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Our sonny of

the Joyful message

At first - everything was clear for me. Did not want to speak to the husband so far. Frankly speaking, children were not planned yet: a family we young and conditions were not any. When told Vovka (husband) that, it seems, as she is pregnant, he was delighted and told that we will give birth. For me it was surprise.

I Went to a drugstore and bought the test for pregnancy. The test showed two strips, but decided to descend at first to the doctor, and then to speak to relatives (as then it appeared, relatives guessed everything). Somewhere in a week went to the familiar doctor. The doctor took dabs, put the term of 8 - 9 weeks! Channelized in consultation at the place of residence. Came to consultation, and there delivered me the term of 15 - 16 weeks!!! (it appeared later, there were 13 - 14 weeks). Prescribed polyvitamins, teas, tablets for pregnant women etc.

I Came for drugs in the same drugstore where behind the test went. The druggist for me very much was delighted. Then everything was worse. But not with me and not with the baby, and concerning doctors. Did not want to give the sick-list, scoffed, wanted to put on preservation, but I agreed only to a day hospital since felt what is with me and with the baby everything is good, and it is not necessary for me anywhere.

I Became pregnant at the end of February so I endured all conscious pregnancy in the summer. As it became warm, went with the husband for the dacha. I had problems with a big increase in weight, and all this outdoors was somehow stabilized. The summer flew by quickly. There came the fall and as it appeared, any my jacket does not agree on me. On ultrasonography I have to give rise on December 6, but here everything began on November 16 on the term of 37 weeks...


So, on November 16, 2005. I woke up at 6:00 because that the stomach reduces. And a day before it I so was on shops that hardly home came. Before it warned that there can be false contractions, I hoped that it they since we are only 37 weeks old. I could not fall asleep any more. Began to count fights, on 15 sec. each 6 - 7 min. When the husband woke up, I, of course, told him that to me it is bad. I managed to go to shop, on air it is somehow easier. But hours the stopper at five in the evening departed, and I did not begin to pull any more, told about all to the mother, and she began to panic.

of the Car at us was not and traffic jams awful, called an Ambulance. At this time the husband collected to me a bag in maternity hospital. The ambulance arrived in five minutes. The doctor examined, told that childbirth began! We went to maternity hospital on duty 11 SPB (very good it appeared). We arrived there, I said goodbye to relatives, and took away me in patrimonial. Connected the device that to hear heartbeat of the baby. Rodilka is calculated for two, and just near me one little girl gave birth. I saw everything in the smallest details!

Childbirth at me did not begin

, the bubble was whole. Transferred me to prenatal. From pain I could not fall asleep and went along a corridor all night long. Approached the person on duty, and she to me only a tablet of a fenazepam allowed (I all the same did not begin to accept it, was afraid to do much harm to the kid). Called the husband in the morning, and began to cry that in maternity hospital feed with cream of wheat. When the doctor on survey brought me, told that I will already give birth here, the uterus is maleficiated, good disclosure, and I will become a mother soon.

Brought me into a rodilka at 11:00 on November 17, and my torments began. Around one probationers, the doctor will look, will feel, and three more probationers, and everything scoff. But I soon forgot about it. Long could not give rise, got just to a shift change so with me there were one probationers. I could not suffer fights any more. When the doctor (the man, very much is even better, than women) came shouted at probationers from - for me and put on a chair. Around gathered to many people: and the doctor came from prenatal, both children`s doctors, and all patrimonial changes. Punctured to me a bubble, there was an abundance of water. Made an effort long, some aunt all shouted “vacuum it is necessary, vacuum it is necessary“, was ready to kill her. Then all dispersed, and two doctors came, pressed on a stomach, and here it, my miracle, appeared.

So, on November 17, 2005 16:50 h, 3050 g, 50 cm, the boy - Danilka!!! As I did not sleep all night long, I fell asleep directly on a chair. It turns out when I gave birth, my all family was on duty about maternity hospital, and sent to me the poor old woman - an akusherochka.

Brought us in postnatal at eight in the evening. The children`s doctor came and applied to a breast of the kid! As it is charming! The milk at me appeared for the second day so in weight lost only 50 g. Pupovinka disappeared for the second day, and we prepared on November 22 home. In postnatal office doctors appeared good, but fed with such muck that at me the diarrhea developed. And on November 22. Called the, packed things, fed a lot of kid. And suddenly my name is on ultrasonography. Already below wait for me, and they say to me that we cannot write out you, your clot found! I burst into tears, went to the manager, asked to leave according to the statement (about itself was all the same, it is all the same easier than the house, the main thing that with the kid everything is all right), listened in the address to a lot of things, and all the same do not release. There one toad old rested also all. I called mother, was cried (mother at me penetrative), she came, carried all their office, and we left home!!! (all - at me is policlinic round the corner, I will be better to go there). Thank God, everything managed well.

the First days of the house

my Husband did not know that with the child to do and now only on hands can take. We had a trouble - an intertrigo on a bottom. Three together - I, the husband and a synulka - cried. Only I can wash away it, the others are afraid. Went for a walk on the second week, and very much it was pleasant to me: in - the first, itself I have a rest, in - the second, the baby sleeps.

At first I could not come off it from - for the fact that he cried, and then all - decided to give it a pacifier (say that then it is difficult to disaccustom) and at once hands were released. Began to fall asleep with a pacifier. We try not to accustom to hands because then will not get down. When the first time is sent to policlinic, at once got acquainted with other children and their mummies, to walk it became more cheerful. And now to us 4 months, also we grow in the eyes!!!