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The first months of life

I want to share experience about the kid in the first months of his life. All this is known to skilled mother, and here to those who are only going to become a mother, and in the head there are so much questions of what to do with the kid after maternity hospital, I hope, these materials will be useful.

the Child about one month - the newborn, about one year - chest.

the Increase in weight to monthly age: from 120 to 150 grams a week. To half a year the child doubles initial weight, by a year - triples (3 - 4 kg - 7 - 8 kg - 9 - 10 kg).



About a year of the child is measured when it lies, extending it at the same time legs, and after a year - in a standing position. The healthy child grows in the first three months on 3,5 - 4 cm a month. For all first year adds about 25 cm, for the second year - 10 - 12 cm, and then on 5 - 7 cm a year.


Norm of food from a week to three months:

Weight: 5 = the number of ml a day (2650: 5 = 530 ml a day. 530: 8 feedings = 70 ml)

After feeding to resemble “column“ that otrygnut (also helps when hiccupping). If the child drinks water - to give, it will not be necessary for an organism - will not drink.


the First month of the child is recommended to bathe in potassium permanganate solution (the umbilical wound will not begin to live yet). Bathe the child for the night daily at a temperature of 37 degrees, adding herbs, or means for bathing of babies. Bathe not less than five minutes if does not cry (we led up till 30 minutes). Wash with children`s soap of times a week. During bathing since three months develop - help to make a start legs from edge of a bathroom, to beat with handles water, to stamp legs in water, to play with a ball etc. Training - to pour after bathing, gradually lowering water by degree.

the Toilet

After bathing the first 3 - 4 months to cover with

all folds (knee, elbow, inguinal, behind ears, a neck) solution of the olive oil steamed 20 minutes on a water bath. Pupochek process brilliant green solution, Hlorofilipta is better, the wound will not begin to live yet. Eyes since morning and for the night wash out warmish boiled water to a nose. The nose is coated with the wicks moistened with olive oil to avoid dry crusts. Girls to wash away only in front back. It is accurate to boys to discover extreme flesh and to wash out weak solution of potassium permanganate every day, yet will not open absolutely, then potassium permanganate of times a week; to open during washing every day or every other day.

the Dream

the Child sleeps in turn on everyone to a flank (to enclose the roller under a back), without pillow (it is possible to enclose under a mattress the book for an easy inclination). Having woken up, lies on a back, but not after food.

to Check

whether it is cold to the child, it is possible, having touched a nose, - if not cold - everything is normal. To check whether not hot, it is possible, having thrust a finger for a collar - if did not sweat - everything is all right.



is Recommended if there are no other indications, 3 - 4 courses of massage on 10 sessions in the first year, with the LFK elements.



At all newborn children raised a tone of muscles. To remove it, to begin every morning with strokings of a body, trying to relax softly him, to unclench fingers, to straighten handles, legs. Very gently and carefully. From the first days when is awake to spread on a tummy (under supervision) that learned to hold the head.

the stroking light massage to carry out

From monthly age 1 - 2 time a day - hands, legs from below up, a breast, a back, a stomach - clockwise. Brushes, feet - to draw the eight, to mass fingers. LFK - hands up, in the parties to embrace itself. Legs roundabouts from a hip in the parties. - to straighten knees to a tummy. To develop reflexes - to stamp, iron on a back that it was curved, to give fingers that caught.

Exercises for eyes: to drive a toy to the right, to the left, up, down, to a nose, from a nose, the head of the child is recorded, watches eyes.

it is Very useful for


of the Disease

Is only personal experience, on all questions it is better to consult with the doctor at once.

All serious diseases - appointments is done only by the doctor after survey of the child.

Clothing size:

of cm cm cm
Age of 0 - 3 months of 3 - 6 months. of 6 - 12 months
the Sizes 62 68 80
Growth 62 68 80

of Good luck to you, also you remember: in the house where there are children, the kind angel settles.