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The report on a visit Of the museum got to State Darwin Museum of

incidentally the grandfather carried us in Paleontologic, rebenkudinozavr to show - got to GDM. Exact address Vavilov St. d 57, 1.

did not wait for

of Much. By hearsay and pseudo to memoirs in an upornolezla brain boring excursions along dusty show-windows and stands, chyioznakomitelny plates sadly were followed by a poor exponatnymfond against gradually the lulling voice of old women of guides. At once I will tell these imaginations it was not fated to come true. Everything appeared kudapriyatny more interestingly. In every respect. it is pleasant to p to surprise with

our unplanned excursion of the beginning already on a campaign to the building. The standing not so small building of the museum pleased Sovremennoyeotdelno with a glazpriyatnost of lines and shades. From above the zasteklennayapiramida of part of a roof looked out. Entrance tickets for adult 18 rubles, 6 in my opinion, for school students, and preschool children - it is free. Big wardrobe zals magnificent series of leather chairs. The same chairs are located to the povsy museum building.

we found

of All 3 floors of expositions with dostatochnonasyshchenny exhibitions. Passing all ways and paths with the kid, it is possible isamy to be tired and it is hard for him so, at desire it is always possible to have a rest. On the ground and second floor huge TVs - ekranynaprotiv the chairs which were so pleasant to us are located. Constantly there are poznavatelnyefilma, it is always possible to sit down and have a rest. The people even during week-end dnisovsy have some.

In the wardrobe hall if it is good to look;) mozhnonayt of BARS. Yes. A magnificent institution, but about it right at the end.

On the first floor of the museum if to rise from clothes and without coming into the first exposition hall, to turn to the right (och. mnogiyeprokhodit, passing these stands) come to be in small department of a posvyashchennomistoriya of creation of this strange museum. It appears, everything began sprosty hobby of the father of the museum Kots an effigy - making. To us was to learn ochenyinteresno that this occupation was very fashionable in kontseproshlo - forgive a century before last. It had an interesting wife too, together with education of the child of a parallelnorastil - was brought up - observed development almost “adopted“ a shimpanzenka. Even wrote the book about entertaining comparison of two-kids.

Surely come, do not pass. We, so at these stands carried out nearly big chastvremen. The floor so on the third it will be possible to look also at chuchelosamy this primacy.

the First floor is remarkable

the dissimilarity on all others. Here at the uniform stand a predstavlenayediny picture of variety of flora and fauna of our world. Children sroditel do not manage to sigh and gasp as vsenovy and new miracles of our mother - the earth catch sight. What here is only not present! But it is only the first floor! On the others you will find, not meneezhivopisny pictures of the most remote corners of our live world.

Survey of an exposition to nadonachinat

from left to right. Passing across halls it is possible to meet mnozhestvozverye, it that neither in movies, nor in books not to uvidat. Bolshevystavki are similar to samples an effigy - makings, than napamyatnik - proofs of the Darvinian theory of evolution. Everything is rather lovely ikrasivo. In any case, our children (3 and 4 years) rushed otvitrina to a show-window, having at all forgotten about existence of parents. Roditelisami stood having opened mouths, and having fixed by eyes in that, chtoburlit - lived - it was shown - jumped - from all directions. For children everything is takinuzhen there was a supervision, few times our atamans crashed foreheads vzdorovenny glasses of stands and then old women of the keeper of halls appeared imperceptible hitherto, but been extremely polite.

Should telling

that continually there were little tables with computers, gdekazhdy something can learn new about this or that exhibit - hall IZHTML - the presentations of the museum. These virtualnyezala do not differ in the special width and fullness, but, I think, all at them in the future.

of Bessmyslennodobavlyat something else to the story about “personnel“ of the museum, everything to luchsheuvidet. In general the museum leaves impression of very well-groomed ilyubimy organization. The organizations because all process of tickets, uny from purchase, and to Bar (about it finally) is put ochenchetko and it is detailed - carefully.

As promised

about bar. Here did not expect to meet here so simpatichnyyradostny to an eye a corner :). The spacious hall - big tables for a family idruzy, the good menu with an attractive price. Here both cakes dlyadety and beer for parents. Generally we sat not bad.


Here such museum where it is possible to bring kids of the most different age and to parents it will be very interesting. If who like to learn something. Write! We will be glad podelitsyas you information about detsko - adult leisure in Moscow. By the way to this address there is very nice website of the etogozamechatelny museum.