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How to clean consequences of a holiday

New year is a pleasure and fun, these are crackers, the serpentine, guests and heaps of garbage. And also confusion and bewilderment: “How I will clean all this?“ Anything terrible: eyes are afraid, and hands do. We put on rubber gloves, and forward! Here only with what to begin? Of course, page.

the Ware

Even if seems to you that on January 1 you washed up favourite service, vases and glasses, double-check. Perhaps, considering a condition of extreme fatigue or the most severe hangover, you which - what was not noticed. For example, the fat remains on a reverse side of plates. If not to touch them to the next celebration - spots will turn yellow and it will be almost impossible to wipe them. Therefore how there was a laziness, we get plates and soda on a rigid sponge we wash out them once again. Also we leave to dry on a table where you spread a pure towel in advance.

should not Fray plates a towel. In - the first, it is unhygienic, and in - the second, troublesome. To achieve primitive gloss after soda, rinse plates with means for washing of ware. Rub a baking sheet to which chicken tightly burned with means for cleaning of a sink (if, of course, there are no instructions on its toxicity) and leave at several o`clock. Then fill in with water and rub until you turn blue, and he will not turn white.

Crystal glasses are in the habit to lose the gloss. And all because they cannot be washed with hot water. To restore shine, rinse them with water to which vinegar is added. But with salt addition, fill in with the same structure vases and glass glasses at the bottom of which there was suspiciously dark raid. In one or two hours it will be gone without trace. Rub the darkened tableware from cupronickel with tooth-powder (if such relic remained in your house from Soviet period) or toothpaste. If it is a pity for paste, also the pounded chalk will approach. Only efforts to cleaning will leave more.

Silver tableware cleans

mix of chalk and liquid ammonia, then rinses and dry rubs with a soft rag or a towel. the Teapot it is quite easy for p to relieve

of a scum if (on 1 - 1,5 liter) to add 1 - 2 teaspoons of acetic essence to water. It is necessary to boil and leave water in a teapot for 2 - 3 hours. The scum will be dissolved, and its pathetic remains will easily be cleared by means of a sponge.

So, we dealt with ware, now it is time to pay attention on...


For certain someone from guests was not kept by

and put a cup with hot tea directly on the polished chair armrest. And now on a smooth surface the white circle flaunts. Be not upset. Business is reparable. You will be able to remove whitish spots by means of the woolen rag wetted by mix of alcohol and vegetable oil. Cover swellings and bubbles with several layers of white paper and iron, naturally, without touching with the warm iron the intact polishing.

A raise eyes above now and look on...

the Ceiling

Really there traces of unsuccessfully open champagne which splashed a stream and left not esthetic spot? Take a tissue paper or, at the worst, a blotter, heat the iron on a minimum, switch off from the socket and a polezayta on a step-ladder. The spot will depart if you accurately iron it through paper.

From height of a step-ladder pay attention on...


What, Pasch`s aunt did not keep again and, without having washed a hand after absorption of cake with cream, “asked the price“ of your wall-paper? Take the same unique tooth-powder or the pounded chalk and fill up a fat spot. In 2 - 3 days fat will depart together with powder which can be removed with a usual crumb of white loaf.

At very strong pollution chalk can be mixed with gasoline. The effect will be quite good, but here began to smell...

we will look at

Now on...

the Cloth

If your neighbor burned an oilcloth a bull-calf - already nothing will help it. If she just lost a look as on it at first ate, and then danced - dissolve milk with water (1:1), wash out an oilcloth, and then wipe it with a dry rag.

the found spot from beer and white wine can be removed with

On a fabric cloth by means of vodka and a sponge. Red wine is filled up with salt and washed out water. Quite often very effectively to water a spot with hot water, having stretched previously a cloth over a basin.

can remove

of the Spot from fruit with hot water or hot milk. Wipe an old spot with solution of lemon acid (2 g on a glass of water) then carefully wash out warm water; from coffee - 5% solution of salt in usual water. And here spots should be deleted from tea with glycerin and liquid ammonia (4:1).

of the Spot from paraffin so magically of the burning candles needs to be poskoblit at first very carefully a knife, and then to cover with paper and to iron the hot iron.

we undertake Now for...

of the Curtain

Probably, your brother very much wanted to write down phone of the new girlfriend, but mixed a notebook with curtains. And now on them phone of Svetik which you did not even remember in a face. Its “presence“ in the house can be destroyed by means of cotton wool and cologne. Liquid ammonia will approach too.

If the brother left

on curtains also spots from iodine which he on New Year`s Eve struggled with spots, take starch. Moisten a spot with cold water and rub starch, will not disappear yet. Do not forget to wash out a spot water with soap. For the lack of starch use alcohol or vodka.

look at

A now on...

the Floor

Carpets should be vacuumed. It is even better to take out on snow, to be trampled amicably on them by legs and to sweep with a broom. If there are no forces to move furniture and to drag a huge carpet on the street, it is possible to salt it, to moisten a broom in warm soap water and revenge, revenge... In process of pollution the broom is washed out in the same water, and salt is changed for new. Only it is careful, speak, the scattered salt is to quarrel. Therefore you can replace it with dry sawdust - they are on sale in any pet-shop.

Linoleum is washed out warm soap water, then usual, wiped dry and polished with vegetable oil. Keep in mind: linoleum does not suffer kerosene, liquid ammonia, soda, alkaline soap, hot water and a rigid brush.

There now and all. Remained unless to wipe mirrors and glasses on which there were traces from lipstick, to dust, throw out a fir-tree and to pull out needles from all imaginable and inconceivable places, to hand over a dress in a dry-cleaner (let now they will suffer with spots) and to pay attention to itself, darling. After clear-out it is worth lying in a bathtub with foam and to wash away from itself all dirt. Especially flirt behind hands - they got most of all today. And to sleep - you it deserved. Only do not forget to wipe and switch-off phone.