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The child and the adult - the equal rights for beauty of

In any kind of art, whether it be music, literature or graphic forms, what is created for children and undergoes testing time - always the phenomenon in universal culture. At a huge number of the writers, artists and composers trying to create something for children, hardly our memory will restore more than 5 - 7 surnames, but it will be sign names. Each of those who could enter the world of the child - always the great philosopher and comprehensively gifted personality.

It is remarkable that any kind of art as the party of cultural life of mankind passes a considerable way of development until in this sphere the personality is created, worthy to inform of the message “fine“ in the childhood.

Fashion - rather young type of interaction of creativity and everyday life. For this reason only outstanding artists of modern fashion dare to glance for the side separating the childhood with his unconditional integrity and objectivity of perception from tactical adult mankind.

at the same time children are forced every day, to exist since the birth in the world of the clothes created by the principle “the little adult“ or “is practical - it is not a pity“. How many sincere forces the little creator should apply, resisting the faceless appearance imposed by a modern kidswear. The mankind covered the huge distance to come to understanding of value of each individual, modern society is constructed on the principles of a unification of identity. Each person has the right for harmony and originality of the world. Especially - the child.

the Loving parents never allow “to drive with

into a system“ the child, make enormous efforts, choosing for it school, watching a circle of contacts, attentively and sensitively treat its health. Modern society offers more and more opportunities in order that parents found what is required to their kid. And only the kidswear - an integral part of life of any person since the birth - still seemed the reduced mold from a template of adults.

How to fill the world of the growing person with beauty, feeling of the originality and at the same time participation to everything that around? It is the best of all to address a collection kidswear which is developed and made with involvement of the best designers and use of the latest technologies. Until recently it was difficult to find something in Russia, meeting these requirements. Successful separate copies of a kidswear in the sea of “disposable consumer goods“ did not solve a problem in any way.

It is remarkable that the Dutch company “Motion“ became the first company which presented a collection kidswear of high level on the Russian market. Production of this firm differs in excellent quality, and even according to the European standards is one of the most prestigious and bought. Thus, to the Russian parents the children`s fashion came in the manifestation best today.

the Special texture of fabrics, dyes allowing to wash things without prejudice to appearance, the special breed giving the maximum freedom of movements, three directions of each collection: classics, sports style and fashion of the future. It is obvious that creation of a similar product is very expensive process that has to influence the prices of the offered goods. Nevertheless “Motion“ remains clothes for middle class of buyers, and it is included into the general concept of a brand too. For the Russian company “Nevsky Alliance“, the exclusive distributor of collection Motion clothes in Russia, availability to the average buyer of clothes of such class became one of decisive factors in the choice of the partner. And still, not it was the main thing...

As exercise the right for the fairy tale

Clothes can be a distinction from others, belongings to some group, can be a subject of pride and an admiring. And still it can be maximum is convenient and natural - if to connect all these qualities, then you receive what fashion designers and developers of children`s collection clothes aspire to. What distinguishes work of the graphic designer of a kidswear from the ordinary “adult“ fashion designer?

During creation of a collection of clothes for children needs to consider both parties of perception: the nursery (the clothes are created for them) and adults (to them to make the decision on purchase). Surprisingly thinly also the aspiration of children to the fairy tale, secrets is precisely noticed by designers of “Motion“ not just, and “to play ability of children`s mentality with reality“. Which of us in the childhood had no the pressing feeling of delight, putting on carnival costumes on holidays, and at times just attaching to any subject of games significance of “artifact“ - it is available only to the children and some adults having strong figurative thinking.

In Motion clothes a set of the thought-over details - applications, secret pockets, fantastic plots - all these trifles, according to the adult, possess huge value for the kid and convince him that the clothes are sewed especially for it. Quality and appearance, good quality of a product are very important for adults.

according to Alyona Anichkova, the manager of the Nevsky Alliance company, “the first what at once one and all buyers pay attention to - it is surprising shades of very beautiful color scale of collections. All literally fade before purity of paints and a harmony in selection of details of clothes. Already then surprise with both high quality, and richness of the range and availability of the prices comes“.

Sellers in shops say that it is simply pleasant to them to offer such clothes to parents, it is always surprising and pleasure. And what to tell about children - for them fairy tales about the fairy godmother are specially written that puts parts of a magic coin in secret pockets of clothes, about adventures of the friends seeking to find each other and to connect these parts in one coin colourful movies are shot.