time hair the hair dryer! Also ceased to be afraid of fireworks, the elevator.

of the Photo “Younger among New Year`s mushrooms“

A on New Year`s holidays Sergey already participated in six city concerts “A musical revue “Winter`s Tale“, on three exits in everyone: two songs and one dance. The part of concerts took place in foreign Center of creativity: the unfamiliar situation, other sizes of a scene, density (more than 300 participants), was necessary to change clothes sometimes directly behind the scenes in a corner since did not manage to reach a make-up room. After that vocal performances in a school disco or on “fir-tree“ in a recreation center (that with which this “roundabout“ twirled a year ago) were perceived as ordinary events.

But New Year`s holidays were sated with impressions, memorable. Okolostsenichesky turmoil had no negative consequences, on the contrary, hardened gentle mentality a little. I so became proud when the vocal teacher with words: “At the boy, undoubtedly, talent!“ offered also individual occupations. Now I after work hurry in the Center of creativity - every evening occupation, and even two: academic dance, vocal, individual. And I should keep “in the form of young mother“.

the Age is the my hidden “cockroach“. I even told lies to the son: on a question:“ How old are you?“ - answered: “Thirty“, having concealed nearly 10 years. I have one more “cockroach“: I strain when acquaintances with astonishment - delightfully exclaim: “As it is similar to you!“ To me implication is heard in these words that “should not resemble - that“. And here Sergey`s comparisons with Dmitry please me - they are really very similar: the person, a strong figure, temperament, tastes and habits - the probability theory has a rest. Concerning heredity - all began joking: “Problems with head vessels? So it at us in a sort hereditary - both at me, and at the grandfather!“ The father remembered that he in the childhood had terrible spasms of legs, then passed completely. Also it became imperceptible everything to be perceived joking apart.

Thanks to a preconcert agiotage, rehearsals - joinings, Sergey waited on March 8 as New year. It was necessary to sing to it much at concerts for labor collectives. The most intense day was on March 7: at 9 o`clock morning performance in a garden, in the 12th concert in port, at 15 o`clock a big city concert with which I also began the story. My task at a concert was to catch the child who is running out from a song, to reach through crowd with shouts “pass, our exit!“ to the fourth coulisse and he would not manage to push it into dance-. The first children`s block was very densely stamped, one melody without interruption passed into following. Seryoga even had to sing not a folklore suit, and in carnival.

Ya worried that such intense schedule did not provoke nervous overexcitation. Aha, as. First phrase on the eighth of March ball: “Where we have concert today?“. When Sergey saw himself in the TV, in the actor “star fever“ did not even begin to move - he began to point to the mistakes. But I strongly hope that this hobby will not become its profession.