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And whether massage is necessary?

Very often parents ask a simple question: whether massage is necessary to the child about one year? And if yes, that what? It is obvious that the universal complex for all babies cannot exist. Let`s try to understand.


It is absolutely clear that the healthy child will grow up also without massage. On the other hand, if the developing organism receives feasible loadings, it will have more developed muscles, stronger bones, trained warmly - vascular system, well balanced nervous system and system of endocrine glands. Earlier function of a gastrointestinal tract will be adjusted and will be adjusted.“ The structure defines function“ - say osteostalemates. Therefore competent massage and gymnastics will not prevent children. And massage is shown to those kids to whom the pediatrician, the neurologist or the orthopedist made some diagnosis more than others. At many problems of early age good massage is capable to help, often it is even better than drugs.

But here the question of qualification of the massage therapist arises. How to the parents who for the first time faced a baby massage to estimate work of the expert? How to understand that from procedure there will be an advantage for their child and there will be no harm?

Advantage with tears?

the most available and most important criterion for evaluation of work of the massage therapist Is. It should not be “shouting“ when the child cannot stop shout pain and concern. Before arguing with this statement, take any book on a baby massage. One of contraindications to carrying out or continuation of procedure of massage is a continuous shout of the child. Not without reason about the good pediatrician or the good children`s massage therapist speak: “Children love it!“ And children of such person who loves them and is respectful to them love. And does not bring them pain in any way.


Ya from one children`s masseur with the extensive practice working in this area the second decade, such phrase: “As I was tired of these baby`s cries!“ In reply I recommended to it not to hurt children. She was surprised, in a baby massage there is a strange stereotype: if the massage therapist did not “sweat“, then probably he faked. I assure you, there is no direct link of number of the kilojoules spent by the massage therapist and advantage of procedure.

Mother of one little girl to me retold dialogue with the acquaintances. It was asked: “Well, to you massage is done?“ “Yes“ - the girl`s mother answers.

- Shouts?

- Is not present


- Then it is not massage!

In a root wrong opinion.

Unfortunately, I very often hear from parents of kids that carried out by him or tried to carry out massage by the “shouting“ technique. As you think that the kid if he could speak or what he would make if he could stand for himself would tell. It turns out that to the child is done “well“, using his helplessness. What as a result? When the child shouts, his muscles cannot be weakened. If to stretch a tight muscle, inevitably there are microtears of muscle fibers. Later on these places hems will appear.

In an osteopathy one of the basic principles is a respect for an organism and for its fabrics. Let`s open to you one more big osteopathic secret: the influence is thinner and more gentle, the effect is stronger. The matter is that the organism is protected and closed from any aggressive influence, from any disrespectful invasion. It is quite natural, and it is bad when it not so. If the organism is not protected, so it is already broken. Respectively, all forces of “the shouting massage“ are directed to fight against an organism, so, spent for nothing. Only gentle, dot impact of competent massage can bring to the child benefit.

Psychological injuries

the Rough violence which “the shouting massage“ is harms

not only fabrics, especially strongly it injures mentality of the child. In subconsciousness of such kid by bold print it will be written down:“ I am defenseless, foreign people can come and do with me that want. Mother is not concerned by my calls for help or she is not capable to help“. It is unlikely such child when grows, will tell parents about the problems or will ask them to help with some question.

the Massage therapist has to respect the identity of the kid. In mother`s womb the child has the temperament, the character peculiar only to it habits. The women bearing not the first pregnancy on behavior of the kid in a stomach can tell, for example: “The first was a philosopher, and this rascal!“ Children in mother`s tummy well feel mother`s mood, endure together with her stresses, go in together with her for physical culture (kids at the sportswomen continuing studies are born with well developed muscles). Already in this period there is a formation of the personality. The violence over the personality is inadmissible.

the Main component of a baby massage are a love. Without this component what is called massage - fiction.

Massage without tears

many books on massage and physical culture for children about one year Exist. The majority of them duplicate each other. Choose that which will be pleasant to you more. My wish: you do not treat occupations formally, approach them creatively. Do not insist on exercises which are not pleasant to the child even if it is written that at this age he has to do them. Put emphasis on what turns out better or think up the simplified option of exercise which does not go. It is not necessary to seek to make all set of exercises for one occupation. Do the pleasant exercises to a logical conclusion, i.e. to fatigue. The child will report that was tired to you or just will not carry out this exercise any more.

Most important to remember

for what all this becomes. The worst option - when the physical culture is started to surprise friends and acquaintances. Occupations have to bring joy to all their participants, derive pleasure in process, and then health of the child, both physical, and sincere will be a result.