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As the Katyusha of

was born my Katyusha was born on November 21, 2004 in the 8th maternity hospital of the city of Moscow. I want to share the story about this unforgettable event.

Ya was an exemplary pregnant woman. Was registered in 4 weeks, made all tests in time, did not suffer toxicosis day. Tried to walk more, went to courses on preparation for childbirth where took courage and knowledge about unknown to me process of childbirth. Courses helped me very much: there is no fear left at all, breath was fulfilled to automatism, waited for childbirth with pleasure! Somewhere about 34 weeks preliminary fights began to torment me at night. Here - that I worked also full breath, and a doggie breathed, very much helped!

of childbirth to me was dated for November 18, but came 19, then 20 The doctor in policlinic intimidated that will lay in hospital if I do not give rise, here we also were frightened:. The twentieth watched TV with the husband in the evening, somewhere fights habitual already appeared at 20 o`clock. I did not begin to pay attention to them, very much was keen on a plot. In 2 hours flew in the head - something fights do not stop. With this thought was going to go to bed, but nevertheless decided to measure an interval. It appeared, fights already went each 5 minutes for 30 seconds. Was ill as if the uterus clenches, all lumbar area strains, and then releases.

On courses was said that if fights real, they amplify after a warm shower. Went to a bathtub. Under a fight shower were not felt at all, decided that, probably, yet not time to give birth. Went to sleep, but told the husband that, maybe, it is necessary to walk at night to maternity hospital. It unperturbably zakhrapet, and I continued to consider minutes.

When the interval between fights became 3 minutes, and duration about a minute when I felt what sips somehow unusually strongly, decided to rise from a bed and left to go and breathe on kitchen. Costing fights were endured much easier, than in a bed, breath took off unpleasant effects, and again began to seem to me that it is not childbirth yet. So in doubts I waited for two o`clock in the morning. Fights amplified when there was a fight, I leaned against a window sill and breathed, in breaks of any pain in general!

Woke the husband. Told that, maybe, I also am mistaken, but it is worth going to maternity hospital, probably. Without bustle gathered, took the car, went. In reception the lovely girl called the doctor, the doctor defined disclosure of 5 - 6 cm! I was surprised since in many stories about childbirth it was said that begin to shout already at 3 cm. I endured pain easily and so it was not sick. Sometimes monthly were transferred heavier since was ill continuously, and here though it was possible to have a rest.

the Girl in reception became lovelier after found a chocolate in herself on a table, gave me a shirt and a dressing gown of a shabby look. Made an enema - quite tolerant procedure. After I still for a long time was late in soul since there was no sick wish to rise in a rodilka, played for time. Delivery room

But not to get to with

with p anywhere, lifted, filled the necessary papers, placed in separate chamber. And silence such around As though I am one. I ask: And why do not shout? Looked at me strange and told: At us culturally give birth. All right, I think, we will check. By the way, allowed me to take with themselves waters, a massage ball for a waist and my records from courses on preparation for childbirth. And so, I spread out the notebook on a window sill, I read about the first stage of childbirth, periodically I am interrupted on that to breathe properly, to turn a bottom, so far it enough. Hinted the midwife that if she helps me to give rise, will earn reward. The midwife understood everything and periodically to me ran, rubbed a waist, entertained talk.

Brought the device, to listen to heart to the kid! I in horror! I do not want to lay down, but persuade that for a while, for 10 minutes. Came to me through 30! It is unpleasant to lie, but adapted. At last the device was removed, time - about 4 mornings. The neigbour behind glass wanders around a dropper, one more through chamber was brought, all is visible, walls transparent - it is not boring! I read, I go, I wash, I sit on a toilet bowl, beauty!

the doctor Comes, watches disclosure (it is not sick at all, though on fight) - 7 - 8 cm! Says what now will puncture a bubble. I resist: what for? and so everything is good. I so 10 can give birth even hours! (on courses spoke while the bubble is whole, it helps the child to move ahead, alleviates pain). Do not listen to me! Bring a hook, puncture. Waters slightly greenish. It became more cheerful, pain amplified, active massage of pelvic stones was added to breath. The midwife helps massage of a waist. Feelings are unpleasant, but all the same tolerant, I continue to go.


Again roll the device! I in horror, understand that I will not be able to lie, plaintively I ask: For a long time? - For 15 minutes - answer. Put Also the nightmare began, it is impossible to spin, the device I will move, stick nails into pelvic stones and I begin to sing through: Aaaa, , . Helps! 40 minutes I sang until I was released, but from a bed to get down further to go, I could not any more. Lay on a back though forced to lay down sideways, but it was intolerable!

All escaped to deliver my neigbours, at first the child at one, cried then and the second began to make an effort, was heard as to it chorus all shouted: Crap! And I already hate, decided to try one of the positions studied on courses: being on all fours, to the priest the heads are higher. Only I adopted such provision as I feel, me begins to grieve! Shouted, the midwife came, called the doctor. The doctor looked, says that there is no disclosure, at a distant day yet! All left. In 5 minutes I understand what grieves strongly, I cannot stop, I shout from all force, forgetting about cultural childbirth. The midwife resorts again, looks - full disclosure.

- Someone there at you dark-haired, - says! Began to rastuzhivat me.

- Lay down, - says, - sideways, a leg for an ear and tuzhsya from all force!

Few times so made

, and went to a chair! I ran on it, nearly dancing, having a presentiment of the termination of torments. Here around, at last, people gathered, muffled light, came the uncle some instead of a vrachitsa and where that got to - I do not know. Saw the uncle my notebook, saw: It was well done! prepared, came with abstracts!

Here to me it became so cheerful that burst out laughing. Well, I think, in practice we will fix the theory! Began to make an effort, at first it is wrong, then already properly, at fight peak. Between attempts managed to laugh at dyadenkiny jokes and dosmeyalas to the fact that fights weakened, the midwife even began to pinch a navel for process acceleration.

the head, and then and all my daughter Soon was born

! 3590 g and 52 cm! The umbilical cord was very short, cut it, washed the daughter, and later put on a breast. She could even suck something! Here came to the forefront the uncle - the humorist, it got to check how there all inside - is painfully awful!

the nightmare began later

A! It began to sew me! I shouted that better once again I will give rise!, It seems, also anesthetized, but pain was as on live! Endured also it, and here, at last, took away me in a corridor, and my daughter meanwhile for about 40 minutes dropped out of sight. Also we lie in a corridor near - three neigbours in boxes, we discuss an event. Also one asks: Well? Let`s give birth once again? And all three, chorus: Is not present! Bring us children here, put them between legs, and carry on chambers.

Postnatal office

was Shifted me to a bed, the daughter - to a pelenalny little table. The daughter sleeps, and I cannot, emotions overflow. Passed hour 3, the baby began to cry loudly, I which she - as slipped from a bed and to it. Developed diapers, and it is all obkakanny. Right there was a sister and began to shout: You what the child stirred up? The cleverest, perhaps? Quickly in a bed, now I will send you to pathology! And added to something: It is necessary to be more modestly!

Ya shocked! I was lowered from heaven on the earth, and not just lowered, and thrown the person in dirt And here this sister began to swaddle my daughter. I do not know, maybe, they so swaddle all, but it literally threw it, and I heard how her head about a table fights I grew dumb with horror. When this cattle washed with it a bottom, that could not stop shout, and then I understood why. The crane has a feature one: that warm water began to flow, it is necessary to wait minute until cold merges. And so my daughter was washed in ice water!!! After this sister (elder sister!) threw to me replaceable diapers and was removed, and I, fighting back tears, thought: For what it is so???

the Relation in postnatal to mummies awful, nobody does not care about you, on a post is rare who is, sleep sluggishly and immoderately so at night that he will not manage to wake up. As you put the child to a breast - your business. Stagnation was formed? Itself is guilty! Plus to everything, a bed terrible, I do not know, it manages to somebody to sleep on them? At me it did not turn out. And still advised: oil let to you will be brought, under pampers you will smear! Result: a bottom red it is terrible, the child shouts, it is impossible to swaddle, sleepy mother has nerves on a limit. I sit and roar, with pity to the daughter, to myself, because, that in this awful place we absolutely alone and to spit all on us.

the Truth for the third day already began to feel

more surely, and cried more already with happiness that I have my baby, so on the father similar, such defenseless, small, favourite! And doctors I asked to write out us per day a bit earlier, the house us was so waited by grandmothers, the grandfather and our newly made daddy!